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While wisdom takes time, its execution is always much Faster!

Faster ( 2010 ) - movie poster.
In The Popular 2010 Film: " Faster " - written by: Tony and Joe Gayton [ which, respectively, mean: " The One Worthy Of Praise and The One Who Shall Enlargen The Kingdom Is: The Worker Upon Earth, The Truthful One, And The True Watchman " ] and directed by George Tillman, Jr. [ that means: " The Worker Upon Earth Is: The Man Who Cultivates The Garden And My Very Own Son " ] - we have been, once again, provided A Prophetical Allegory. But, of course, ' Your Own Minds Have Been Conditioned To Not Actually Perceive It '! Isn't that, honestly, so?

John Milton - is just a little: " Pissed Off "!
Fortunately, however, I'm No Longer Under Their Own Magic Spells... so, why not watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Faster "? After all, when everything else has been said and done, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did.... 

America In Prophecy

Faster [ 2010 ] - by: George Tillman, Jr.

Faster: Is A Prophetical Allegory

" Slow Justice Is No Justice " - Faster!
You see dear brothers and sisters, if we carefully study ' The Actual Subject Matter Of This Movie ', we begin to perceive Its Own Hidden Secrets! In fact, when we dig even deeper, then The Hidden Meaning Exposed is now revealed to be Decidedly Spiritual In Its Overall Nature.

Just see it, for yourselves....

The Characters Of Faster [ include ]:
James Cullen [ " The Supplanter is The: Wolf Cub, Dweller Near The River, And Very Strong Chieftain " ]
Detective Slade Humphries [ " The Investigator Is My Child In The Valley ' The Peaceful Bear Cub ' " ]
The Killer [ " The Agent, Or Harbinger, Of Death "]
Prescott Ashton [ " The Priest's Own Cottage Lies Within The City Of Ashes " ]
Kenneth Tyson [ " The One Born Of Fire Is My Own High-Spirited Son " ]
Hovis Nixon [ " The: King Of The Hill And River In The Valley - Is The Son Of Victory For My People " ]
Alexander Jarod [ " The Defender Of Man Is: He Who Who Has Descended And He Who Shall Rule " ]
Detective Cicero [ " The Head Investigator Is: The Chick Pea Or The Precious Seed Of Life " ]
Lily [ " The Symbol Of Innocence And Purity " ]
Marina Humphries [ " The: Bear Cub Or Peacekeeper - Is The Dedicated Son Of Mars " ]
Warden [ " The: Chief Administrator Of The Prison, Or Head Gamekeeper Of The Forest " ]
Roy Grone [ " The: Red One Or King - In The Forest " ]
Sgt. Mallory [ " The Non-Comissioned Officer Is The Unlucky One " ]
Gary Cullen [ " The Spearholder And Guide Is: The Strong Chieftain, The Victorious One, And The Back At The River " ]
Mrs. Cullen [ " The Wife Of: Our Strong Chieftain, The Victorious One, And The Back At The River " ]
Nan Porterman [ " The Benevolent: Gatekeeper, Door Man, Or Ferryman " ]
Vaquero [ " The: Cattle Herder, Trail Boss, Or Cowboy " ]

The Cast Of Faster [ includes ]:
Dwayne Johnson [ " The Dark Countenanced One Is The Son Whom God Has Provided " ]
Billy Bob Thornton [ " The One With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection - Is The Bright And Famous One And The City Of Thorns " ]
Oliver Jackson-Cohen [ " The Son Whom God Has Provided Is The Priest Set Over His Army Of Elves " ]
Courtney Gains [ " The Courtier Of Physical And Spiritual Prosperity " ]
John Cirigliano [ " God Has Provided: The Strutting Rooster, Or Your King - A Descendant Of Gaul " ]
Lester Speight [ " The Fortified City Is The Infamous Woodpecker " ]
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje [ " The: Healthy And Wise One, Or Crown Who Has Now Come Home - Is The Chief Warrior Of Prosperity And Wealth " ]
Carla Gugino [ " The Free Man Is: The Alter Ego Or Cousin " ]
Maggie Grace [ " The Most Precious Pearl Is: My Seeker Of Favor And Your Obtainer Of Mercy " ]
Moon Bloodgood [ " My Second Son Is The Warrior Leading To Your Victory " ]
Tom Berenger [ " The Avatar And Twin Is A Very Courageous Bear " ]
Mike Epps [ " Who Is Like God? The Aspen Tree! " ]
Xander Berkeley [ " The Defender Of Man Is My Tree In The Meadow " ]
Matt Gerald [ " The True Gift Of God Is The Spear Who Shall Rule " ]
Annie Corley [ " The One Who Has Found Mercy And Favor Is The New Clearing In The Meadow " ]
Jennifer Carpenter [ " The White, Fair, And Merciful One - Is: The Tree Cutter, Craftsman In Wood, And Casketmaker " ]
Michael Irby [ " Who Is Like God? The Descendant Of Lincoln, From Wales " ]

And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" The Supplanter is: The Wolf Cub, My Dweller Near The River, and A Very Strong Chieftain... after all, this dark countenanced one is ' The Son Whom God Has Provided '! You see dear children, The Investigator is: My Child In The Valley and A Very Peaceful Bear Cub... and yet, He is also ' The One With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection  - The Bright And Famous One; And A City Of Thorns '.

He is: The Agent and Harbinger Of Death... and, indeed, the son whom God has provided is ' The Priest Set Over His Army Of Elves '! In fact, dear children, The Priest's Own Cottage lies directly within Your City Of Ashes. After all, He is ' My Own Courtier Of Physical And Spiritual Prosperity '

The One Born Of Fire Is My Own High-Spirited Son; and God has now provided you: The Strutting Rooster, Your Own Promised Ruler, and The Descendant Of Gaul. In fact, He is [ quite truthfully ]: The King Of The Hill, The River In Your Valley, and The Son Of Victory For All Of My People - since, ' The Fortified City Is Now That Infamous Woodpecker '.

You see dear children, The Defender Of Man is both: He Who Has Descended and He Who Shall Rule... the healthy and wise one, or the crown who has now come home, has always been ' The Chief Warrior Of Your Own Prosperity And Wealth '... since, The Head Investigator is: The Chick Pea, or My Most Precious Seed Of Life... while, The Free Man is: His Own Alter Ego, or His Spiritual Cousin

As The Symbol Of Innocence And Purity, this most precious pearl is both: My Own Seeker Of Favor and Your Own Obtainer Of Mercy... after all: The Bear Cub and Peacekeeper - has always been My Dedicated Son Of Mars... and, ' My Second Son Is The Warrior Who Shall Lead You To The Victory '.

As: The Chief Administrator To The Prison, or The Head Gamekeeper Within The Forest - the: Avatar and Twin - is a very courageous bear... since, after all, He is: My Red One and The King In Your Forest! Who Is Like God? ' The Long Living Aspen Tree '.

Meanwhile, of course, The Non-Comissioned Officer is The Unlucky One... since, The True Defender Of Man is actually My Own Tree In The Meadow! You see dear children, The Spearholder And Guide is: A Very Strong Chieftain, Your Own Victorious One, and The Very Strong Back At The River... and, ' The True Gift Of God Is The Spear Who Shall Rule '

And, consequently therefore, His New Wife shall ultimately be ' The One Who Finds Mercy And Favor At The Clearing In The Meadow '. After all, He is The Benevolent One: My Own Gatekeeper, Your Only Doorman, and The Long Appointed Ferryman - you see, dear children, He has always been: My Own Tree Cutter, Your Craftsman Of Wood, and The Casket Maker! In fact, He is: My Cattle Herder, Your Own Trail Boss, and The Long Ignored Cowboy....

Who Is Like God? ' That Descendant From Lincoln, In Wales '! "

Who is: " That Fisherman On The Moon "?
Meanwhile dear brothers and sisters, if ( as the scriptures do, factually, state ): " The Truth Is Established Upon The Testimony Of Two Or More Witnesses " - then, what can be honestly said about ' The Millions Employed In: Literature, Publishing, Film Making, Production, and Acting '? After all, they've actually produced A Mountain Of This Stuff... and, The Hidden Meanings Exposed are always basically the same! Go figure....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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