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In the popular film: " The Sorceror's Apprentice " - we find out, that not everyone is exactly the same!

The Sorceror's Apprentice - 2010.
In The Popular 2010 Movie: " The Sorceror's Apprentice " - written by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe [ that means: " God Has Graciously Provided: The Traveling Wolf And The True Son Of God " ] and directed by Jon Turteltaub [ which means: " God Has Provided The Turtle Dove " ( in Austrian ) ] - we have been provided An Important Prophetical Allegory. After all, if he's prophesied to become human, even the wizard: " Gandolf [ The Wand Holder Of Heaven ] " - has to, honestly, start out somewhere... otherwise, who's going to assist All Of Eä's Other Spiritually-Minded Elves?

Gandolf - always knows what he's talking about!
Remember, dear brothers and sisters, Even The Mighty One Himself Was Born As A Mere Human Child! Is the servant greater than his own master... or, the son more privileged than his own father? In fact, The Wizened Man Will Properly Think Upon Such Things... but, while you're doing that, why not just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " The Sorceror's Apprentice " - after all, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

The Sorceror's Apprentice [ 2010 ] - by: Jon Turteltaub.

Sorceror's Apprentice: Is A Prophetical Film

Balthazar Blake is The Mighty One!
Let's face it, brothers and sisters, There's Only One Sorceror Of The 777th Degree In The Entire Multiverse... and, that's why Balthazar Blake literally means: " God, The Lord, The Protector, And The King - The Black And White One ". After all, ' The One Who Has Created Everything ' is a very powerful magician indeed... and, believe it or not, " The Sorceror's Apprentice " - is His Very Own Son!

The Characters Of Sorceror's Apprentice [ include ]:
Balthazar Blake [ " God, The Lord, Your Protector, And Your King - The Black And White One " ]
David Stutler [ " The Beloved One - A: Treader, Miller, And Protector - Of Grain " ]
Maxim Horvath [ " The Provider Of: General TruthFundamental Principles, And The Rules Of Conduct - The Nobleman From Croatia, And The Army Commander " ]
Rebecca Barnes [ " The One Who Is Bound - The Son Of The Barn, Or The Barley House " ]
Drake Stone [ " The Dragon - That Is: Of Considerable Weight, Solidly Constructed, And/Or Physically Immoveable " ]
Bennet Zurrow [ " The Blessed One - The Stone Along The Pathway " ]
Veronica Gorloisen [ " The True Image And Bringer Of Victory - The One Who: Stabs At And Then Listens " ]
Morgana Le Fay [ " The Dweller In The Sea  - The One With: Faith, Confidence, And Trust; The Magical One " ]
Merlin The Magician [ " The: Magician And Prophet - Who Serves Only King Arthur " ]
Sun Lok [ " The Light Of My Joy " ]
Abigail Williams [ " The Father Rejoices In The Son With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection " ]
Oliver Twistmeyer [ " The Counselor To The Elves - The Ruler Who Weaves All Of The Threads " ]
Andre Dunlap [ " The Manly And Courageous One Is The Fortification In The Marshland " ]

The Cast Of Sorceror's Apprentice [ includes ]:
Nicholas Cage [ " A Victory To The People In The Prison House " ]
Jay Baruchel [ " The Master For Whom You Rejoice - God Is The Blessed One " ]
Alfred Molina [ " The Counselor To The Elves Is The Miller Of Grain " ]
Teresa Palmer [ " The Harvester And A Pilgrim " ]
Toby Kebbell [ " Yahweh Is Good - He Has Provided The Cudgel " ]
Omar Benson Miller [ " The Eloquent Speaker Is: The Son Of My Own Right Hand And The Preparer Of My Own Grain " ]
Monica Belluci [ " The Counselor And Adviser - A: Warning Bell And Light " ]
Alice Krige [ " The Nobleman: A Warrior And Soldier; And ( also ) One Who Logically Extrapolates The Truth " ]
James Stephens [ " The Supplanter And The Son Who Is Crowned " ]
Gregory Woo [ " The Watchman Who Seeks Your Affection " ]
Nicole Ehinger [ " A Victory To The People Over Their Prison House - A: Sharpened, Polished, And Very Strong Sword " ]
Robert Capron [ " The Bright And Famous One Is: The Chaperon, Or Hooded Monk " ]
Ethan Peck [ " The: Strong, Constant, And Famous Bearer -  The Dweller At The Hill; And The One Who: Properly Weighs And Measures " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" God, The Lord, Your Protector and King - The Black And White One - has provided ' A Victory To The People In The Prison House '. He is: The Beloved One - A: Treader, Miller, and Protector Of Grain... but, The Master, for whom you shall rejoice, Understand That God Is The Blessed One!

He is the provider of: General Truth, Fundamental Principles, and The Rules You Shall Live By - since, He is: Your Nobleman From Croatia and The Army Commander. You see, dear children, The Counselor To The Elves is: The Miller Of The Grain, The One Who Is Bound, and That Son Of The Barn [ or, The Barley House ]! He is: ' The Harvestor And Pilgrim ' and ' The Dragon ' - that is: Of Considerable Weight, Solidly Constructed, and/or Physically Immoveable. Yahweh is good; and He Has Provided You The Cudgel

The Blessed One is ' The Stone Along My Own Pathway ' - since, that eloquent speaker is both: The Son Of My Own Right Hand and The Preparer Of My Own Grain. He is: The True Image and Bringer To Victory - the one who: Stabs At and Then Listens To Me! He is: A Counselor, An Adviser, A Warning Bell and A Light....

He is ' The Dweller In The Sea ' - the one with: Faith, Confidence, and Trust - ' The Magical One '... He is also: The Nobleman, Warrior, and Soldier - who logically extrapolates The Truth... and, He is: The Magician and Prophet - who serves King Arthur [ ' The True Ruler - Who Is: Pure, HonestFaithful, And Just ' ] alone! In fact, He is: The Supplanter and The Son Who Is Crowned.

The Light Of My Joy is The Watchman Who Seeks Your AffectionThe Father rejoices in ' The Son ' - with: The Will, Desire, and Helmet Of Protection! After all, He is ' The Victory Of My People Over Their Prison House ' - a: Sharpened, Polished, and Very Strong Sword....

The Counselor To The Elves [ the ruler who weaves together all of the threads ] is The Bright And Famous One; and: The Chaperon or Hooded Monk. The manly and courageous one is ' Your Fortification In The Marshland ' - that: Strong, Constant, and Famous Bearer - The Dweller At The Hill; and The One Who Properly Weighs And Measures!

Oh My - Look At All Of Those Dominoes...?
If I'm [ actually ] wrong, then: " What's Your Take On It " - because, after all, we're not just discussing one simple movie? There are literally thousands of These Prophetical Allegories, from every: Geographic Continent, Humanly Devised Language, Organized Religion, and Politically Organized Nation - to, very truthfully, consider! So, much for those concepts of: Universal Chaos and Random Evolution....  

So, What's The Secret Of True Magic?

Well then, let's just look at what Balthazar Blake [ " God, The Lord, Your Protector, And Your King - The Black And White One " ] told us in this allegorical movie of: " The Sorceror's Apprentice "... and then, compare it to His Own Scriptures!
" The ' ICANTHUS ' Is Our Textbook - It Is The: Art, Science, And History Of Sorcery - Now, Let's Go Train! "
" I'm gonna give you, The Basics - strictly: ' Sorcery 101 '
  1. Let's Practice. 
  2. Clear Your Mind.
  3. Believe.
{ *** NOTE: So, where can you get that book named the ' ICANTHUS '? In absolutely any Christian Bookstore... since, It's Known As The Bible! Just study it real close; and then honestly remember His Own Spiritual Words: " I - CAN - THUS ". After all, it's [ honestly ] just A Matter Of Trust!  *** }

In Mathew Chapter 17, It Truthfully Says:
" For assuredly [ You Can Have My Own Word On This ], if you have faith [ In Yahweh The Mighty One And In Your Own Relationship To Him ] as a mustard seed [ The Smallest Seed Upon The Earth ], you will say to this mountain [ In Complete And Utter Confidence ], ' Move from here to there ', and it will move [ Because, You Already Have These God-Like Powers ]; and nothing will be impossible for you [ Since, The Mighty One Will Gladly Assist You ]. " - Mathew 17:20.

Isn't that, what it [ truthfully ] says? I'm just saying... You either: Believe It, or You Don't... and, for those of you who'll honestly listen, Welcome To Griffindor!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Peace and Love - be, continuously, upon!


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