Monday, August 6, 2012

The Tremendous Reaction to our article upon Enemy Of God is actual proof, that it is [ indeed ]: " Getting Crowded In The Lowland "!

Enemy Of God - is exactly what they claim to be!
With Over 500 Readers in a single hour, the article entitled: " The Hit Song: ' Enemy Of God ' - by Kreator - is a Hip Hop Prophecy honestly revealing Satan's Own True Plans " - posted February 20th 2012 - has fast become Our #1 Article! Meanwhile, of course, their own: Personal Comments and Points Of Origin - should be Highly Educational - for: " The Sheep ", who are Now Actively Listening. In fact, I've decided to post some of their comments below - within the main text of this article. Bear in mind, however, that if bad language honestly offends you; then you shouldn't read the rest of this article....

The Actual Members - of!
Just so, that we may [ honestly ] know who All Of These Anonymous Commenters factually are, I followed their own back links; and created a nifty collage from some of Their Own Avatars at I hope, that you'll fully understand Their Own Personally Chosen Symbology... after all, these are The Actual Readers, that are [ so vehemently ] denying My Own Highly-Truthful Interpretation!

{ *** NOTE: Their own comments follow upon The Very Next Page. You have already been warned, regarding its: Overall Language, and Spiritual Content! *** }

Comments For Posting: Enemy Of God

I do believe that The Following Comments Speak For Themselves... but, ultimately, you'll have to decide that for yourself! I can lead you to the water, but I can't make you drink it....

" First of all Kreator is Thrash Metal not Death Metal. Second of all lyrics are entirely subjective and can be interpreted in any possible way by anyone. If you have the bias of looking for 'Satan's Agenda' then you will find it. You should be aware of actual problems in the world rather than bronze age ideas expressed from an ancient tome of parables. But of course like you said in your comments above ' No amount of actual evidence can convince A Closed Mind of anything '. Such a statement could apply to you a thousand-fold. " - 5:52AM
" You are a completely brainwashed and blind idiot...... Find something better to do. I've seen the ways of god... I'll take The Devil any day...... ha ha ha. KREATOR is NOT a satanic band.... DEICIDE is. " - 5:54AM
" ha ha you fucking catholics are so crazy. " - 5:59AM
" Leave art for artists... if u dont understand it, please dont show how dumb u are.musicians are artists and they dont need to create a blog like this to be known. u not even qualified to make a statement like u did... We on Europe never cared for what u guys doing in that other side of  Atlantic, is getting really confusing u not even know what is real.... U know what ? u know Nothing!!! bleahhhh :) " - 6:01AM
" Yes, Lucifer shall soon eviscerate your petty god; and reign supreme over this world! The streets soaked in the blood of christ's followers. Hail Kreator. Praise and glory to Satan! " - 6:15AM
" The power of Hell condemns you! Repent now, sinner, abolish your feeble god and praise the almighty Beelzebub! " - 6:18AM
" Americans.... " - 6:23AM
" Eat shit and die intolerant pricks " - 726AM
" Fuck you!!.. Kreator ROCK mutherfuckers!!! " - 2:19PM
" haha death metal...tens of millions of fans...satanism...sheesh how ignorant can you people be? First of all Kreator is a thrash metal band, big difference and 2nd, they are hardly what you would call "popular", despite making some of the best songs in thrash. Listen to the goddamn music and read the lyrics properly. They are opposed to religious indoctrination, not supporting satanism. If you want to see a band who does believe in satan, go listen to Deicide. Glen Banton hates christianity with a passion and is a true believer of satanism. Personally both god and satan are both bullshit non-existant man-made ideas. " - August 7, 2012
Tehj Jelani:  
" The article is plain ignorant: Taking A Literal Approach At Defining What Lyrics Mean and Interpreting It As If It Was Really Intended By The Artist - is just stupid. If in that case then i guess listening to some pop song with 'satanic agenda's ' behind it has converted kids to loving satan.blegh, what a joke of an article and not to mention the low level of literacy the author has. " - on, Kreator's Official Facebook Page.

 { *** NOTE: So much for it being My Own Crazy Personal Interpretation... They even admit, That I Was Literally Explaining Its True Meaning! *** }

Sometimes, The Truth Hurts... doesn't it?
Meanwhile, of course, there has been nothing intolerant [ at all ] in what I have written... I have only pointed out What These Song Lyrics Are Honestly Saying - for the overall benefit of my own readers! You're, actually, The Ones Talking About Killing People. While, I'm merely informing Your Own Intended Victims of what's truthfully coming. So, Who Is Actually Being Intolerant... particularly, if your own song lyrics weren't meant to be taken so seriously?

You see, Words Mean Things... and, some of us Are Truthfully Listening! Indeed, " It's Getting Very-Crowded In The Lowland.... "

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. you arent pointing out what the lyrics are saying you're changing them to be satanic there's no factual proof about kreator being satanic.You posted the less intelligent comments and the jokes, many people bring up very good points that you cant fight because you know they are right. you are being very intolerant as you call the people who fight your beliefs sheep.

    1. Actually, I've posted everything fit to print upon that particular article... and, posted the rest here - after warning my own readership as to its actual contents!

      I'm not putting your own profanity: In An Open Forum , for An Article That Is Meant To Be Read By Everyone!

    2. By the way, O Ignorant One, when I have utilized the term: " Sheep " - I have only done so from A Scriptural Reference to: " The Sheep [ Yahweh's Children ] " and " The Goats [ Satan's ] ".... You, dear friend, are The Goats - just like your own avatars truly do indicate! Nor, am I factually stupid enough to honestly believe that you don't already know this.

      By the way, you're not fooling anyone! My own readership isn't as dumb as you [ honestly ] believe them to be....

    3. Since you so plainly stated: " You posted the less intelligent comments and the jokes... " - I'm certainly curious, which of those [ do you honestly believe ] is Your Own Comment?

      Personally, I'm leaning towards [ one of ]: " The Less Intelligent Ones "! But, you tell me....

  2. Hi,

    I'll try to write in the most polite way I can, given the (confusing) contents in your blog. Before I start, let me tell you that I respect all kind of beliefs, however, I think that you are completely blinded by yours, seeing evil even in newborn kittens. How do you sweep your ass after taking a shit? Don't you think is a sin too?

    I sugest you to find a better way to change the world possitively instead of writing ridiculous articles that only make me feel that the human kind is more stupid every second.

    No fanatism has leaded to anything good. No one.

    1. I'm not a fanatic! You won't find anything: Hateful, or Violent - that, I've written.... I'm not calling for your murders, like you Satanists constantly do towards others in your own forums.

      I'm just reporting what you [ so incessantly ] write about - in all of your own: Books, Movies, and Music!

    2. By the way, why are most of your own friends too gutless to admit who they are? Would that substantially weaken Your Own Pathetic Denials?

    3. I dont know about others, but I can give you my opinion and maybe you can understand the thinking of other people:

      I'm against churches. Churches, NOT BELIEFS, everybody is free to follow whatever they want, as long as they do not harm other people.

      Let me tell you that I'm not satanist, I don't sacrifice goats or chickens in name of no deity, and I'm sure that the 99.9% of the "Heavy Metal" listeners don't do it either.

      In my case, I'm agnostic, which means that I don't believe, but my mind is open if I see proofs of existance.

      Trust me, there are bad and good people who listens "heavy metal", but there are people who listens Beethoveen, Bach, Mozart, and other classical music and are bad too. Humanity has been evil since the dawn of civilization. Hearing different music won't make you evil, actions do.

      Hope this helps you to see a wider panorama of things, Greetings

    4. Great, so you're only reposting what others write on their books, music or movies. So I assume you don't mind if I report what is written in your holy book... and what I see in your holy book is God, not Satan, killing millions if not billions with the flood. I also see God's laws, not Satan's laws, demanding death penalty, here's some examples:

      28. “16. And he that blasphemeth the name of the Lord, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him;……”
      - Leviticus, 24/16

      29. “51. And when the tabernacle setteth forward, the Levites shall take it down; and when the tabernacle is to be pitched, the 1Avites shall set it up; and the stranger that cometh nigh shall be put to death.”
      - Numbers, 1/51

      30. “14. Ye shall keep the sabbath therefore; for it is holy unto you; every one that defileth it shall surely be put to death; for whosoever doeth any work therein, that soul shall he cut off from among his people.”
      - Exodus, 31/14

      31. “2. Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, a sabbath of rest to the Lord; whosoever doeth work therein shall be put to death.”
      - Exodus, 35/2

      And there's a lot more. God seems to be a very anger, hateful and violent entity. Do you admit you follow a violent god??

    5. At least, there's one thing that we can agree upon... you see, I Too Am Against All Of Those Churches Of Spiritual Babylon... and, in fact, I Don't Belong To Any Of Them!

      Nor, would I ever. Since, They Don't Belong To The Body Of Yahweh! They're all run from the top of Satan's Own Pyramid... just, like the rest of all his others pawns... your own favorite musicians included.

      Why do you think, The Scriptures have so plainly stated: " Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues; For Her Sins Have Risen Up Unto Heaven... "?

      All Of Those Churches Have Fallen... that entire: " Great City Claiming Christ "; and, that's why, your own ignorance regarding me has actually benefited you nothing!

      I'm neither: A Catholic, nor A Protestant - in fact, I Am No Form Of Sun-Worshiper... neither: Millerite, nor Kabbalist - in fact, I Am No Form Of Deadened Believer... I Serve Yahweh Alone!

      There is none of their own Satanic Hypocrisy sticking to me... after all, I'm Jeshurun - The True Watchman!

  3. Ok, Francis, no matter how funny are the comments that are making fun of your unconditional love for the adventures of Jesus Christ (and friends) I will explain it to you: The band, the commentators and me included are actualy non-believers. If we were to believe in satan, we'd have to believe in god as well. The Kreator song bashes the whole religion, therefore it's not only anti-god but anti-satan too (since there's no mentioning of satan in any other kind of religious books(at least for all I care)).

    1. Even if all of you are: Honestly Complete and Total Atheists - as you so vehemently claim - Your Own Argument Is Utterly Irrelevant, to the points that I'm making!

      You see, oh spiritually blinded and bankrupted one, All Writers Are Spiritual Mediums... and, it is those Satanic Spirits that truthfully provide: Their Ongoing and Continual Inspiration!

      And, that's why All Of These: Visions, Allegories, and Dreams - when taken and understood quite literally - display An Ongoing Continuity That Is Simply Incredible....

    2. You are so wrong it's not even funny we do not keep writing because of Satan we keep writing because we have allways been looked upon as low lifes and evil just because of our music so when you make an articale like this we take it as an assult because this music means so much to us because we have to defend it all the time

    3. What you fail to realize, dear sir, is that: All Writers Are Actually Spiritual Mediums... and, They All Write About The Things Provided By Their Familiars !

      I never said, that: " The Writer Factually Creates Anything " - rather, it is: The Spiritual Realm That Provides The Writer's Actual Inspiration! Satanic means: " Satanic " or [ quite honestly ] " Not Human, In Origin "....

  4. In my opinion you're a liar, proud and evil.
    The tremendous reaction on top of the article is only because of the internet, I do not think you have seen angels, believe that you have seen angels is like believing that God or the devil are there but they do not exist.
    You are a blogger rather than sensationalist found another way to earn a living unless slandering and lying to people about things that you believe to be divine revelations.
    Kreator is a band are people who have an activity other than yours, with music as a profession, your prejudices were highly based on top of erroneous Christian values ​​that you spread, you do not help anyone spreading discord and prejudice, because this way you does not represent god, but the one you love is devil must be why you cares so much.

    1. The supposed: " Heartfelt Opinion Of An Anonymous Individual " - isn't really worth very much... after all, They're Actually Too Gutless To Admit Who They Are!

      Having made around $165.00 - since, March Of 2011 - my own labors have now generated Less Than $0.01 Per Hour... as opposed to: Your Own Lying Shepherds Living Within The Laps Of Luxury! Nor, have I asked for anyone's money... or, have even Published A Salable Book.

      I am sincerely sorry, for your own ignorance; but, Everything Here Is For Free!

  5. Okay first of all you CAN'T just say this is how it is about art when kreator wrote this they had a meaning with it and we can't know what it was and that lyric is from an objective point of view they are simply telling a story about an enemy of god they are in no way saying that it is bad nor good and i don't see anything wrong with telling a story like that even the bible has some things that include satan.

    1. And, exactly, why can't you understand what they meant when they wrote it? Isn't that because, You Are Spiritually Blind?

      Well, unlike you and your own friends, I Am, Quite Obviously, Not! You ignore those Biblical Scriptures, because you don't believe in them... and, you cannot understand these lyrics, merely because: You Don't Have The Proper Spiritual Foundation - which can only be found from within The Biblical Scriptures.

      If you studied The Scriptures, then you would know where all of this material is factually coming from! The Angels [ Both: Yahweh's and Satan's ] Have Always Been Providing It....

    2. Indeed, You are [ either ]: Quite Disingenuously Lying - like so many of your other friends... or, A Spiritually Ignorant Dupe - that is truly quite blinded... and, Neither Of Those Positions Are Spiritually Acceptable To The Mighty One Of Heaven!

      In fact, it has been scripturally recorded: " My Own People Perish [ Or, At Least, Those Who Think They Serve Me ] For Their Own Lack Of Knowledge [ In, Ignorantly, Serving Satan Themselves ]! "

      Whether you factually serve: " Lucifer [ The Sun God ] " - out of: Commonly Agreed Upon Purpose, or [ just ] Utter Spiritual Ignorance - doesn't matter to Yahweh... because, He Has Already Warned You Repeatedly Throughout Your Own Spiritual Lives!

      At some point, you've simply got to wake up! Ultimately, " You're Going To Reap Whatever You Sow "....

    3. Spiritually blind or not you can NEVER ever know what the artist meant when he wrote enemy of god it can have something to do with personal experience that we can only ever know if we asked the writer you can't just be an ignorant idiot and say that you are right because you read the bible and by the way who says that i didn't i might have been christian for 13 years and you would never know you can't just state that i lack knowledge when you don't know anything about and lack knowledge about the artist yourself

  6. Francis may the good Lord bless you!

    I have just visited the website and it seems those self proclaimed atheists have all converted to Christianity (the collage of their avatars has changed tremedously).

    Another victory for the righteous.
    Praise the Lord!

    1. Indeed, It appears that some of: " The Goats " - have [ actually ] embraced Greek Orthodoxy, anyway! lol ;@)


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