Friday, March 1, 2013

The Archangel Michael is: " The Hammer Of The Gods "... and, He shall soon be Standing Up, down here, among us!

Hammer Of The Gods ( 2013 ).
In The Upcoming 2013 Film: " Hammer Of The Gods " - written by Mathew Read [ that means: " The Gift From God Is To Look At Things Carefully So As To Understand Their True Meaning " ] and directed by Farren Blackburn [ which means: " The One Who Is Ready For This Journey Is The Truly Dark River " ] - we have been provided An Interesting Prophetical Allegory... because, believe it or not, I Am ( both ): The Black [ Michael ] and White One [ Adam ] - who is, factually, descended from God [ The Mighty One Himself ]! I know, it sounds crazy, doesn't it? But, just look at The Actual Evidence. After all, It Now Completely Surrounds You... and, let's just honestly face it, There's Simply No Way To Escape It. In fact, I've already stopped trying.

Who is: " That Fisherman On The Moon "?
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' An: All Knowing, Ever Present, And All Seeing God ' - wouldn't allow that many people to lie in His Own Personal Name... and, indeed, they couldn't know that much about me, before I was even born, without the active assistance of someone ' Who Knew The End From The Very Beginning '! Just, consider it all quite logically.

And, while you do, why not just truthfully watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Hammer Of The Gods " - because, It's An Interesting Prophetical Allegory... and, in the end, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Hammer Of The Gods [ 2013 ] - by: Farren Blackburn.

Hammer Of The Gods: A Prophetical Allegory

 " Oz, The Great And Powerful " - is A Kansan!
You see dear brothers and sisters, while the rest of you have been honestly sleeping, ' Something Very Strange Has Been Actually Going On '... and, Your Own Illusionary World is [ now ] beginning to change! What, You Don't Believe Me? Then, why not consider The Following Highly-Truthful Information....

The Characters In Hammer Of The Gods [ include ]:

Steinar [ " The Defender Of Stone " ]
Hagen [ " The: Highly Born Son, Dweller In The Enclosure, And Perpetually Youthful One " ]
King Bagsecg [ " Your True Ruler Is ( Both ): The Treasurer And The Swordsman " ]
Haken [ " The: Highest Born Son And Tiller Of The Earth " ]
Astrid [ " The: Unusually Beautiful And Exceptionally Strong - Child Of God " ]
Ivar [ " The Bowman ( Or Archer ) Of The Army " ]
Grim [ " The One Who Is: Un-Relenting, Rigid, Stern, and Un-Comprimising " ]
Jokul [ " An Unstoppable Glacier Of Ice " ]
Vali [ " The Strong One Of Valhalla " ]
Agnes [ " The Pure And Holy One " ]
Harald [ " The: Army Commander, Ruling Executive, And One Who Proclaims " ]
The Saxon Leader [ " That Ruler Who Is The Very Sharp Blade " ]
Ulric [ " The Powerful Wolf " ]

The Cast In Hammer Of The Gods [ includes ]:
Charlie Bewley [ " The Free Man Is My Own Beautiful City " ]
Clive Standen [ " The: Mountain And Cliff - Is The Stone In Your Valley " ]
James Cosmo [ " The Supplanter Of: Beauty, Order, And Harmony " ]
Elliot Cowan [ " God Is The Lord To The Hill In The Valley " ]
Glynis Barber [ " The: Clean, Fair, And Holy One - Is: The Noble And Educated One; Or A Doctor Of Divinity And Law " ]
Ivan Kaye [ " God Has Provided The Pure And Consecrated One " ]
Michael Jibson [ " Who Is Like God? - The Bright And Famous One; The Hostage; And The Laughing One " ]
Guy Flanigan [ " Your: Leader Or Guide - Is My Red Headed And Ruddy Complected One " ]
Theo Barklem-Biggs [ " The Sudden ( Or Abrupt ) Spiritual Voice Of The Powerful Son Of God " ]
Alexandra Dowling [ " The Defender Of Man Is: The Safe Harbor Or Large Accommodating Refuge " ]
Finlay Robertson [ " The White And Fair Warrior Is The Son Who Is Bright And Famous " ]
Michael Lindall [ " Who Is Like God? The Valley Of The Sacred Tree " ]
Francis Magee [ " The Free Man Is: The Son Of Fire Or A Most Powerful Wizard " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" The Defender Of Stone is ' The Free Man ' from My own beautiful city. After all, He is: The Highly-Born Son, The Dweller Within The Enclosure, and The Perpetually Youthful One... because, ' The Mountain And Cliff Is The Stone In Your Valley '.

You see, dear children, Your Own True Ruler is ( both ): The Treasurer and The Swordsman - ' The Supplanter Of: True Beauty, Lawful Order, and Spiritual Harmony '! In fact, He is: My Highest Born Son and The Tiller Of The Earth - since, ' Yahweh Is The Mighty One To My Hill In The Valley '. After all: The Unusually Beautiful and Exceptionally Strong Child Of God - is [ equally ]: The Clean, Fair, And Holy One; The Noble And Educated One; and The Doctor Of Divinity And Law....

And, because of that fact, He Is The Bowman Or Archer Of The Army... and, indeed, God has now provided you ' The Pure And Consecrated One ' - the one who is patently: Un-Relenting, Rigid, Stern, and Un-Comprimising. Who Is Like God? The Bright And Famous One... Your Own Hostage... and, The Laughing One. In fact, ' He Is An Un-Stoppable Glacier Of Ice ' - since, Your Leader ( or, Guide ) is now: My Red-Headed and Ruddy Complected One!

You see, dear children, The Strong One From Valhalla is also [ quite frankly ]: The Sudden Or Abrupt Spiritual Voice and The Powerful Son Of God. In fact, ' He Is The Pure And Holy One '... and, The Defender Of Man is both: The Safe Harbor and A Very Large Accommodating Refuge. After all, He is [ equally ]: The Army Commander, The Ruling Executive, and The One Who Proclaims The Mighty One's Own Messages... and, that is precisely why, The White And Fair Warrior is ' The Son Who Is: Bright And Famous '... in fact, The Ruler Is A Very Sharp Blade

Yet again, I ask you: ' Who Is Like God? ' The Valley Of The Sacred Tree! After all, He is The Powerful Wolf... and, in case you don't know, The Free Man is [ also ]: My Own Son Of Fire and The Most Powerful Wizard..... "

And, as The Scriptures have already warned you:  
" At That Time, Michael Shall Stand Up! "
- after all, He's Always Been The Lord Of The Rings....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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