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Yo Ho, Hoist The Colors - Pirates At Worlds End

Pirates Of The Caribbean - World's End.
In The Popular 2007 Film: " Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End " - written by: Ted Elliot [ that means: " The Protector Of My Wealth Is The Spearholder Of God " ] and Terry Rossio [ that means: " The People's Own Ruler Is: The Bitter One And The Morning Dew Falling From Heaven " ] and directed by Gore Verbinsky [ which means: " The One: Who Pierces And Stabs At - The Actions Of Heaven " ] - those: " Spiritually Darkened Ones And Unwarranted Political Outcasts " began singing A Prophetical Song.  

Can you even remember The Name Of It... because, I Factually Can. You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' When The Burden Became Too Much ' - they, finally, Began Singing From The Heart:
" Yo Ho [ Everyone Together Now ], Hoist The Colors [ Let Us Raise Our Own Battle Flag ] "
- now, Didn't They? After all, The Human Spirit Can Only Withstand So Much Physical Prodding!

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
What... don't, believe me? Then why not actually take the time to watch The Following Video Clip for: " Yo Ho, Hoist The Colors " - because, I'm certain that you'll eventually agree. And, who truthfully knows, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Hoist The Colors - from: Pirates Of The Caribbean ' At World's End '.

Hoist The Colors: Is A Prophetical Song
The King And His Men,
Stole The Queen From Her Bed...
And, Bound Her In Her Bones.

Well, The Seas Be Ours,
And By The Powers...
Where We Will, We'll Roam!
Yo Ho, Haul Together,
Hoist The Colors High.
Heave Ho, Thieves And Beggars,
Never Shall We Die!

Some Men Have Died;
And Some Are Alive;
And Still Others Sail On The Sea.
With The Keys To The Cage,
And The Devil To Pay,
We Lay To The Fiddler's Green!

The Bell Has Been Raised,
From It's Watery Grave...
Do You Hear It's Sepulchral Tone?
We Are A Call To One And To All...
Pay Heed To This Squall,
And Turn Your Sail Toward Home!

Yo Ho, Haul Together,
Hoist The Colors High.
Heave Ho, Thieves And Beggars,
Never Shall We Die!

The Battle For Hogwarts has begun to heat up!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' It Will Soon Be Time For Harry Potter [ " The Army Commander Of Yahweh " ] And His Mudbloods [ " Human And Angel Hybrids " ] To Finally Stand Up Against Voldemort [ " The Master Who Flees Death " ] '... and, it's just like Those Scriptures have already plainly warned you:
" In That Day, Those Who Seek To Save Their Own Lives Will Lose Them; And Those Who Freely Lay Them Down Will Receive Life In Far Greater Abundance! " 
Or, To Simply Put It Another Way:
" Just As The Light Fills A Room And Utterly Eliminates All Of The Darkness; The Eradication Of Pure Evil Is The Primary Function Of All That Is Truthfully Good! "
Babylon means: " Chaos And Confusion "!
In fact, that is precisely the lesson found within The Old Testament. You see, dear brothers and sisters, The Nation Of Babylon is the political and spiritual agent of CHAOS [ or, " Lucifer - The Deceiver " ]... while, The Nation Of Israel is the political and spiritual agent of CONTROL [ or, " The Archangel Michael - The Truthful One " ]

You see: " Aladdin Now Has The Lamp "....
Meanwhile, of course, Yahweh is equally ' The One Who Governs Over Both Of Them '! After all, it has been written of Yahweh [ Himself ]: " I Am The Black And White One "... has it, not? And, indeed, it has also been repeatedly proclaimed: " Every Knee Bows To The Mighty One "....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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