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Jimmy Neutron is ( actually ): ' The Supplanter, The Son Of Laughter, and The New One Who Can Manipulate Those Sub-Atomic Particles '....

Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius.
In The Popular 2001 Animation: " Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius " - produced by Paramount Pictures [ which means: " A Provider Of Truly Important Stories " ] and directed by John Alexander Davis [ that means: " God Has Provided: The Defender Of Man and The Son Of David " ] - we have been provided A Prophetical Allegory. After all, Jimmy Neutron actually means: " The Supplanter Is The New One Capable Of Manipulating Subatomic Particles "... and, indeed, ' He Is Far More Advanced Than The Rest Of You '!

It's ( actually ): " All In The Cards "....
What... you, don't believe me? Then, why not watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius " - since, in the much larger scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius ( 2001 ) by: John Alexander Davis.

Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius: Is A Prophetical Allegory

What is up with that: " Nickelodeon Logo "?
Sadly, however, ' The Vast Majority Cannot Perceive The Blatant Symbolism Now All Around Them '.  Oh, what a pity it all is, when they could ( quite honestly ) be: " Taking The Free Ride "!

In fact, why don't we just consider this very simple story about James Isaac Neutron....

The Characters In Jimmy Neutron [ include ]:
James Isaac Neutron [ " The Supplanter Is: The Son Of My Laughter And The New One Capable Of Manipulating Those Subatomic Particles " ]
King Goobot [ " The True Ruler Is My Robot Who Handles Those Sticky Situations " ]
Ooblar [ " The Unexpected One In Your Own Meadow " ]
Carl Wheezer [ " The Free Man Produces A Distinct And Strained Breathing Sound " ]
Cindy Vortex [ " The Provider Of Light Is: The Eye Of The Storm Or The Whirlwind " ]
Sheen Estevez [ " The: Radiant Or Gloriously Attired One - Is The Son Of Your Crowned One " ]
Nick Dean [ " The Victory To My People Is Your Educator In The Valley " ]
Liberty Folfax [ " The One With Freedom Of Choice Is The Pursuer Of Truth " ]
Goddard [ " The One Who Is God Hard ( Or, As Solid As The Stone ) " ]
Yolkian Guard [ " The Defender Of The Nest And The Under-Developed Ones " ]
Mrs. Judy Neutron [ " The Lady Of Judea Is A New One Capable Of Manipulating Subatomic Particles " ]
Mr. Hugh Neutron [ " The Man With: The Heart, Mind, And Spirit - Is The New One Capable Of Manipulating My Subatomic Particles " ]
Ultra Lord [ " The Indisputable And Uncontested Master Over All Other Beings " ]
Bobby [ " The Bright And Famous One " ]
Zachary [ " The One Whom Yahweh Always Remembers " ]
Ms. Winfred Fowl [ " The Lady Of Our Despicable Friend Of Peace " ]
Butch [ " The Illustrious ( Or Famous ) Butcher " ]
Mary Hart [ " The One Who Is Both: Bitter And Sorrowful " ]

The Cast Of Jimmy Neutron [ includes ]:
Debi Derryberry [ " The Honey Bee ( Or, Pollinator ) Is: The Fruitful One In The Forest Or My Extremely Gifted Ruler " ]
Patrick Stewart [ " The Noble Patrician Is: The Steward Or Guardian Of My House " ]
Martin Short [ " The Dedicated One Of Mars And My Own Little One " ]
Rob Paulsen [ " The Bright And Famous One Is My Own: Small And Humbled Son " ]
Carolyn Lawrence [ " The: Free Man Or Joyous One - Is The One Wrapped In Laurel " ]
Jeffrey Garcia [ " God's Peaceful Ruler Is: The Spearholder Of Yah Or Yah's Mighty Warrior " ]
Shaun Fleming [ " God Has Provided A Descendant Of Flanders " ]
Crystal Scales [ " The One Who Is Absolutely Transparent Is The Son Being Weighed " ]
Frank Welker [ " The Free Man And Very Straight Walker " ]
David Leonard Lander [ " My Own Beloved One Who Is Strong Like A Lion Is The True Land Owner " ]
Megan Cavanagh [ " The Pearl Of Great Value Is The Follower Of He Who Was Beautiful At Birth " ]
Mark DeCarlo [ " The Dedicated One Of Mars Is The Free Man " ]
Jim Cummings [ " The Supplanter And Son Who Shall Be Exalted " ]
Keith Alcorn [ " The Hereditary Landowner Is The Ancient And Prosperous One Of My Own Hill " ]
Kimberly Brooks [ " The Royal Fortress Is My Son Of The River " ]
Andrea Martin [ " The Manly Warrior Is The Dedicated One Of Mars " ]
Billy West [ " The One With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection - Is The Man Of The West " ]
Bob Goen [ " The Bright And Famous One Is The Warrior Of God " ]

If: " You've Got Mail " - then, read it....
And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" The Supplanter is: The Son Of My Own Laughter and The New One Who Is Capable Of Manipulating Those Sub-Atomic Particles... and, The Honey Bee ( or, The Pollinator ) is actually: The Fruitful One In The Forest and My Extremely Gifted Ruler. After all, ' The True Ruler Is My Own Robot Who Handles Those Sticky Situations '; while The Noble Patrician is: The Steward, or Guardian Of My Own House.

You see, dear children, ' The Unexpected One In Your Meadow Is The Dedicated One Of Mars And My Own Little One '! And, although, The Free Man produces: A Distinct and Strained Breathing Sound - ' The Bright And Famous One Is Indeed My Own Small And Humbled Son '. In fact, your own provider of light is both: The Eye Of The Storm and The Whirlwind - since, The Free Man ( and, The Joyous One ) is ' The One Wrapped In Laurel '!

Who is: " Wallace Ritchie "?
Now that you're in possession of ' The True Keys ', why don't you actually take the initiative; and earnestly decipher the rest? After all, dear brothers and sisters: " Spoon Feeding Is For Infants "... and, ' I've Got Thousands Of Other Allegories To Now Truthfully Decipher '!

In fact, we might as well face it: " The Majority Of You Can't Handle The Truth " - even, with it: " Staring You Right In The Face "....

 Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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