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The Legend Of Camelot is a prophetical allegory; and Excalibur is the sword of the spirit.

Excalibur ( 1981 ).
In The Popular 1981 Film: " Excalibur " - written by Sir Thomas Mallory [ that means: " The Lord Is: My Own Avatar And Twin Or The Miller Of My Grain " ] and directed by John Boorman [ which means: " God Has Provided: The Servant To The Bower And His Own Personal Chamberlain " ] - we have been provided A Prophetical Allegory. After all, dear brothers and sisters, ' Adam Has Always Been King Arthur; And The Archangel Michael Is The Wizard Known As Merlin '. But, then again, I bet you've ( honestly ) never even considered it.

Israel is always governed by: " The Moon "....
What... you don't, truthfully, believe me? Then, why not watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Excalibur " - because, in the much grander scheme of things, You Might Just Be Glad That You Did....

America In Prophecy

Excalibur ( 1981 ) by: John Boorman.

Excalibur: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Michael is: " The True Warrior Of God ".
You see, dear brothers and sisters, ' The True Warrior Of God Should Be Thoroughly Equipped For Every Good Work '... and, He therefore requires The Full Armor Of The Mighty One!

Meanwhile, of course, that Armor includes:
- all of which, is demonstrated through The Legend Of King Arthur.

The Characters Of Excalibur [ include ]:
King Arthur [ " The True Ruler Is: The Man Of Nobility Or My Stone " ]
Morgana Le Fay [ " The Bright And Famous One Of The Faith " ]
Lancelot [ " My Most Faithful Servant " ]
Guenevere [ " The: Equitable, Clean Hearted, And Pure One " ]
Perceval [ " The One Who Pierces The Valley " ]
Merlin [ " The Friend Of The Sea ( Or, Your Fortress In The Ocean ) " ]
Cornwall [ " The Dweller On The Hill " ]
King Leondegrance [ " Your Ruler Is The Lion Of My Own Gracious Choosing " ]
Uryens [ " The God Of The Sky, Son Of Assyria, And Leader Of The Nephilim " ]
Sir Ector [ " The Lord Of: Unyielding Power, Steadfast Demeanor, And Unwavering Conviction " ]
Sir Gawain [ " The Lord Is: The White Hawk Or The Falcon - In Battle " ]
Uther Pendragon [ " The Terrifying One Is ' The Dragon Who Dwells In The Enclosure ' " ]
Mordred [ " The Angel ( Or, Counselor ) Of Death In The Meadow " ]
Igraine [ " My Own Seed, The Sacred One, And The Cleverest Of All Riddles " ]
King Lot [ " The Ruler Is: My Decision, Your Own Cover, And The Capstone " ]

The Cast Of Excalibur [ includes ]:
Nigel Terry [ " The Darkened One Is The Ruler Of Your People " ]
Helen Mirren [ " The Light Of The Moon; And The Bitter One Is The Reflection " ]
Nicholas Clay [ " The Victory To All Of My People Upon Earth " ]
Cherie Lunghi [ " The Beloved One Is: My Tall Man And The Traveler " ]
Paul Geoffrey [ " The Small And Humbled One Is: Your Hostage And God's Pledge Of Peace " ]
Nicol Williamson [ " The Victory To My People Is The Son With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection " ]
Corin Redgrave [ " The Wielder Of The Spear Is The Master At War " ]
Patrick Stewart [ " The Original One Is My Own Humbled Guardian " ]
Keith Buckley [ " The Ram In The Meadow That Is Amidst The Deep Forest " ]
Clive Swift [ " The Dweller On The Cliff Who Responds Very Quickly " ]
Liam Neeson [ " The One With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection - Is The Miraculous Son ( Or, The Banner Over Israel ) " ]
Gabriel Byrne [ " The Strong Man Of God Is The Raven " ]
Robert Addie [ " The Bright And Famous One Is The Man Of Nobility " ]
Katrine Boorman [ " The Pure And Consecrated One Is: The Servant To My Castle And My Personal Chamberlain " ]
CiarĂ¡n Hinds [ " The Little Darkened One Is My Own Son The Red Deer " ]

" The Cow Jumped Over The Moon "?
And, Based Upon That Combined Information we can: Readily Extrapolate and/or Spiritually Decipher - The Following Accurate Spiritual Message:
" The True Ruler is ( actually ): The Man Of Nobility, or My Stone - because, The Darkened One is The Ruler Of My People. You see, dear children, ' He Is The Bright And Famous One Of My Own Faith Who Truly Walks By The Light Of The Moon '... because, The Bitter One is Its Own Human Reflection!

In fact, He is: 
  • My Most Faithful Servant...
  • The Victory To My People Upon Earth...
  • The Equitable, Clean Hearted, And Pure One...
  • My Beloved One, Your Tall Man, And The Traveler...
- since, He has always been ' The One Who Pierces The Valley '. After all, The Small And Humbled One is ( honestly ): Your Own Hostage and God's Pledge Of Peace.... "
{ *** NOTE: The rest of this message can be readily understood, since I have already provided you The Keys. So, why not put forth some effort on your own? It, honestly, won't kill you.... }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you! 


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