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In The Story Of Noah, only a very small remnant survived! Perhaps, this time, we can do better?

The story of Noah ( 2014 ).
In The Upcoming 2014 Film: " Noah " - written by: Darren Aronofsky [ that means: " The: Great One Or Precious Pearl - Is The Mountain Of Strength From The Heavens " ] and Ari Handel [ which means: " The Rain Man ( Or Rainmaker ) Whom God Has Graciously Provided " ] - we have been provided A Spiritual Object Lesson, for a proper understanding of our own upcoming events!

After all, it has clearly been written: " Just As It Was In The Days Of Noah, So Shall It Be At The End Of The Age "; and, in those days, Luci-fer [ which literally means: " The Worship ( Or Religion ) Of The Sun " ] controlled the majority of all humanity; while Noah [ " The Man Of: Peace, Comfort, Rest, And Security " ] was wisely building His Own Biblical Ark - as, then being commanded of God.

What is: " The True Secret Of Moonacre "?
But, of course, you probably don't believe me. So, why not honestly take the time and watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Noah " - after all, for a people who honestly claim to comprehend all of those scriptures, You Are Remarkably Devoid Of Any True Understanding....

America In Prophecy

Noah [ 2014 ] - by: Darren Aronofsky.

Noah: Is A True Message Of Warning

John Milton is: " The Miller Of His Grain ".
You see, dear brothers and sisters, There Have Always Been Two Baptisms Referenced Within Those Biblical Scriptures... and, while the first one was honestly with water, The Next One Is Truthfully By Fire!

So, what is The Hidden Message In Noah?

The Characters In Noah [ include ]:
Noah [ " The Man Who Is At: Rest, Peace, Security, And Comfort " ]
Naameh [ " The One Who Is Pleasing To Me " ]
Methuselah [ " The Man Who Has Been Charged With The Mission " ]
Ham [ " The One Who Is Hot ( Or, Now Close To The Answer ) " ]
Shem [ " The One With: The Correct Character And Proper Name " ]
Japheth [ " The One Whom God Shall Enlargen " ]
Ila [ " The One Born Of Darkness " ]
Og [ " The Bread That Is Baked In The Ashes " ]
Tubal-Cain [ " The Transporter Is The Wielder Of The Spear " ]
Lamech [ " The One Who: Lays Low Or Debases " ]
Na'El [ " The Victorious ( Or Triumphant ) One Of God " ]
Samyaza [ " The One Who: Listens To God And Understands What Is Happening " ]
Magog [ " The One From The Rooftop " ]
Azazel [ " The Strong One Of God " ]
Adam [ " My Own Little Red One " ]
Eve [ " The Source Of All Life " ]

The Cast In Noah [ includes ]:
Russell Crowe [ " The Red Headed Or Ruddy Complected One; And The Harbinger Of Death " ]
Jennifer Connelly [ " The: White, Fair, And Pure Minded One - Is The Valiant One From Conn " ]
Anthony Hopkins [ " The One Who Is Worthy Of Praise Is My Son Who Is Renowned And Famous " ]
Logan Lerman [ " The One In The Valley Is The Teacher Of Knowledge " ]
Douglas Booth [ " The Black And White One Is The Shelter Of My Livestock " ]
Leo McHugh Carroll [ " The Lion And Son Of Fire Is: My Own Herald And Military Champion " ]
Emma Watson [ " The Completed And Universally Adaptable One Is The Son Of Your Ruler " ]
Kevin Durand [ " The One Who Is Beautiful At Birth Is The One Who Shall Be Strengthened " ]
Ray Winstone [ " The One Who Has Been: Anticipated And Hoped For - Is My Own Victorious Stone " ]
Marton Csokas [ " The Dedicated One Of Mars Is: My Own Raven And The Butcher " ]
Madison Davenport [ " The Son Gifted From God Is The Safe Harbor Of My Beloved One " ]
Nick Nolte [ " The Victory To All Of My People Is Their Own True Ruler " ]
Mark Margolis [ " The Dedicated One Of Mars Is My Pearl Of Exceptional Value " ]
Frank Langella [ " The Free Man Is The Angel Of Yahweh " ]
Adam Griffith [ " My Own Little Red One Is The Very Strong Chieftain " ]
Ariane Rhinehart [ " The One Who Is Holy Is My Own Powerful Counselor " ]

The Answer Man is actually The Apprentice!
And, therefore, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Message:
" The man who is found in: Peace, Rest, Security, and Comfort - is the redheaded and ruddy complected one; and My Own Harbinger Of Death. After all, ' He Is The One Who Is Pleasing To Me '... and, this: White, Fair, and Pure Minded One - is The Valiant One From Conn.

In fact, ' He Is The Man Who Has Been Charged With A Mission '... and, The One Who Is Worthy Of Praise is ( truthfully ) My Own Reknowned And Famous Son. You see, dear children, The One Who Is Hot [ or, now close to his own set of answers ] is the one in the valley; and Your Own Teacher Of Knowledge!

After all, ' The One With The Correct Character And Proper Name Is The Only Black And White One; And The Final Shelter For My Own Livestock '... since, The One Whom God Shall Enlargen has always been both: The Lion [ Adam ] and The Son Of Fire [ Michael ] - My Own Herald And Military Champion. "

And, remember folks, it has already been written in scripture: " As It Was In The Days Of Noah, So Shall It Be At The End Of The Age ".... One Solitary Man Had All Of The Necessary Answers; while none of those early Sun-Worshipers were ( truthfully ) listening either!

{ *** NOTE: A Special Message With Regards To This Particular Movie....
Like all big budget films of type, The Story Of Noah [ as directed by Darren Aronofsky ] is not particularly accurate in any way with the established facts in the biblical scriptures. And to be sure, a certain amount of poetic license with respect towards the actual characters and historical events has always been the norm. 
However, that being said, ' This Particular Film Significantly Alters The Entire Spiritual Message Of The Original Story '. You see, dear brothers and sisters, The Flood Didn't Occur To Exterminate All Of Humanity... but rather, The Inhumane Were Being Factually Removed; So That The Loving Ones Could Somehow Honestly Survive!
Perhaps, some of those directors in Hollywood should take up The Habit Of Gardening... and, maybe then, they could understand the difference between: Life Sustaining Crops and Those Truly Insufferable Weeds.... }
Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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