Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Letter From The Watchman

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Since starting out in April of 2011, I have repeatedly attempted to steer your own attention towards A Fuller Knowledge Of The Truth. In doing so, I have clearly pointed out the ongoing spiritual connections within:
  • The Biblical Scriptures...
  • Those Six Other Spiritual Pathways...
  • Our Own Human History...
  • The Field Of Human Literature...
  • Your Overlooked Areas Within Science...
  • The Music Surrounding You Daily...
  • And, Every Other Avenue Of Note!
And yet, it appears that I have been utterly wasting my own time. You see, for all of my own efforts at waking you up, I Have Received Absolutely No Encouragement - for, anything that I have done....
In fact, there have been:
  • No, Thought Provoking Rebuttals.
  • No, Encouraging Comments.
  • No, Assistance In Getting Out Any Of These Messages.
  • No, Real Consideration Upon Anyone's Part.
It's as if, you are factually incapable of Any True Spiritual Discernment; and I simply no longer know what to do. In fact, I never even imagined that it was possible to lead a horse to water... only to truthfully find out that, he no longer knows what it is! I must, honestly, say that ' Spiritual Babylon Has Now Thoroughly Accomplished Its Own Job '.
Consequently, therefore, I Shall Now Simply Get On With My Own Life. After all, you appear to be doing just great without me. It has now become increasingly obvious to me, that you are perfectly content to be: Drained By The Vampires At The Top, Brutalized By The Monkeys In Charge, Having Your Own Children Turned Into An Army Of Robots, and Being Beset By Those Zombies Wherever You Go!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' Every Relationship Is Built Upon An Interactive Dialogue Between Its Own Loving Participants '... and, no matter how long suffering a man can honestly be, there must come a point when That Doorway Has Finally Now Closed. So, go ahead and reap what you've sown. I shall no longer stand in the way!
As for me, I shall now begin preparing For My Own Next Act In This Show... and, indeed, I'm now quite certain that You'll All Be Enjoying It Immensely.
Yours Truly,
The Watchman.
{ PS. *** When you finally do get tired of: " Kicking Against All Of Those Pricks " - ie, the ones who have now factually enslaved you - then, perhaps we can begin A True Dialogue? }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's own: Love and Peace - be factually upon you!


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