Sunday, May 11, 2014

An Education is the only solution to Ignorance; and Wisdom is the true fruit of Diligence!

Are you ready for: " An Honest To God Recall "?
According to the biblical scriptures, ' Yahweh Placed Two Trees In The Midst Of The Garden '... while expressly warning Adam: " You Shall Not Eat From The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil; For In The Day That You Eat Of It, You Shall Surely Die ".

Now, please bear the following in mind about Adam:
  1. Adam Is Entirely Devoid Of Any Real Understanding...
  2. He's Basically An Uneducated Teenager In The Body Of An Adult...
  3. He Has Honestly Never Seen Anything Die...
  4. He Knows That, In Fact, God Is His Own Father...
  5. He Trusts That God Would Never Do Anything To Ultimately Harm Him...
  6. And, He Is Naturally Curious About What This All Means....

And then, just consider the following about God:
  1. God Desires His Own Human Son To Factually Be Educated...
  2. He Wants Him To Be The Primary Example To All Of His Children...
  3. He Fully Understands The True Nature Of Everything He's Teaching...
  4. In Adam, It Is Written That, He Was Very Well Pleased...
  5. He Counts Upon The Trust That Has Already Been Firmly Established...
  6. And, He Knew The Final Result Before It Ever Actually Occurred....

Now call me crazy, if you want to, but let's just be honest: " What, Exactly, Is Going On Here "?

The Story Of Adam Isn't Over Yet

It has always been: " The Truman Show "!
In fact - though it may, honestly, seem: " Stranger Than Fiction " - what we have now studied, from Genesis Chapter 2, is merely the very beginning of This Ongoing Spiritual Story! After all, we must now be honestly asking ourselves: " Who Were All Of Those Solitary Prophets Sent To Us Repeatedly By God "?

And, how ( truthfully ) was it, ' That They Alone Possessed The True Knowledge Of God '? You see, dear brothers and sisters, All Of Them Actually Possessed A Working Knowledge Of Both Good And Evil!

Meanwhile, of course, let me now actually remind you:
" Faith Is The Substance Of Things That Are Earnestly Hoped For; And The Factual Evidence Of That Which Is Yet Still Being Unseen "! 

And, Of Course, Michael Literally Means: " Who Is Like God? "

The Swing Vote is: " The Sorceror's Apprentice "!
So, why do I now mention it? Because, of course, The Prophet Daniel ( factually ) assured us that: " At That Time, Michael Shall Stand Up "... and, in fact, That Is The Pivotal Event For Which We've All Been Truthfully Waiting!

And, indeed, of Adam it was truthfully written:
" Then God said: ' Let Us Make The Man [ Adam ] In Our Image, According To Our Likeness; And Let Him Have Dominion Over The Fish Of The Sea, Over The Birds Of The Air, And Over The Cattle... Set Him Over All Of The Earth And Over Every Creeping Thing That Creeps Upon The Earth.
So God created The Man [ Adam ] in His own image; in the image of God He created Him [ This Father Of Everyone Upon The Face Of The Earth ]; male and female He created Them [ The Original Family Unit Upon Earth ].
Then God blessed Them, and God said to Them: ' Be Fruitful And Multiply; Fill The Earth And Subdue It; Take Dominion Over The Fish Of The Sea, Over The Birds Of The Air, And Over Every Living Thing That Moves Upon The Earth. ' " - Genesis 1:26-28.  

" The Day The Earth Stood Still "?
Who Is Like God? The God Of The Earth... and, indeed, All Of His Own True Children.

After all, ' Education Is The Only Solution To Ongoing Ignorance '... and, indeed, God's Own Son Of Adam Has Always Been The True Keeper Of The Garden!

You see, dear brothers and sisters, unlike Your Own Parroted Belief Systems: " A Truer Form Of Faith Cannot Remain Blind "....

America In Prophecy

Deus Ex Machina [ 2010 ] - by: Eidos Interactive.

Or, have you forgotten This Scriptural Gem:
" Fear Of The Mighty One Is The Beginning Of Wisdom. "
- and, just as importantly:
" All Things Work Towards The Overall Benefit Of That Man [ Adam ] Who Fears The Lord. "

You see, despite what those false shepherds tell you, ' Adam Was The First Man Of Faith '... and, All Of Those Others Were Actually Carrying His Genes!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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