Wednesday, November 14, 2018

All Scripture is given by the inspiration of God; and is profitable for: Doctrine, Reproof, Correction and Instruction In Righteousness - so that, the man of God may be complete; and thoroughly equipped for every good work.

All Scripture includes The Old Testament!
2nd Timothy 3:16-17 is one of the most important scriptures that may be found in The Entire Christian Bible; and yet, there are so very few of us who ( quite honestly ) now ponder Its True And Relevant Meaning.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' The Term All Scripture Refers To Every Solitary Passage Found Within All Of Those Pages Of That Bible '... and, indeed, our own spiritual habit of carefully selecting among them has now led to all of the very problems that we suffer!

For instance, in Isaiah Chapter 1 [ verses 18-20 ], it ( very clearly ) says:
" ' Come Now, And Let Us Reason Together [ Let Us Now Think These Things Through Quite Logically ], ' says The Lord' Though your sins are like scarlet [ In So Many Other Areas Of Your Own Personal Life ]they shall be as white as snow [ In Your Own Dealings With Me ]though they are red like crimson [ In Your Own Stumbling Walk, Over And Over Again ]they shall be as wool [ Since, I Shall Provide For Your Own Personal Forgiveness And Healing ].
If You Are Willing And Obedient [ In Earnestly Attempting To Live By All That I Will Teach You ], You Shall Eat The Good Of The Land [ Just As Any Child Is Carefully Watched Over By His Own Loving Parent ]But If You Refuse And Rebel [ And Display Yourselves To Others As Having No Part In My Household ]You Shall Be Devoured By The Sword [ Since, I Do Not Spare The Habitation Of My Enemies ] '; for The Mouth Of The Lord has spoken it. ' " - Isaiah 1:18-20.

What is the meaning of: " Bye Bye American Pie "?
And indeed, whether you now know it or not, ' The Principles Set Forth Within This Scriptural Passage Have Not Changed Even One Little Bit In All Of Those Thousands Of Years '!

In fact, if anything, Our Own American History Has Prominently Illustrated The Very Point That He's Making....

You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' America Was Greatest And Enjoyed The Goodness Of It's Land; When Their Own People Were Willing And Obedient To God '... and, whether you now comprehend it or not, it had nothing to do with: Our Leadership In Washington, The Treaties That They Signed, The Allies That They Chose, The Military Technology That They Developed, or ( even ) Those Borders That They Most Often Quite Frankly Neglected.

In fact, you shall all very soon understand that: " We Cannot Make America Great Again By Adopting All Of Those Political And Spiritual Positions That Are Completely Antithetical To All Of Our Own Ancestors "! Since, whether you believe it or not, We Are Already Now Passing Under His Own Rod....

God Does Not Change: Nor Do His Own Laws, Judgments, Statutes, And ( Indeed ) Long Awaited Promises....

In Malachi Chapter 3, we can all ( very clearly ) read the following:
" ' For, Am The LordI Do Not Change [ Don't Even Think To Point That Finger At Me ]therefore you are not consumed, O Sons Of Jacob.
Yet, from the days of your fathers, You Have Gone Away From My Ordinances And Have Not Kept Them [ When It Has Always Been You That Are ( Quite Truthfully ) To Blame ].
Return To Me [ By Doing What Has Always Been Right ], and I Will Return To You [ In Pouring Out My Own Promised Blessings ], ' says The Lord Of Hosts. " - Malachi 3:6-7.

Do you remember: " The Law Of Moses "?
And that, dear brothers and sisters, ' Is A Key Understanding '... since, everyone is now acting As If They Have Lost Their Own Minds Upon A Great Number Of Spiritually Discerned Things!

For instance, when you think it through, If God Is: Omniscient [ or, All Knowing ], Ever-Present [ or, Existing In All Places At All Times ], All Powerful [ or, Able To Overrule All Of Our Own Human Actions ] And ( Indeed ) Perfect In All Of His Ways [ and, Incapable Of Making Any Of Our Own Ignorant Mistakes ] - then, I must ask you ( quite honestly ) What Would Necessitate Any Such Change?

God's Words are: " Pure Words "....
And, indeed, if God doesn't change, then Why Would Any Of His Own Words? In fact, They Wouldn't... because, ' The New Testament Then Would Merely Be A Further Clarification Of That Which Had Already Come Largely Before '!

And consequently, all of those repetitive quotations from The Old Testament Scriptures - which point back to certain End Time Prophetical Events - would begin to make a whole lot of sense, from An Honestly Logical Perspective.

Of course, when 2nd Timothy 3:16-17 was still being written ' The New Testament Wasn't Even Completed Yet '... so, why not ask ourselves this: " What Scripture Was The Apostle Paul ( Quite Honestly ) Referring To When He Was Then Writing To Timothy For The Second Time "?

In fact, whether you now comprehend it or not, It Couldn't Have Been The New Testament At All!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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