Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Circular Nature Of Time is the very surest foundation of All Biblical Prophecy!

The Typical Concept Of Time....
According to The Biblical Scriptures, " God Knew The End From The Very Beginning "... and, indeed, He would certainly have to - in order to provide us with Such An Accurate Book Of Prophecy.  But, we must then ask of ourselves, ' How Is This Logically Possible '? After all, we ourselves find it exceptionally difficult in even predicting the events of the moment on a day to day basis! Thus, for the majority of us, it honestly boggles the mind.

Meanwhile, of course, it's really not that complicated... indeed, there is a scientific explanation for everything... and, more importantly, ' The Scriptures Themselves Actually Confirm It '. But, like all things of great value, It Requires An Openness Of Mind Unhindered By The Mental Programming Of Babylon!

The Circular Nature Of Time:

YHWH - " I Am All That Exists "!
When The Mighty One created a body for Himself, which we currently know as The Multiverse, there was an awful large bang as ' His Own Matter And Energy Began Rapidly Expanding '... and, at the outer extremities, The Light Spread Out Farther And Farther Into The Night! And yet, as our own science can so plainly tell us, ' Even Light Is Effected By Gravity '.

Meanwhile, of course, The Mighty One is ( actually ) the source of all gravity... since, everything not of His own body is merely a vacuum. Consequently, with Time as the function of bendable Light, it results in A Very Large Circle! In fact, it should actually look something like this....

And yet, dear brothers and sisters, if The Mighty One can honestly produce children for Himself, then ' That Ring Can Finally Be Destroyed ' - as it were: " In The Fires Of Mount Doom ". Meanwhile, of course, As Creatures Of The Light We Have An Obligation To Our Father.

The Croods figured it out... why, can't you?
You see, it is: Clear, Consistent, and Harmonious Thought - or, Unbridled And Out-Flowing Love - that organizes, imposes, and channels all forms of energy... and, as truly sentient beings, You All Have The Potential To Do It!

Figure It Out, folks....
Come on; and Open Your Eyes - because, in the much larger scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did... and, let's now finally face it, You Don't Have A Lot Of Time!

You see, folks, ' You Are Actually Those X-Men '. In fact, why not just read it for yourselves, in Psalm 82... after all, wouldn't you ( finally ) like to know: " The Rest Of The Story "?

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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