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The Prophecy - starring Christopher Walken - is yet another Interesting Prophetical Allegory.

The Prophecy ( 1995 ).
In The Popular 1995 Movie: " The Prophecy " - written and directed by Gregory Widen [ which means: " The: Watcher, Watchman, Or Watchful One - Who Expands Your Own ( Far Too Narrow ) Field Of View " ] - we have been provided A Very Eye Opening Prophetical Allegory. You might as well face it, dear brothers and sisters, The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus is now fully all around you... and, for the spiritually-blinded ones: " A Bad Moon Is, Indeed, Now Rising "! I simply can't make it any plainer than that.

Who is that: " Fisherman On The Moon "?
What, You Don't Honestly Believe Me? Then why not take the time to just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " The Prophecy " - after all, ' The Truth Has Never Hurt Anyone '... and, it has been equally written: " The Pursuit Of It, Shall ( One Day ) Set Those Captives Free "! Isn't that, honestly, so...?

America In Prophecy

The Prophecy [ 1995 ] - by: Gregory Widen.

The Prophecy: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Edgar Winter: " Free Ride ".
While this movie is deeply disturbing, and the storyline merely muddies: The Crystal Clear Waters"
- there is a great deal of ' The Truth ' found within its own two hour long footage. In fact, one merely needs The True Keys to faithfully unlock it! Fortunately, however, ' I Factually Possess Them '... and, if you'll grant me the necessary time, I'll gladly share them with you. 

So, why not [ simply ]: " Take The Free Ride "? After all, you can be honest with yourselves, You Know That You Do Really Want To.... 

The Characters In The Prophecy [ include ]:

Gabriel [ " The: Capable One, Or Hero Of God " ]
Thomas Dagget [ " The Avatar And Twin - Is: The Dagger, The Crystal Clear Water, The New Breaking Dawn, And The Provider Of Light " ]
Katherine [ " The Pure And Consecrated One " ]
Simon [ " The One Who: Always Listens And Always Gets Heard " ]
Lucifer [ " The Provider Of Light " ]
Rachael [ " My Little Ewe Lamb " ]
Mary [ " The Bitter One " ]
Jerry [ " The Ruler Who Possesses The Spear " ]
Joseph [ " He Who Shall Enlargen The Kingdom " ]
Burrows [ " The Son Who Digs Very Deeply " ]
Uziel [ " The One Who Is Strengthened By God " ]
Col. Hawthorne [ " The Army Commander Is My Own Son Of The Hedge " ]

The Cast In The Prophecy [ includes ]:
Christopher Walken [ " The Burden Bearer Of Christ Is The Perpetual Traveler " ]
Elias Koteas [ " Yahweh Is God Over His Son Upon Earth " ]
Virginia Madsen [ " The Unsullied Maiden Is A Gift For God's Son " ]
Eric Stoltz [ " The Eternal Ruler Is: The Magnificent One And One To Be Proud Of " ]
Viggo Mortensen [ " The One Victorious In War - The Dedicated Son Known As Mars " ]
Amanda Plummer [ " The One Who Must Be Loved Is The Master Architect ( Or, True Builder ) " ]
Moriah ' Shining Dove ' Snyder [ " The: Chosen One Or One Whom God Teaches - Is The Free Bird Of His Love; And The Tailor Of His Cloth " ]
Adam Goldberg [ " The: Original Man Or Little Red One - Is A City Of Great Wealth " ]
Steve Hynter [ " The Crowned One Of: The Unexplored Places Or Beside The River " ]
J. C. Quinn [ " The: Wise One, Mighty Counselor, And Son From Conn " ]
Jeff Cadiente [ " God's Pledge Of Peace ( Or, The District Traveler ) Is Lord Of All Warriors " ]
Patrick McAllister [ " The Noble Patrician ( Or, Original King ) - Is The Son Who Watches Over Man " ]
The Orobouros is: " Our Own Circle Of Life "!
And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" The Capable One ( or, The Hero Of God ) is: The Burden-Bearer Of Christ and The Perpetual Traveler. In fact, He is The Avatar And Twin - also known as: The Dagger, My Crystal Clear Water, Your New Breaking Dawn, and The Provider Of True Light - since, ' Yahweh Is God Over His Son Upon Earth '!

The Pure And Consecrated One shall be: An Unsullied Maiden And The Gift To God's Son - since, you might as well face it, ' He Is The One Who: Always Listens And Always Gets Heard '. In fact, dear children, Your Eternal Ruler is: The Magnificent One and The One To Be Proud Of! After all, He is actually: The Provider Of Your Own Light and The One Victorious In The War - or, ' My Dedicated Son Known As Mars '.

You see, dear children, My Own Little Ewe Lamb is: The One Who Must Be Loved and The Master Architect ( or, Your Own True Builder ). In fact, ' He Is The Bitter One ' - or: The Chosen One and The One Whom God Teaches - ' The Free Bird Of His Own Love And The Tailor Of His Cloth '. After all, The Ruler Who Possesses The Spear has always been: The Original Man and The Little Red One - or, ' Your Own Immense City Of Wealth '....

And, it is He who shall enlargen My Kingdom... ' The Crowned One Of The Unexplored Places And The One From Beside The Great River '! After all, dear children, He is: The Son Who Digs Deeply, The Truly Wise One, Your Own Mighty Counselor, and My Own Son From Conn

You see, dear children, The One Who Is Strengthened By God shall always invariably be: God's Own Pledge Of Peace, The District Traveler Upon Earth, and The Lord Over All Of Your Own Warriors. To put it quite succinctly, ' The Army Commander Is My Own Son Of The Hedge '... and, ' The Noble Patrician ( or, Your Original Ruler ) Is The Son Who Continually Watches Over Man '!   

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
Do you still believe, that we're [ merely ] ' All Monkeys '? Because if you do, then, Those Real Monkeys Are Actually Smarter Than You! After all, ' They Both Fear And Respect All Of Us True Humans '... just watch, their own interactions with us, and you'll see.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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