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Percy Jackson didn't ( actually ) steal anything... after all, he's The True Son Whom God Has Provided!

The Lightening Thief ( 2010 ).
In The Popular 2010 Film: " Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightening Thief " - written by Rick Riordan [ that means: " The Strong And Powerful One Is The Storyteller ( Or, Bard Of Heaven ) " ]; adapted to film by Craig Titley [ that means: " The Man From The Cliff Is The Productive One In Your Own Meadow " ]; and directed by Chris Columbus [ which means: " The Burden Bearer Of Christ Is The Follower Of The Dove " ] - we have been provided A Prophetical Allegory.

After all, if you'll carefully examine them, ' You'll Find That All Of Your Stories Factually Are '!

Adam is [ also ] The Archangel Michael....
But, of course, you probably don't believe me. So, why not watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Percy Jackson - The Lightening Thief " - because, in the much grander scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Percy Jackson - Lightening Thief ( 2010 ) by: Chris Columbus.

The Lightening Thief: Is A Prophetical Allegory

What's with that Lightening Bolt?
You see, dear brothers and sisters, the name of Percival Jackson ( quite literally ) means: " The One Who Pierces The Valley Is The Son Whom God Has Provided "! And indeed, ' It Can Be Verified By Properly Studying All Of Those Scriptures '. Take Psalm 2, for instance....

In fact, have you ever ( actually ) read it?

It Goes Something Like This:
" Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain [ Since, There Is Nothing That They Can Do ]? The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against The Mighty One [ Yahweh, Their Creator ] and against his anointed [ Michael, His Son ], saying:
' Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.'
The One enthroned in heaven laughs [ With Utter Derision ]; The Mighty One scoffs at them [ As They, Previously, Scoffed At Him ]. He [ The Prince Of My Own Spiritual Covenant ] rebukes them in His Anger and terrifies them in His Wrath [ For, He Is Completely Unstoppable ], saying:
' I have installed My King [ Yahshua, The Savior ] upon Zion [ In Jerusalem ], My Holy Mountain [ As, So Long Ago, Prophesied ]. I will proclaim The Mighty One’s Decree:
He [ Yahweh ] said to Me [ Michael, The Archangel ], ' You Are My Son; Today I Have Become Your Father. Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession [ There Is Absolutely Nothing, That I Will Not Lovingly Provide You ]. You will break them with a rod of iron [ For You Are My Own Physical Hammer ]; you will dash them to pieces like pottery [ Since, None Of Them Can Stand Against You In Battle ]. '
Therefore, you kings, be wise [ Turn Away From Your Own Service To Lucifer ]; be warned [ Michael Is Completely Unstoppable ], you rulers of the earth [ Lest, He Should Grow Angered Against You ]. Serve The Mighty One with fear [ In Proper Spiritual Humility ] and celebrate his rule with trembling [ For, He Is A True God Among Men ].
Kiss The Son [ Whom I Have Provided To You ], Or He Will Be Angry [ And, That Isn't The Wisest Of Options ] and your way will lead to your destruction [ He Is My Own: Military Champion And Army Commander ], for his wrath can flare up in a moment [ And, His Own Patience Isn't Unlimited ]. Blessed are all who take refuge in him [ Since, They Will Never Be Shaken ]. " - Psalm 2:1-12.
 Now, let's just consider The Carefully Hidden Message within the cast and characters of this movie?

The Cast Of Lightening Thief [ includes ]:
Percival Jackson [ " The One Who Pierces The Valley Is God's Own Gracious Son " ]
Grover Underwood [ " The Keeper Of The Orchard Is The One Who Dwells In The Forest " ]
Annabeth Chase [ " The One With Grace And Favor  Is The One Being Pursued " ]
Luke Castellan [ " My Own Son The Wolf Is The Guardian Of My Castle " ]
Zeus [ " The Father Of The Gods And The Authority In Heaven " ]
Poseidon [ " The Husband And Lord Of The Earth " ]
Hades [ " The Master Of The Underworld And Angel Of Death " ]
Athena [ " The Champion In Both Wisdom And War " ]
Persephone [ " The Bringer Of Destruction " ]
Hermes [ " The Messenger " ]
Hera [ " The Ruler Over Heaven " ]
Demeter [ " The Protector Of Humanity And Lover Of The Earth " ]
Apollo [ " The Judge And Destroyer " ]
Artemis [ " The Provider Of Dreams " ]
Aphrodite [ " The One Who Has Risen Up From The Sea " ]
Hephaestus [ " The: Guardian And Protected One - Who Dwells In The Ocean " ]
Ares [ " The Man Of: Tribulation, Destruction, And War " ]
Dionysus [ " The Mighty One That Has Descended From The Father " ]
Medusa [ " The Original Plan Or Carefully Calculated Design " ]
Chiron [ " The Right Hand Of Providence " ]
Alecto [ " The Relentless Or Unyielding One " ]
Charon [ " The Fruitful One And The Transporter " ]
Lotus Land Dancer [ " My Flower From The River Is The One Who Dances Upon Earth " ]
Sally Jackson [ " The One Who Springs Forth Suddenly Is The Son Whom God Has Provided " ]
Gabe Ugliano [ " The Hero ( Or, Warrior ) Of God When Your Filth Is Truly Intolerable " ]

The Cast Of Lightening Thief [ includes ]:
Logan Lerman [ " The Hollow Man Is: Your Own Teacher And Educator " ]
Brandon Timothy Jackson [ " The Prince Is The One Who Honor And Fears God; Or The Son Whom God Has Provided " ]
Alexandra Daddario [ " The Protector Of Man Is Your Father At The Well " ]
Jake Abel [ " The Supplanter Is The One Who Is Competent And Capable " ]
Sean Bean [ " God Has Provided The Precious Seed Of All Life " ]
Kevin McKidd [ " The Who Is Beautiful To Behold Is My Own Son And Child " ]
Steve Coogan [ " The Crowned One Is: The Son Of Contention And The Hound Of War " ]
Melina Kanakaredes [ " The Dark Honeybee Is: The Powerful One And The Caretaker Of Eden " ]
Rosario Dawson [ " The Flower In The Rose Garden Is My Own Son Of David " ]
Dylan Neal [ " The One Born In The Ocean Of He Who Was Nailed " ]
Erica Cerra [ " The Eternal Ruler Is One Of The Seraphim ( Or, The Fiery Stones ) " ]
Stephanie von Pfetten [ " The Crowned One Is: The Servant And Messenger " ]
Dimitri Lekkos [ " The Lord Of The Harvest Is My Son Who Connects It All Together " ]
Ona Grauer [ " The Graceful One Is Also Your Own Ancient One " ]
Serinda Swan [ " The Most Powerful One Is The One Who Swims In Our Dreams " ]
Conrad Coates [ " The Extremely Bold Counselor Is The Son Who Is Richly Attired " ]
Ray Winstone [ " The Radiant One Is My Own Victorious Stone " ]
Luke Camilleri [ " The Greatest Of All Wolves Is My Camel Driver " ]
Uma Thurman [ " Blessed Is The Nation That Is Protected By Thor " ]
Pierce Brosnan [ " The Extremely Sharp Arrow Is My Dweller At The River " ]
Maria Olsen [ " The Bitter One Is The Son Of Our Own Collective Father " ]
Julian Richings [ " The Down-Bearded Youth Is: The Strong And Powerful Son And The Son With All Of My Blessings " ]
Onika Ndukwe [ " The Most Powerful Warrior When Circumstances Factually Necessitate It " ]
Catherine Keener [ " The Pure And Consecrated One Is: Intellectually Acute And Sharp Enough To Cut Through The Hardest Of Steel " ]
Joe Pantoliano [ " He Who Shall Enlargen My Kingdom Has Been Thoroughly Interwoven Throughout " ]

OMG: " Aladdin Already Possesses The Lamp "!
And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Message:
" The One Who Pierces The Valley has always been God's Own Gracious Son; and The Hollow Man is Your Own Teacher And Educator... you see, dear children, The Keeper Of The Orchard is ( quite logically ) The One Who Must Continually Dwell In The Forest!
After all, ' The Prince Is The One Who Both Honors And Fears God '; and, always has been, The Son Whom God Has Provided.

Meanwhile, of course, ' The One Who Has Found Grace And Favor Is The One Being Pursued ' - by: My Own Protector Of Man and Your Father At The Well. You see, My Own Son The Wolf has always been The Guardian Of My Castle... and, ' The Supplanter Is The One Who Is Both Competent And Capable '! "
{ ***NOTE: Why not figure out the rest? Just consider it as doing your own homework - because, in the long run, you might just be glad that you did! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be continually upon you!


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