Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wake Up... I need your help, folks!

The All-Seeing Eye ( often ) Perceives Everything.
Back in 2014, I made the decision to begin transferring All Of Those Prophetical Allegories to another blog entitled: " The All-Seeing Eye " - so that, I could return the focus of America In Prophecy back to it's own roots of A Proper Scriptural & Prophetical Understanding, as based upon all of those interesting scriptures themselves.

And yet, what I didn't foresee is that this particular blog would finally gain so much traction; while the new one wouldn't ( actually ) be discovered by anyone for years. After all, one would think with such a vibrant and successful following upon the one site, there would most certainly be a great deal of spillover traffic. Alas, that wasn't the case. And, in fact, very few of you have now made the transition!

America In Prophecy is about Our Upcoming Events.
Meanwhile, of course, ' The Research And Study That Went Into My New Site Has Led To Greater Scriptural Understanding That Needs To Go Up Upon This Site '... where, I dare not change anything; since, at least, it is now getting read. Thus, we are stuck in a classic case of: " Catch-22 "....

After All, Folks, I'm Not Asking Any Of You For Your Own Hard-Earned Money....

Consequently, therefore, I Need Your Assistance In Solving This Extremely Important Issue... and, in fact, you can do this by: Visiting The All-Seeing Eye, Bookmarking The Homepage, Commenting Upon Its Own Interesting Articles, Subscribing In The Reader, and ( indeed ) Setting Up Your Own Links To Those Numerous Interior Pages.

For instance, you can read: " No Man Is An Island ".
In fact, by this point, It Already Has Hundreds Of Unique And Interesting Articles That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else - including, America In Prophecy - and, as always its own content remains entirely free!

When I see that traffic beginning to flow, I will then port over The Rest Of Those Prophetical Allegories at America In Prophecy; and begin adding a whole lot more of my own scripturally based articles to this site. I can truthfully assure you, that nothing will ever get lost.
{ ***NOTE: The reason for making these changes is ( actually ) quite simple. There are an awful lot of people who are either: Spiritually Unwilling or Mentally Incapable - of acknowledging The Very Clear Teaching Of Scripture, when it comes to: " Testing All Things ", " Examining Those Spirits Behind Them "" Being As Wise As All Of Those Serpents ", or: " Opening Their Own Hearts To The Truth "
And, while many of them won't currently acknowledge That To Which God Has So Clearly Been Pointing... still others, may eventually be gathered Through A Much Better Understanding Of The Word!" }
And, Thank You, once again, For Your Time....
{ ***PS: If anyone knows what I can do to increase the visibility of these two important informational sites, then please feel free to contact me, via My Contact Page. As you can see, from either of these blogs, I am not a website analytics guru. Nor, do I ( quite truthfully ) possess the time to become one... but, somewhere out there, one of you readers actually is! Perhaps, it is someone from Mountain View, California? I'm just saying, that is where The Headquarters Of Google Resides... now, isn't it? } 

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!


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