Monday, June 10, 2013

The Legend Of Zelda is the time honored story of The Incomprehensibly Lucky One....

Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time.
In The Popular 1998 Action Adventure: " Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time " - produced by Shigeru Miyamoto [ that means: " The Luxuriant ( Or Fruitful ) One Is He: Who Dwells At The Shrine And Who Comes From The Palace " ] and Takashi Tezuka [ that means: " The Fierce And Praiseworthy Warrior Is: The Truly Peaceful Or Harmonious One "  ]; and developed by Nintendo [ which means: " True Providence Belongs Exclusively To Heaven " ] - we have been provided A Prophetical Allegory.

Who actually is: " The Storyteller "?
But, of course, Don't Simply Take My Word For It... but, rather, Why Not Study These Things For Yourselves? After all, I could be ( factually ) mistaken. In the meantime, however, why not watch The Following Game Trailer for: " Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time " - since, I could ( just as easily ) be entirely correct! And, in the long run, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time ( 1998 ) by: Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo EAD.

Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time: Is A Prophetical Allegory

The Pied Piper ( circa, 1933 ).
You see, dear brothers and sisters, The Legend Of Zelda literally means: " An [ As Of Yet ] Unverified Story Handed Down From The Earliest Of Times About The Incomprehensibly Lucky One "... and, The Ocarina Of Time is ( just as, truthfully ): " The Mythical Piper Who Finally Reveals Himself Down At The End "! Now, isn't that simple...?

But, of course, You Need The Eyes Of A Child To Honestly See It....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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