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What is The True Connection between: Science, Religion, and Magic... and, why is it so difficult for most of us to grasp?

Question: " What is The True Connection between: Science, Religion, and Magic... and, why is it so difficult for most of us to grasp "?

Answer: Perhaps, the greatest of all tragedies in our own modern life is the societal focus upon: Narrowly Minded Thinking, Educational/Field Specialization, and The Ongoing Discouragement To Communication Across Platforms. For instance, there are indeed many who delve very deeply into: Science, Religion, and Magic - inspecting all of the fundamental building blocks so cleverly involved - but, whenever those interesting connections are always indeed found, there are precisely three things that happen.
  1. The Scientist who discovers it, is strongly encouraged ( or, even, threatened ) to keep it to himself...
  2. The Theologian who philosophically ponders it, is strongly advised ( or, even, threatened ) to publicly remain silent...
  3. And, The True Student Of Meta-Science who discovers a way to actually harness such valuable knowledge, will keep it a secret to the detriment of everyone else.
Since, no matter what you might ( honestly ) believe to the contrary: " Knowledge Has Always Been The Very Real Basis For Power "... and, indeed, ' Hiding That Truth From The Rest Of Us Is How They All Hold On To That Power '!

In fact, throughout all of human history, these three competing groups have shared one common: Motive, Opportunity, and Intent - with respect towards An Ongoing And Systematic Suppression Of The Truth... and, even more importantly, we can now perceive through looking backwards; exactly why they ( so truthfully ): Persecuted and ( quite frequently ) Murdered - millions of decent individuals, to ultimately silence them. 

Let Us First Examine, That Towering Bastion Of Religion....

The Roman Catholic Papacy indeed ( quite honestly ) lies at the very heart of Our Own Modern And Christian Theology

Benedict resigned: " It Is Now Finished ".
In fact, due to: The Large Number Of Nations That It Has Historically Controlled, The Tyrannical Grip Through Which It Has Controlled Them, and The Immense Wealth That Has Been Generated In Doing So - for quite some time, throughout history: " There Has Been Absolutely Nothing That The Papacy Wanted, That The Papacy Didn't Get " - with very few; and ( indeed ) quite often notable exceptions. 

And, among that which was accomplished, through: A Series Of Church Instituted Wars, A Large Number Of Crusades, Numerous Horrific Inquisitions, and The Infiltration Of Other Churches By Their Own Jesuit Order - was the invaluable creation of An Extensive Scientific And Spiritual Library That Has Been Unequaled Anywhere Upon Earth....
{ ***NOTE: The only exception to which, would be The Library Of Alexandria in Egypt - that was somehow mysteriously destroyed in 270 AD - by, That Very Same Roman Empire. Which must have been just another amazing coincidence, I'm sure... since, our own human history has always been funny that way! } 
The Trial of: " Galileo Galilei "....
Thus, when certain people within That Fledgling Scientific Community were arriving at their own well-reasoned conclusions ( such as ): " The Earth Is A Sphere And Not Flat ", " There Are Far More Stars In The Heavens Then The Unaided Human Eye Can Now See ", " The Earth Is Suspended Upon Nothing At All ", " The Sun Is The Center Of Our Solar System ", and ( indeed ) " The Universe Is Actually Expanding Quite Rapidly " -  the very church which: Employed Philosophical Sophistry To Argue Otherwise, Selected Among Biblical Passages Very Cleverly To Support It, and Intentionally Murdered Others In The Very Name Of Spiritual Heresy - they were well aware of The Truth; that was written long before within All Of Those Scriptures.

Who is That Middle Victim praying to?
Meanwhile, when certain people within That Fervent Protestant Reformation were experimenting with following all of those teachings in scripture ( such as ): " Observing The True Biblical Sabbath ", " Utilizing The True Name Of Yahweh Within Their Own Personal Prayers ", and ( indeed ) " Displaying Their Own Faith Through The Manifestation Of God-Given Miracles " - that very same church was: Looking For Anyone To Testify Against Them, Amazingly Quick To Judge And Condemn Them, and ( indeed ) Fairly Generous With The Property Left Behind By Their Victims

And, in the end folks: " Those History Books Have Always Been Written By The Most Successful Of Survivors "... which, has always been ( quite honestly ) Those With The Nod From That Church.

But, now, we must ( quite honestly ) ask ourselves: " Why Did They Do It "?

You see, dear brothers and sisters: ' Political Power And The Resultant Physical Wealth Obtained Through It Is A Very Valuable Commodity To A Great Many Of Us '... and, indeed, a certain class of baser individuals will ( most assuredly ) Kill Others To Obtain It!

Let Us Now Examine, Those Most-Humble Purveyors Of Scientific Knowledge....

The Scientific Community has long sought out all of the answers; and, in so doing, it has frequently run afoul of The Church.

And, it all started with: " A Big Bang "!
In fact, due to its: Blatant Contempt For Anything To Be Found In Those Scriptures, Utter Hatred Of The Church That Has Historically Persecuted Them, and Ongoing Ignorance Regarding The God Of Nature Who Himself Has So Frequently Confounded Them - for quite some time, throughout history: " Science Has Been Openly Opposed To Any Form Of Religion " -  with very few; and ( indeed ) some quite often notable exceptions.
{ ***NOTE: While a significant percentage of scientists have always been believers, the current number among Theoretical Physicists has been rapidly growing with each and every new breakthrough. }

If you'll lie to each other, how could you? 
And, among that which was accomplished, through: Narrowly Identifying Species According To Minor Character Trait Variations Rather Than Kind, Selectively Interpreting The Fossil Record To Further Their Agenda, Hiding A Large Amount Of Necessarily & Highly Useful Information, and Mis-Characterizing So Many Of Those Truths That Are Found In The Scripture - was the creation of Our Own Modern Educational System; and ( quite sadly ) the utter destruction of religious faith, for a great many others....

You know, that sure is: " An Awful Lot Of Stars "!
Meanwhile, of course, The Very Same Scientific Community that once openly mocked those scriptures for its patently false passages about all of those: " Exceptionally Numerous Stars "" Fire Breathing Dragons ", " Uncontrollable Unicorns ", and ( indeed ) " Exceedingly Tall Human Giants " - now, actually claims that: The Scripture Has Never Even Once Mentioned Those Dinosaurs, Unicorns Can Only Be Found In Fairy Tale Books, and ( without any doubt ) There Has Never Been Any Real Proof Of Giants

And, indeed, we can only wonder what they'll soon be changing their own story upon next... even, perhaps: " Global Warming "!

Now, Here Is Where Everything Becomes Very Interesting....

Indeed, folks: " You Can Do Magic "!
While Science and Religion are both concerned with understanding The Uni-verse [ aka: " In The Beginning Was The Word " ] that currently surrounds us, Meta-Science [ or, What Many Of Us Simply Call Magic ] is the ongoing application of all that knowledge - which has now been both physically and spiritually obtained - upon the very basis of Our Ongoing Relationship To Him.

Or, as Yahshua [ Himself ] once told you:
" For assuredly, I say to you, If You Have Faith As A Mustard Seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘ Move from here to there, ’ and it will move; and Nothing Will Be Impossible For You. " - Mathew 17:20.
And, that is why those very same scriptures ( quite honestly ) say in Hebrews 11:6:
" And, Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please Him; for he who comes to God must:
1st) Believe That He Is 
and [ in addition to that ]
2nd) Believe That He Rewards Those Who Diligently Seek Him. "
- Hebrews 11:6.

Indeed, dear friend: " Yahweh Is Not Fictional "!
Now, I know that all of those: " Sun-Worshiping Churches " - living under the system of: " Spiritual Babylon " - will tell you something like ' Only Satanists And/Or Demons Can Do Magic '... but, you need to now actually understand, why they themselves ( truthfully ) do teach you this -

Even After, All Of Those Thousands Of Clear And Consistent Examples Within Scripture....

Because, as it was written ( so very long ago ): 
" But know this, That In The Last Days Perilous Times Will Come; for men will be: Lovers Of Themselves, Lovers Of Money, Boasters, Proud, Blasphemers, Disobedient To Parents, Unthankful, UnholyUnloving, Unforgiving, Slanderers, Without Self-Control, Brutal, Despisers Of GoodTraitors, Headstrong, Haughty, Lovers Of Pleasure Rather Than Lovers Of God, and Possessing A Form Of Godliness While Denying The True Power Thereof.
And, from such people turn away! " - 2nd Timothy 3:1-5.

Perhaps, you might want to join us?
Now, how long would anyone stay dwelling among them... if they ( actually ) knew, ' All Of Those True Words Of God '?

And, When The Rest Of You Finally Do Wake Up, I'm looking forward to ( quite honestly ) saying:
" Behold, Here Am I; and The Children Whom The Lord Hath Given Me; We are For Signs and For Wonders in Israel - from the Lord of hosts, who dwells in mount Zion. " - Isaiah 8:18. 

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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