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In ' Robot And Frank ' - we learn a great deal about Love....

Robot and Frank ( 2012 ).
In The Popular 2012 Film: " Robot And Frank " - written by Christopher Ford [ that means: " The Burden Bearer Of Christ Who Is Discovered At The River Crossing " ] and directed by Jake Schreier [ which means: " The Crowned Prince ( Or Supplanter ) - Is: The Watchman, Town Herald, And Crier " ] - we have been provided An Interesting Prophetical Allegory.

After all, folks, Frank is: " The Totally Free Man "... and, The Robot is: " His Own Personal Assistant, Facilitator, Adviser, Protector, and Partner In Crime " - in ' A Town That Was Created Solely For His Own Personal Amusement '; by A Family That Truthfully Does Love Him!

It's always been just: " The Truman Show "!
But, of course, you probably don't believe me? So, why not watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Robot And Frank " - because, every once in a very long while, Frank Still Does Have A Few Moments Of Mental Lucidity....

America In Prophecy

Robot And Frank ( 2012 ) by: Jake Schreier.

Robot And Frank: Is A Prophetical Allegory
The Day The Earth Stood Still....
It always amazes me, how closed minded that so many of you are. Particularly, when, ' The Same Answers Can Be Truthfully Found Everywhere That You Look '!

Indeed, you scrutinize all of the individual pieces quite closely; but you never seek to arrange them in their own proper order. Why, exactly, is that?

So, what is The Hidden Message of: " Robot And Frank "...?

The Characters In Robot And Frank [ include ]:

Frank Weld [ " The Free Man Is The Result Of Two Separate Things That Are Now Melted Together " ]
Jennifer [ " The: White, Fair, And Purified One " ]
The Robot ( x2 )[ " The: Guardian, Adviser, And Facilitator " ]
Hunter [ " The: Pursuer, Gamesman, Or Tracker " ]
Madison [ " The Son Gifted By God ( Or, The Son Who Is Mighty In War ) " ]
Jake [ " The Crowned Prince ( Or Supplanter ) " ]
Sheriff Rowlings [ " The Chief Law Enforcement Officer Is My Own Son The Bright And Famous Wolf "]
The Proprieter [ " The Owner Of The Store " ]
The Shop Girl [ " The One Who Tends To The Store " ]

The Cast In Robot And Frank [ includes ]:
Frank Langella [ " The Free Man Is The Angel Of Yahweh " ]
Susan Sarandon [ " My Most Precious White Lily Is: My Joyful One, The Chief Educator, And Your Own Head Instructor " ]
Peter Sarsgaard [ " The Stone Is The Emperor's Own Physical Protector " ]
Rachael Ma [ " The Little Lamb Of God Is: The Cursed One, Confused One, Or Man Of The Horse " ]
James Marsden [ " The Crowned Prince ( Or,  Supplanter ) Is The Boundary In Your Own Valley " ]
Liv Tyler [ " The One To Whom God Is The Vow Is The Setter Of My Tiles " ]
Jeremy Strong [ " The Exalted One Of Yahweh Is The Powerful One " ]
Jeremy Sisto [ " The Exalted One Of Yahweh Is Aready The Sixth One " ]
Ana Gasteyer [ " The Consecrated One Is The Innkeeper Who Is The True Heir " ]
Katherine Waterston [ " The Pure And Consecrated One Is: The Sharpening Stone And My City Alongside Of The River " ]

Will needs ( B9 ): " His Non-Theorizing Robot ".
And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Message:
 " The Free Man is the result of two separate things now being melted together... because, The Free Man has always been ' The Angel Of Yahweh '. In fact, the: White, Fair, and Purified One - is My Most Precious White Lily - or: My Joyful One, The Chief Educator, and Your Own Head Instructor.

You see, I Am: His Own Guardian, Adviser, and Facilitator... and, ' The Stone Is The Emperor's Own Physical Protector '. Up until recently, The Little Lamb Of God has always been: The Cursed One, The Confused One, and The Man Of The Horse... and yet, He is now ( quite honestly ): My Own Pursuer, An Entertaining Gamesman, and The Finest Of All My Own Trackers. In fact, ' The Crowned Prince ( or, The Supplanter ) Is Now A Very Strong Boundary Within Your Own Valley '!

After all, The Son Gifted By God ( aka, The Son Who Is Mighty In War ) is: The One To Whom God Is The Vow and The Setter Of My Tiles. Indeed, you shall very soon see, ' He Is Your Own Supplanter And The One With The Crown '... because, though you may not yet perceive it, The Exalted One Of Yahweh Is Indeed The Powerful One!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continually upon you!


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