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LEXX is a very darkened prophetical allegory, about Our Own End Time Events.

LEXX ( 1997 ) - Deutsch TV.
In The 1997 German Television Series of: " LEXX " - created by: Paul Donovan [ that means: " The Small And Humble One Is Our Own Darkened Chieftain " ], Lex Gigeroff [ that means: " The Warrior That Defends Man Is The Violinist Of Heaven " ], and  Jeffrey Hirschfield [ which means: " God's Pledge Of Peace Is The Stag In The Meadow " ] - we have been provided An Interesting Prophetical Allegory. After all, according to the scriptures, ' Every Vision And Dream Within Babylon Is Actually Telling Us The Very Same Story '!

The Storyteller has: " True Power Within ".
 What... You Don't, Honestly, Believe Me? Then, why not watch The Following Television Trailer for: " LEXX " - since, ' Knowledge Is The Real Basis For All True Power '... and, who actually knows, In The Much Larger Scheme Of Things You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

LEXX ( 1997 ) by: Paul Donovan.

LEXX: Is A Prophetical Allegory

" When The Moon Strikes Your Eye... "
Bear in mind, dear brothers and sisters, ' Just Because A Television Show Touches Upon Some Very Distasteful Subjects Doesn't Make It Pure Evil '... in fact, there are ( truthfully ) no evil stories at all. But, rather, They Are All Merely Educational By Their Own Spiritually Provided Nature. After all, what you take away from any story is only: " What You [ Yourself ] Have Been Continually Looking For ". If you, yourself, are Pure Evil; then that is all that you will see.

And, that is why Yahshua [ Himself ] so clearly told you: " Be Ye, As Wise As Serpents; And Yet As Harmless As Doves "... since, Your Own Father Is His Own Black And White One!

In fact, why not just see it, for yourself....

The Characters In LEXX [ include ]:
Stanley Tweedle [ " My Stone In The Meadow Is The Fiddler " ]
Zev Bellringer [ " The Wolf Is My Watchman " ]
Kai [ " The One Who Rejoices " ]
LEXX [ " The: Law Giver And Defender Of Man " ]
Lyekka [ " The: Joyful And Fortunate One " ]
Mantrid [ " The Man Who Leads You To Prayer " ]
Isambard Prince [ " The Provider Of Lifesaving Stories Is The Crowned One " ]
Giggerota [ " The Provider Of The Cloth " ]

The Cast In LEXX [ includes ]:
Brian Downey [ " The High And Noble One Is The Dweller On My Hill " ]
Eva Habermann [ " The Life Giving One Is That Man Who Provides You Your Food " ]
Michael McManus [ " Who Is Like God? The Son Of The Great One! " ]
Tom Gallant [ " The Avatar And Twin Is: The Brave, Honorable, And Chivalrous One " ]
Louise Wischermann [ " The Famous One In War Is The Man Who Rushes Forward " ]
Dieter Laser [ " The Warrior Of My People Is The Amplified Light That Cuts Through The Darkness " ]
Nigel Bennett [ " The: Darkened Or Hidden One - Is My Own Blessed One " ]
Ellen Dubin [ " The Bright Light Of God Is The Man From The Black Pool " ]

You see: " I Am Indeed That Wizard Of Oz "!
 And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" My Stone, in the meadow, is The Fiddler... and, The High And Noble One is The Dweller On My Hill. Because, The Wolf is actually My Own Watchman; and ' The Life Giving One Is That Man Who Provides You Your Food '!

The One Who Rejoices is ( truthfully ): The One Who Is Like God and The Son Of The Great One. After all, ' The Lawgiver And The Defender Of Man Is The Avatar And Twin ' -  and, My: Brave, Honorable, and Chivalrous One. In fact, He is ( equally ): The Joyful and Fortunate One - because, ' The Famous One In War Is The Man Who Always Rushes Forward '!

Meanwhile, He is ( also ) The Man Who Leads You To Prayer... since, ' The Warrior Of My People Is The Amplified Light That Cuts Through The Darkness '. You see, dear children, The Darkened Or Hidden One is truthfully: My Own Blessed One and The Provider Of Your Cloth - because, despite all of your own confusion, ' The Bright Light Of God Is The Man From The Blackpool '.... "  

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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