Monday, March 11, 2013

The Archangel Michael is both: Our Dreamweaver and Storyteller Of Legend!

The Storyteller - Tales Of A Holy Quest.
In The Metal Song: " Power Within " - provided to us by The Storyteller [ which means: " The True Voice Of God; And That Angel Who Provides To Us All Of Our Dreams " ] - we have been cleverly given A Prophetical Allegory. In fact, though we continually fail to perceive it, The Truth Is Now Clearly All Around Us.

But, of course, your own eyes must truthfully be opened... and, your own heart willing to receive it. Otherwise, ' Your Own Character May Simply Be Edited Out Of His Script '!

Oscar Diggs is: " The Powerful Wizard Of Oz ".
I know, you simply can't believe me... so, why not take a few moments to listen to The Following Prophetical Allegory [ entitled ]: " Power Within " -  after all, The Dreamweaver Is An Excellent Storyteller... and indeed, you may actually find out that, The Illusionist Is The Most Powerful Wizard Of Them All....

America In Prophecy

Power Within [ 2007 ] - by: The Storyteller.

 Power Within: The Storyteller

{ In the beginning of his journey He was alone, but along the way He met a few brave men who decided to join Him in his quest to stop The Evil One. One of those men was A Sorcerer, that was sent by The Sorcerer Of Light, the rightful owner of The Book. He offered his service and knowledge; and, by God, they needed that help! With A Mighty Sorcerer by their side the odds seemed just a little bit better. He explained that The Mightiest Magician Existing, had been sent to oblivion by The Dark Side, and even though his powers were not quite that strong, He promised to do what He could to help them... and, what more could they ask for? } - An Introduction to The Storyteller.

Once there was A Man, who lived alone in the shadows,
He had no place that He could call home,
and at night He slept all alone.
But, One Day The God Looked His Way,
And Saw The Great Might Within Him.
He gave Him the power that He needed,
To Become What He Once Had Been!

And So The Legend Begins,
of a story that's older than time itself...
Yes, The Greatest Of Sorcerers Is He!
That's The Way It Always Will Be....

The Power He's Got Controls All Living Beings.
He Sees Into The Future;
And Rules Over Fire And Winds...
Yes, The Powers He's Got Are Equal With Gods.
And, The Kingdom Is His....
'Cause He Has The Key!

[ solo Fredrik ]
[ solo Steven ]
[ solo Fredrik ]

He lived for hundreds of years,
and The Evil One watched Him with fear.
Because Of The Powers That He Held Within,
They Had To Let The Silence Begin.
They did a ritual that put Him to sleep,
'cause they knew He couldn't be killed.
Into Oblivion He Disappeared,
Until The Day When He Shall Awake!

They did a ritual that put Him to sleep, 'cause they
Knew He couldn't be killed.
Into Oblivion He Disappeared,
Until The Day When The Sorcerer Awakes....

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
I know what you're thinking, dear brothers and sisters, ' It Is Merely One Very Interesting Thread '... but, is it... Is It, Really? After all, " No Single Man Is An Island "... and, let's face it, " All Of Us Are Honestly Connected "! In fact, Why Not Just See It For Ourselves....

America In Prophecy

The Soldier And Death [ 2007 ] - by: Jim Henson.

{ *** NOTE: The above video for: " The Soldier and Death " - is the 2 minute long and shortened version. For the entire 9 minute long story of The Classic Russian Fable, just follow this link to --> The Soldier And Death <--! }

So, " I Hear You Like A Game Of Cards "...?

Let's, just, Play With My Own Deck... after all, I'm feeling kind of ' Lucky ' - right about, now!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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