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The Parables Of Yahshua - The kingdom is like A Wedding Feast.

An Outdoor Wedding before Yahweh.
Of all the parables given by Yahshua, The Parable Of The Wedding Feast is one of the most difficult for many of us to properly understand! Not, just because of the gathering itself; but rather, because of ' The Mysterious Wedding Garment ' that one certain guest didn't bother in wearing. What is that spiritually required: " Wedding Garment "; and why wasn't The Wedding Guest properly wearing it? Apparently, there's going to be some sort of: " Spiritual Confusion " - when Yahweh is regathering His Children... and, more importantly, some of His openly invited guests will be wearing The Wrong Wedding Garment!

In our effort to straighten out some of this Ongoing Spiritual Confusion, let's examine these particular passages from Mathew Chapter 22 - concerning the parable of: " The Wedding Feast "... and, hopefully, we'll gain some highly-important spiritual understanding. After all, that improperly dressed guest was: " Cast Into Outer Darkness, where there was weeping and the gnashing of teeth "; and very few of us, actually, want to go there.

In Mathew Chapter 22, We Read:
" The Kingdom Of Heaven is like A Certain King [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] who arranged a marriage for His Own Son [ Yahweh-Hushua ], and sent out His Servants [ The Prophets ] to call Those Who Were Invited [ The Houses Of: Judah, Israel, and Joseph ] to The Wedding Feast [ His Ceremony Of Spiritual Adoption ]; and They [ These Arrogant Ones ] were not willing to come [ Their Own Lives Seemed Far Too Busy Already ].
Again, He [ That All Powerful King ] sent out Other Servants [ Even More Prophets ], saying, ' Tell those who are invited: " See, I have prepared My dinner; My oxen and fatted cattle are killed, and all things are now ready. Come to The Wedding Feast. " '
But They [ These Spiritually-Ignorant Ones ] made light of it [ Considering It To Be A Minor Matter ] and went their own ways [ Back To The Cares Of This Life ]: one to his farm, and the other to his business [ They Simply Ignored It ].
And The Rest Of Them [ The Satanically Led World ] seized His Servants [ These Prophets Of Yahweh ], treated them spitefully [ Wherever They Went ], and even killed them [ When They Refused To Shut Up ].
But when The King [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] heard about it [ Through The Heart-Wrenching Prayers Of His Servants ], He [ The Mighty One Of Heaven ] was furious. And He [ The True Ruler Of Earth ] sent out His Armies [ In Judgment Upon Their Own Nations ], destroyed those murders [ From Within The Houses Of: Judah, Israel, and Joseph ], and burned up Their City [ Their Strong Political Fortresses ].
{ *** NOTE: Those strong fortresses are The Modern Day Nations Of: Israel [ Judah ], The United States of America [ Israel ], and The Rising Kingdom Of Egypt [ Joseph ]... and the rapidly approaching Fourth Seal Of Revelation shall mean their own National Destruction. }
Then He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] said to His Servants [ The Prophets ] ' The Wedding Feast is ready, but Those Who Were Invited [ The Ones That I've Now Destroyed ] were not worthy [ To Receive This Magnificent Message ].
' Therefore [ Since That Was, Indeed, The Case ], Go into The Highways [ The Streets That Are Yet Still Remaining ], and As Many As You Find [ Wherever You Go ], invite to The Wedding [ And, Yes, Even From Babylon Itself ]. '
{ *** NOTE: While Babylon The Great [ aka, The European Union ] is destined for its own physical destruction, the scriptures are very clear that: " The Judgment Shall Begin First Within My Own House " [ His Own People Of: Judah, Israel, and Joseph ]. Consequently, this message shall be yet going out to Political Babylon - for a very short time... and, hopefully, many of them shall be prepared for it. }
So Those Servants [ The Prophesied 144,000 Servants Of Yahweh ] went out into The Highways [ These Remaining Places Of Earth ] and gathered together All Whom They Found [ Willing To Listen To This Last Minute Message ] both: Bad and Good [ Whether They Possessed The Wedding Garment, Or Not ]. And The Wedding Hall [ His Holy Place At Mount Zion ] was filled with Wedding Guests.
But [ Something Wasn't Right ], when The King [ Yahweh Himself ] came in to see These Guests [ Invited To The Wedding ], He saw A Man There [ Amongst All Of The Others Invited ] who did not have on A Wedding Garment [ The Proper And Thoroughly Expected Spiritual Attire ].
{ *** NOTE: Having actually warned all of us, thousands of years in advance, of His Own Particular Requirements; The Mighty One is: Flatly Surprised and Exceptionally Angry over this persons blatantly-defiant oversight! }
So He [ The King Of The Entire Macroverse ] said to Him [ The Guest Who Had Ignored All Of His Spiritual Instructions ], ' Friend, how [ Or, Why ] did you come in here without A Wedding Garment [ Without My Own Prescribed Spiritual Clothing ]? ' And He [ This Presumptuous One ] was totally speechless [ Since, He Didn't Have An Acceptable Answer ].
Then The King [ Yahweh Himself ] said to The Servants [ Gathered Within The Wedding Hall ] ' bind Him hand and foot, take Him away, and cast Him into outer darkness [ Personally Chosen Garments Are Unacceptable ]; there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth [ Since Many, Ignorant Ones, Shall Be Cast Away For This Reason ].
For many are called [ Yahweh Wants Everyone Upon The Earth ], but few are chosen [ But, His Own Standards Will Never Change ]. " - Mathew 22:2-14.

The Fool - is wearing The Wrong Garments!
As you can now clearly see, The Parable Of The Wedding Feast is quite: Timely, Relevant, and Highly Important - to everyone living today... since, " Our Own Baptism By Fire " - is actually the inevitable result of Our Utter Ignorance To This Message! In fact, we've been repeatedly told to: " Make Our Paths Straight For The Mighty One ", " Heed His: Commandments, Judgments, And Statutes ", " Keep His Feast Days ", " Elevate His True Name ", " Love One Another In Spirit And Truth ", and " Come Out Of Spiritual Babylon ". But, rather than heeding these Important Spiritual Instructions, we've been worrying about the cares of this life.

The Moon - is under her feet!
Meanwhile, The Wedding Garment is that which has been provided by Yahweh Himself. His Commandments, Judgments, and Statutes; His Pre-Ordained Feast Days; His True Name Of Yahweh; and His Unconditional Love: are all The Spiritual Threads in its Tightly-Woven Fabric... and our own: Sanctification and Holiness - are fully predicated upon obtaining This Very Simple Garment. But, in order to factually do so, we must study The Scriptures for ourselves.... After all, The Wedding Garment is the one and only thing, that: " Spiritual Babylon " - cannot possibly tell you without losing you entirely!

Dear brothers and sisters, ' Please Come To His Feast '... but, don't forget to: " Wear The Right Garment "... and remember, unlike Our Own Fallen Churches" Yahweh Doesn't Ever Change "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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