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If you really want to Know Your Own Enemy, then you absolutely must consider The Concept Of Divide And Conquer... since, that ( quite frankly ) is: ' The Devil's Very Own Strategy '!

" Be Ye As Wise As All Of Those Serpents "....
In my own new study series, entitled Know Your Own Enemy, I am going to discuss numerous topics of important significance in the upcoming months. And, indeed, today's topic upon The Political Concept of: " Divide And Conquer " - is one of the most spiritually relevant to America, in all of its various particulars.

" Bye Bye, American Pie.... "
After all, in no other nation upon earth has the citizenry been more: Splintered [ through carefully manufactured media events ] , Divided [ by the very people who were elected to unite them ], Fractured [ by those forces set into play over time ] and ( indeed ) Marginalized [ as each newer special interest group, becomes increasingly and therefore now functionally irrelevant ].

In fact, by this point, The America Covenant Of Brotherhood - which is actually referenced in Amos Chapter 1 [ Verses 9 Through 10 ] - has already been long ago forgotten; as if it were just any other unnecessary relic of our own past.

And: " They Set Their Nest Among The Stars "....
And, as A Once Far Too Proud And Forward Thinking Nation -that ( even ) Reached Outward To The Moon - slowly succumbs to those irresistible forces of its own foolish devising, I cannot help but notice That Prophecy Of Obadiah; which also ( quite clearly ) references, Those Very Same Latter Day Descendants Of Edom Then Living Within That Very Same Covenant Of Brotherhood And The Familial Confederation That More Fully Comprises It.

But, of course, I most certainly digress... since, the subject at hand is indeed ( actually ) The Devil's Own Strategy of: " Divide And Conquer "....

According to, the concept of Divide And Conquer refers to:
" Divide and Rule (or, Divide And Conquer, from the Latin Dīvide Et Impera) in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.
The concept refers to a carefully: pre-planned, cleverly devised, and covert strategy - that breaks up existing power structures; and that especially prevents smaller power groups from linking up; through causing rivalries and fomenting discord among all of those other people. "

Who ( really ) is that: " Running Yet Again "?
Now, lets just see what That Politically Incorrect stand up comedian George Denis Patrick Carlin [ which means: " The Worker Upon Earth Is: The Lord Of Knowledge Or That Ancient And Noble One - And, My Own Small Champion " ] has to say upon this fairly simple subject....

America In Prophecy

Divide And Conquer
( 1992by: George Denis Patrick Carlin.
" The Worker Upon Earth Is: The Lord Of Knowledge Or That Ancient And Noble One - And, My Own Small Champion! "

Divide And Conquer: Is About Creating Numerous Divisions From Within; So That The Ruling Class Can Do Anything They Want Without Eliciting A Unified Backlash....

You see, dear brothers and sisters: ' No Matter How Powerful That Government May Truthfully Appear, It Can Never Be As Strong As The Population That Invariably Supplies It With All Of Its Own Necessary Resources '... and, like our own ancestors already knew, It Always Comes Back To The Consent Of Those Who Are Currently Being Governed!

Here's one Theory, to ( honestly ) consider.
And, when all of a nation's own people are: Adequately Educated, Properly Informed, Spiritually Observant, Socially Engaging, Respectful Of Others, and United In Overall Purpose - then, whether they ( quite truthfully ) like it or not, Those Forces Of Darkness Will Only Survive While Remaining Carefully Hidden In The Shadows.

But, hey, What Do I Know?

The Real Battle is ( always ) against: " Slytherin ".
Well, I do know this much: " You'll Never Become As Wise As All Of Those Serpents; Without Carefully Observing Them In Their Own Natural Habitat First "!

Perhaps, you should, Now Open Your Own Eyes....

After all, The Current Head Of House Slytherin known simply as: " Lord Vol De Morte " - which, in Latin, quite literally means: " The Exalted Master; Who Flees The One Named Death " - is ( quite honestly ) terrified of: " Harry Potter " - which, actually, means: " The Army Commander Of God "!

In fact, in Jeremiah Chapter 18, we can ( quite readily ) read:
" This is The Message that came to Jeremiah from The Lord: ' Jeremiah, go down to The Potter’s House. I will give you my message there. '
So I went down to The Potter’s House and saw him working with clay at the wheel. He was making A Pot from Clay.
But, there was something wrong with The Pot. So, The Potter used That Clay to make Another Pot. With his very own hands, he shaped The Pot - the way he wanted it to be.
Then, This Message from The Lord came to me: ' Family Of Israel, you know that I can do the same thing with you. You are like The Clay in The Potter’s Hands, and I Am The Potter. '
This Message is from The Lord: ' There may come a time when I will speak about a nation, or a kingdom, that I will pull up by its roots; or tear down and destroy it. But, if the people of that nation change their hearts and lives, and stop doing evil things, I will change my mind and not bring upon them the disaster I planned. 
There may come another time, when I speak about a nation, that I will build up or plant. But, if I see that nation doing evil things and not obeying me, I will think again about the good I had planned to do for them. '
So, Jeremiah, say to The People Of Judah and Those Who Live In Jerusalem: " This is what The Lord says: ' I Am The Potter preparing troubles for you; and making plans against you.
So, Stop Doing The Evil Things That You Are Doing. Each Person Must Change; And Start Doing That Which Is Good. ' "
But, The People Of Judah will answer you:  ' We don’t care what you say. We will continue to do what we want. We will do the evil our stubborn hearts want. '
Listen to what The Lord says:
" Ask The Other Nations this question: Have You Ever Heard Of Anything So Bad? ' 
Israel, who is as dear to me as A Young Daughter, has done this terrible thing! It is as strange as not finding snow on Lebanon’s mountains or seeing the cool streams that come from there stop flowing. That just does not happen!
But, My Own People have forgotten Me. They burn offerings to worthless idols. They have left The Right Way that their ancestors followed, and they stumble upon the path they have chosen. Instead of staying upon The Good Road, that I have already showed to them, they prefer to walk upon bumpy paths.
So, Their Land will become An Empty Desert, a place for people from now on to make fun of. All who pass by there will be shocked by what has happened. They will just shake their heads at what they see. Like a strong east wind, I will scatter my people. I Will Use Their Enemies To Scatter Them Like Dust. Whenever disaster then comes upon them, they will see Me leaving; and not coming to help. " - Jeremiah 18:1-17.

He is waiting: " With Arms Wide Open ".
Now, See How Simple That Actually All Is?

Hey, folks, I'm Just Saying....

It's really not ( anything ) like: " Rocket Science "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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