Sunday, January 27, 2013

The scripture says: " It Is The Glory Of God To Conceal A Matter, And The Glory Of Kings To Search It All Out "!

Adam and Eve: " The Garden Of Eden ".
According to The Book Of Proverbs, " It Is The Glory Of God To Conceal A Matter, But The Glory Of Kings To Search Out A Matter ". But, What Does This Mean... and, To What Ultimate Purpose - could it possibly serve? In fact, dear brothers and sisters, we must inevitably ask ourselves: " What Really Happened In The Garden Of Eden "?

After all, ' Adam Chose A Complete Base Of Knowledge Over A Long Length Of Life '; and was [ seemingly ] punished for it... while, ' Solomon Made The Exact Same Choice '; and was [ apparently ] rewarded because of it! Obviously, There Has Been Something Going On That None Of Us Were Aware Of... otherwise, wouldn't that seem, Just A Little Bit Strange?

Adam has always been: " The One True Man "!
In fact, if The Mighty One [ truthfully ]: " Knew The End From The Very Beginning " - then, why did He place both trees in the midst of the garden in the first place... and, couldn't that honestly be, because ' He Wanted Adam To Possess The Knowledge Of Both Good And Evil ' - despite its own Short Term Negative Consequences, to [ both ]: Him and His Own Human Family? After all, the scriptures are very clear in repeatedly stating that: " Adam Was The Son Of God "... and, not Yahweh-Hushua [ aka, Yahshua ]! Just, Study It All Very Closely....

The Glory Of God: Is To Conceal A Matter

Richard Cypher: " The Seeker Of Legend "?
If Faith, as Yahweh [ Himself ] defines it, is both: " The Substance Of Things Hoped For ", and " The Evidence Of Things Not Being Seen " - then, ' The True Evidences Must Be Spiritually Discerned By Mankind ' before any judgment may righteously fall. Moreover, any such necessary judgment ' Must Come From Within Humanity Itself ' - since, The Mighty One is: Our Own Creator; and Not Our Destroyer! After all, the scripture clearly states [ that ]: " It Isn't Fitting For Both: Fresh And Salt Water - To Come From The Very Same Well ".

We'd Need A Dictator, wouldn't we?
And yet, Who Could Be Trusted With Such An Awesome Responsibility? After all, they would have to [ factually ] possess: " A Proper Understanding Of Both: Good And Evil " - just like, The Father Himself! More importantly, however, ' He Would Need To Be Thoroughly Tested In Numerous Real World Applications ' before [ factually ] elevating Him to Such An Important Position... would, He not?

The Glory Of Kings: Is To Search A Matter Out

Richard B. Riddick - " Eyes Shined In Prison "?
Meanwhile, of course, ' If A Matter Is Thoroughly Concealed, Then Whoever Can Figure It All Out Will Be The Greatest Of All Kings '... and, Isn't That What He Has Always Been Honestly Looking For? In fact, a person that valuable would probably be rewarded immensely.... So, let's just see, What The Scripture Has To Say [ about it ]:
“ Who then is: A Faithful and Wise Servant - whom his master Made Ruler Over His Household, to give them their food in due season? Blessed is That Servant whom his master, when he comes, Will Find Him So Doing. Assuredly, I say to you that He Will Make Him Ruler Over All Of His Goods.
But if That Evil Servant says in his heart, My Master Is Delaying His Coming, and begins to: Beat His Fellow Servants, and to Eat And Drink With The Drunkards - then The Master Of That Servant Will Come On A Day When He Is Not Looking For Him and at an hour that he is not aware of, and Will Cut Him In Two And Appoint Him His Portion With The Hypocrites. Indeed, there shall be: Weeping and Gnashing Of Teeth. " - Mathew 24:45-51.

Agent Meyers is [ both ]: Adam and Michael!
Meanwhile, of course, ' It Would Take Far More Than Wisdom And Money To Control Such A Kingdom '. Wouldn't it? In fact, He would have to possess some type of: True Powers and Unchallenged Physical Authorities - in order to accomplish, His Own Eventual Mission - since, let's just be honest, ' Babylon Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night '! After all, it factually does possess A Great Many of its own: Robots, Monkeys, and Zombies... does it, not?

And, consequently, therefore...

The True Son Of God: Must Be The Lord Of The Rings....

Gandolf means: " Wand Holder Of Heaven ".
After all, It's Only Logical... and, everyone knows where He comes from... don't, they? He's comes from, that land known as: " Middle Earth " - which lies directly between: The Great Eastern Ocean [ aka, The Atlantic ] and The Great Western Ocean [ aka, The Pacific ]... and, He Brings All Of Those Elves With Him When He Comes! I wonder, who they could possibly be? Hmmm... You Think?

Dr. Manhattan - loves Laurie Juspeczik!
So, are you [ now ] ready yet, for: " A Total Recall "... or, will you foolishly remain behind: " In Spiritual Babylon "? Because, you might as well face it, ' The Choice Has Always Been Yours '! Just remember, however, that The Final Countdown has already begun... and, You Have A Decision To Make....

Jumanji - " The Whirlwind ".
Meanwhile, it's actually quite simple, You May Choose: The Sun [ Who Glorifies Only Himself ], or The Moon [ Who Reflects Only His Father ]! After all, it was long ago written: " My People Perish For Their Own Lack Of Knowledge... " - but, oddly enough, The Same Cannot Be Said Of Adam... Can, It? In fact, if you honestly think about it: ' He Was Willing To Die, Just To Factually Obtain It '... and, as crazy as it may seem, Guess Who Is Now Back?

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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