Sunday, September 23, 2018

Who ( or, what ) are: " The Illuminati "... and, why is it important to know?

And, all the people say: " Way Oh... Way Oh... "!
One of the things that has always amazed me about All Of Those Secret Societies is precisely how ignorant everyone seemingly remains into: The True Nature Of What They Actually Are, Who All Of Them Factually Serve, and ( indeed ) How They All Operate Openly In Front Of Us - even as, all of those answers are now readily available to anyone.

When, in fact,  ' All Anyone Actually Needs To Figure All Of Them Out Is: A Common English Dictionary, A Copy Of The Bible, A Little Common Sense, And The Time To Do Some Very Interesting Research '. And, no, I'm ( really ) not kidding!

Take for instance, the ( so-called ): " Illuminati " - who have been responsible for, as some might tell you, Everything Good and/or Bad About America - depending upon, those that are now actively speaking.

Meanwhile, The Dictionary Definition is truthfully quite simple:

" The Illuminati:
  1. The Ones In The Spotlight, Those Up On The Stage, and/or Anyone Performing In Public For A Financial Profit [ aka, The Illuminated Ones ].
  2. The Ones In Possession Of God-Given Knowledge, Those Who Provide Their Own Vision, or Anyone Who Recounts A Dream [ aka, The Ones That Are Enlightened ]. " 

Jessie J. says: " It's Not About The Money ".
In The First Category, we can understandably include: Actors, Musicians, and All Other Types Of Public Entertainers - who like the marionettes ( and/or puppets ) that they are move along with that which Has Already So Long Ago Been Scripted By Another

In fact, since these folks are held in such high esteem by the public at large, ' We Are Quite Often Surprised At How Ignorant That They Generally Sound In An Open And Candid Interview '; but, if you think about it, we ( quite honestly ) shouldn't be. After all, Most Of Them Are Simply Performers!
{ ***NOTE: If you're ( actually ) afraid of these folks, then You Are Far More Unenlightened than I Am! }
What are The Real Hidden Secrets Of Hollywood?
In The Second Category, we may logically include: Published Authors, Movie Directors, Music Producers, Song Writers, Conceptual Artists, Advertising Executives, and All Other Providers Of Visionary Content - who like the subsequent dreamers ( and/or visionaries ) that they all are expend a great deal of effort constantly looking inward for that one big inspiration.

In fact, due to the very nature of their own chosen business, ' We Are Quite Often Surprised At How Utterly Inept These People Appear Socially '; but again, if you think about it, we ( quite honestly ) shouldn't be. After all, Most Of Them Aren't Here More Than Half The Time That They're Actually Here!
{ ***NOTE: And again, if you're honestly afraid of these folks, then You Are Far More Unenlightened than I Am! }

So, if The Illuminati [ aka, The Illuminated Ones ] are quite honestly: " Just All Puppets In Merely One Form Physically Or Another ( Spiritually ) " - the real question must eventually become: ' Whom Do They All Now Factually Work For '....

Whether You Now Comprehend It Or Not, There Has Always Been: " Two Sides To Every Single Story "....

Genesis 1:14-16 speaks of: " Two Great Lights ".
Contrary, to popular belief, The Illuminati - just like, The Freemasons which came before them - although, Largely United Under One Solitary Umbrella [ since, they both in fact, serve: " That One Worshipful Master " ] - have always ( factually ) been divided, into Two Very Distinct Houses.

That are, in fact, Diametrically Opposed in every way conceivably possible! One which is symbolized by The Sun [ aka, Those Followers Of Lucifer ]; and the other which is symbolized by The Moon [ aka, The Followers Of Michael ].

Thus, we can see that: " Those Two Sides Of That Pyramid Which Quite Obviously Lean Inward Towards One Another " - like, The Two Fasci Which Are Located To Either Side Of The Grand Architects Own Symbolical Throne - fully represent, ' Both Of Those Houses That Are Constantly Vying For Their Own Father's Seat Of Power And Authority '....

Meanwhile, of course, In The Battle To Come Only One Side May Inherit Those Blessings For Which He Has Already ( So Cleverly ) Provided!

Hey folks, did you see that: " I Just Dove Right In "?
But, hey folks, What Do I Know That The Rest Of You ( So Obviously ) Don't?

Well, I Do Know One Thing....

Somebody, is now ( Actually Now Due ): " His Own Well-Deserved Paycheck " - since, whether you now know it or not, The Word Of God May Never Be Broken!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continuously, upon you!


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