Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Message From The Watchman.

America's Tombstone - 2016 AD.
I have noticed An Interesting Trend among my subscribers. When I write something, which many agree with, my Feedburner Subscriptions start to increase... but, when I write something, the least bit critical of anyone or anything, my Feedburner Subscriptions drop like a rock! Why is this? Name any: Watchman, or Prophet Of Yahweh - that spoke pleasant things to: " His Lackadaisical Flocks ", or " Their Ravenous Shepherds "... can you name, even one?

Should I lie to you, like those others? Or, offer you Yet Another Message of: " Peace And Safety "; while:  " Speaking Only Smooth Things "? Of what value is that, when ' The Truth ' isn't in it? If Yahweh Himself has decided: " To Strike and To Heal You " - who am I, to argue with Him? For that matter, Who Are You - that He, The Mighty One, should respect You? The Scriptures says, that: " Yahweh The Mighty One is no respecter of persons. " Neither: The Prophet, The Watchman, The Priest, The Shepherd, nor The Common Man - is exempt from His searching! If you only knew His True Nature, You too might understand.

Fortunately, however, I am not reliant upon You for my own personal sustenance - like those: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles Of Babylon "... Nor, am I dependent upon any of: " Those Harlot Churches " - that fully comprise her own spiritual body... But Rather, it is Yahweh The Mighty One who fully sustains me - as it should be!

If you were wise, the fact that I so frequently offend you, should be counted in my favor! After all, isn't that ' The True Sign ' of Yahweh's Own Chosen Watchman? You tell me.... All I've ever asked for is ' A Reasonably Thoughtful Comment '... but, apparently, that particular cost is still far too high - for you. Meanwhile, you continually support: " Those Lying Shepherds " - extremely lavishly! And what do they [ truly ] offer you? Somehow, I find it all quite fitting....

But, when the time comes, you'll truthfully be back. After all, they don't have The Correct Answers... and, I do. And why is that? Because, I only report what He [ alone ] tells me to! And right now, you're in ' Deep Spiritual Trouble ' - precisely, because you won't listen.... Ah, Catch-22.

{ *** NOTE:  Please understand, that I don't like being The Bearer Of Bad News anymore than the next guy... and, I too must go through ' This Period Of Spiritual Chastisement ' - known as: " The Baptism By Fire " - just like the rest of you! In fact, I've chosen to stay here with you - rather than traveling elsewhere - even though, I fully know what is coming. The difference is, that I'm Properly Preparing - as Yahweh Himself has warned me to. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Hi again,
    I was here yesterday asking about 2016. I may have been on another post but I believe it was this one. Could you point me in the direction of any information you have on this date?

    Thank you.

  2. @ Audie Israel.

    While I would love to give you: The Exact and Specific Prophetical Events For 2016 - I honestly cannot. It simply doesn't work out that way - from within The Scriptures!

    I can, however, tell you this - with considerable scriptural reliability -

    By The End Of 2016:

    1.) The United States of America will no longer exist; nor, be physically inhabited!

    2.) The United Kingdom of Egypt [ which is now politically rising ] will also be physically destroyed... but, will only remain uninhabited for forty years.

    3.) The Natural Olive Branches of: Genetic Israel, and Genetic Judah - will have ALL been restored to " The Promised Land "... and The Wild Olive Branches [ from throughout the entire Earth ] - will have also begun returning.

    I hope that this helps....


  3. Yes, Thank you. I can tell you that 2016 is indeed in he scriptures though. I have spent may long hours with that number rolling around in my heart.

    Thanks again!

  4. @ Audie Israel.

    While I have my own personal suspicions about The Year 2016, as A True Watchman I cannot honestly comment upon it, at this time. I will not publish anything that cannot be clearly and irrefutably proven from The Scriptures!

    Meanwhile, what I have already stated above, can be clearly proven, at this time....

    May Yahweh bless your studying of His Word!

  5. Sorry, I wasn't trying to get you to post anything. I was simply investigating yet another witness to the year 2016. I was just sharing what I have seen and do testify of.

    Thanks for talking with me.

  6. @ Audie Israel.

    I recently visited your own personal blogsite: " Flee Babylon 2016 - The Last Days Are Here! ".

    Always being curious of other such ' End Time Prophecy Sites ', I took the time to read your own article entitled: " BABYLON, United States of America, and New York City Factorial ".

    I truly understand your own logical assumptions - based upon the scriptural passages that you have so clearly utilized - but, your own conclusions are still somewhat incorrect. While The United States of America indeed shares many significant similarities with ' Babylon The Great ', The European Union is actually Babylon!

    The references specifically to: " Leb Kemai " - in Jeremiah Chapter 51 [ The Land Of The Chaldeans ] - are, in fact, speaking specifically of The United States [ Babylon's Own Political Harlot ]; but the other prophecies are all speaking about Babylon The Great itself.

    For a proof text of this absolute fact, just read Isaiah 23:13 - which clearly states:

    " Behold [ This Is Very Important ], The Land Of The Chaldeans [ Created By The Decree Of Rome ], This People which was not [ Until Others Brought Them Together ]; Assyria [ The Aryan Peoples ] founded it for Wild Beasts Of The Desert [ The Five Nations Of Canaan ], They [ The Aryan People ] set up Its Towers [ Founded Its Cities ], They [ The Aryan People ] raised up Its Palaces [ Controlled All Of Its Governments ], And They [ The Aryan People ] Brought It To Ruin [ Just As The Vatican Commanded Them To ].

    I can fully assure that, The United States of America isn't Babylon. Just so that you know....


  7. @ Audie Israel.

    When The Prophet Jeremiah is speaking of ' Leb Kemai ' as: " The Land Of The Chaldeans " - he isn't saying, that it is the land where The Chaldeans Dwell; but rather, the land that was created by those who [ factually ] dwell in The Latter Day Land Of Chaldea [ The Romans ].

    Do the research, and I'm absolutely certain that you'll figure it out - because, you are already very close to ' The Truth '... and nobody can even get that close, unless The Holy Spirit has been truthfully leading them!

  8. So sorry to hear that. Let God be true and every man a liar. We can do nothing against the Truth, for whatever we do good or evil will always give witness to the Truth.

    Just so you know... America is indeed BABYLON.

  9. @ Audie Israel.

    Ask yourself some very simple questions....

    1.) Who did The Tribe Of Judah [ The Jews ] go into captivity to? { I believe you will find that it was, indeed, The People Of Babylon }
    2.) Who were ' The Fishermen And Hunters Of Jeremiah 16:16 '? { Again, I believe that will find these to be: The Zionists and The Nazis }
    3.) Where did The Jews come from who were regathered to The Holy Land after World War II? { I am certain that you will find it to be The European Union }

    Have you even seen The EU Poster yet? Indeed, they are very proud of who they truthfully are!


  10. @ Audie Israel.

    More importantly, however, Babylon is clearly depicted within The Scriptures as: " A Great Beast being ridden by A Harlot [ or Apostate Church ]. " What actual church - if any - rides openly roughshod over The United States of America: ' The Virgin Daughter Of Sidon '?

    Wake up....

  11. In Revelation Chapter 13, we see two entirely different beasts [ or nations ] being clearly depicted. The First One is described as: " Babylon The Great And The Mother Of Harlots "... and The Second One is described as: " Her Own False Prophet Nation ".

    Meanwhile, The False Prophet: " Makes Fire Come Down From Heaven in the sight of all other nations [ Hiroshima and Nagasaki ] "... and tells others to: " Make An Image To The First Beast That Was Slain [ in World War II ] and yet lived [ Thanks To The Marshall Plan ]".

    So, what nation made fire come down from heaven and has been openly speaking up for ' Continental Unions ' and ' The New World Order '... and which one has remained very carefully silent about it?


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