Sunday, September 30, 2012

Believe it or not, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt is A Mnemonical Key to your own personal salvation!

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
Of All Our Traditional Children's Songs, the extremely infective lyrics of: " John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt " - actually seem to possess a life of their own. In fact, one single person in an adequately crowded room can rapidly infect everyone with: Its Very Simple and [ yet ] Always Enjoyable Lyrics... and, indeed, very quickly filling that room with laughter! What is it about This Extremely Contagious Song... and, quite frankly, What On Earth Does It Honestly Mean?

Just, Consider Those Very Catchy Lyrics:
" John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, his name is my name too. Whenever we go out [ to: A Little Dinner and A Movie - for, an obvious example... ], the people always shout: ' There Goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt '! "

While I have long noted The Blatantly Mnemonic Nature of: " John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt " - until recently, however, I never personally gave it much thought... but, that's all changing now, since I started examining The True Meanings Of All Our Own Names! After its own short video, let's just examine them closer. You might just be glad that you did....

America In Prophecy

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt - by: 
An Unknown Lyricist.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt: Is A Spiritual And Mnemonical Key

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
Believe it or not, dear brothers and sisters: " John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt " - is: A Spiritual and Mnemonic Key - having been provided by The Mighty One Himself... and, it has factually served its own purpose... since, Everyone Now Clearly Knows It! So, what does it truthfully mean? The Actual Answer Is Found In All Of Those Names....

Just, Consider:
  • John - " God Has Graciously Provided "
  • Jacob - " To His Own People Of Israel "
  • Jingleheimer - " The Bell Ringer Of The Homeland, Our Own Watchman,"
  • Schmidt - " And The Forger Within His Own Fire! "

" The Army Cmdr Has Become Your Own Prophet! "
Now, Isn't that [ literally ] What All Of Those Names Mean? You, just tell me... and, meanwhile of course, Shouldn't You Honestly Be Looking For Him? After all, our own time here is Now Growing Increasingly Short!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. You are literally insane.

  2. Actually, the Hebrew name Jacob means Supplanter. Someone needs to read their bible more.

    1. In fact, you're right... the name of: " Jacob " - means ( both ): The Crowned Prince and The Supplanter.

      While, the name of Israel ( actually ) means: " He Who Wrestles With God, Overcomes All Of Those Obstacles, And Receives All Of God's Blessings ".

      And, subsequently, the name of Jacob in scripture is synonymous with both: Israel and ( indeed ) His Own Children!

      So, what did I miss?

    2. They were worship to AlMighty and only

  3. I didn't catch the complete meaning of the name " jingleheimer"

  4. My daughter just had a baby boy and my name being Jack I suggested to her she should name him JJ she told me the name Jack has been way over used in your family! I said who was referring to Jack? I said I was referring to John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt! My grandson was born on June 27th 2019 and she named him Grayson. I told her you realize that papa will forever ever give him the nickname of JJ😂
    I thought John Jacob Schmidt would be a great name for my first grandson.

  5. Jesus is Lord. Jesus is my saviour and His Name is my name too. As for this John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, I don't know who he is and his name is not my name. The Lord bless you all.

  6. If you look closely at the word "Jingleheimer," you may see that it is in fact the name "Remiehelgnij" in reverse. And then if you follow the clues and rearrange the letters the answer becomes quite obvious, as it can only be the name of Satan's retarded cousin Hinglejeimer, who in nonsensical lore is the rightful heir to the Lego Throne and ruler of the Sticky Puddles. Mystery solved. Knowledge is power. Don't dare fkn judge me dammit, YOU'RE the one who's reading this.


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