Sunday, February 4, 2018

Having re-examined the song 1999, by Prince And The Revolution - in much greater detail - I would now like to share it with you!

Prince And The Revolution - 1999
Having now re-examined The Popular 1982 Song entitled: " 1999 " - written by: Prince Rogers Nelson " The Son Of Our Own King Is: The Famous One With The Spear And ( Indeed ) The Son Of He Who Was Nailed " ] and performed by Prince And The Revolution [ which refers to: " The Crowned One Who Shall Inevitably Stand Up And That Time Of Great Trouble As ( So Long Ago ) Prophesied " ] - I would like to, once again, share what I have now learned.

But, rather than: " Re-Inventing The Wheel " - yet again... I would ask your indulgence in now following this link to my other site entitled The All-Seeing Eye - created primarily, To Examine All Of Those Interesting And Spiritual Allegories.

All Of That Content Will Still Be 100% Free, As Always... but, the amount of it by now is ( indeed ) far more impressive! And, whether you know it or not, America In Prophecy will be soon returning to it's own roots of Just Referencing Those Prophetical Scriptures And Our Own Unfolding History Alone....

What is: " The Real Hidden Secret Of Hollywood "?
Moreover, this is going to be done to eliminate any confusion upon the part of those people who cannot honestly fathom The Truly Interconnected Nature Of Everything That They Are Now Seeing!

As I begin undertaking this task, you will first notice that the links to All Of Those Allegories will begin re-directing to The All-Seeing Eye - as deemed necessary.

That's Right Folks: At America In Prophecy We're Now Going Back To The Basics [ aka, Scripture 101 ]....

After which, That Menu Structure Will Necessarily Begin Changing Accordingly - to list only those articles, that are More Scriptural Based. Because, you see, " The Good Food Has Always Been Reserved For Those Who By Maturity Of Spirit Can Actually Appreciate It's Own Intrinsic Value "!

Thanks, for ( now ) stopping by and reading... folks!
Eventually, it is hoped that anyone searching for those highly interesting articles will be automatically sent to The All-Seeing Eye - by, the search engines such as Google.

Let's hope, that The Actual Transition goes pretty smoothly... since, indeed, I Have Never Attempted Anything Like It Before.

Ahava and Shalom. 

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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