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The Hit Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - is a Hip Hop Prophecy honestly revealing Satan's Own True Plans!

Kreator - " Enemy Of God " - album.
In The Popular Hit Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - we have been provided a Hip Hop Prophecy that completely exposes Lucifer's Own Satanic Agenda... and, everything about it is Pure Evil! Whether you: Listen To The Music, Watch Its Video Elements, or [ even ] Study Its Lyrics - you cannot help, but get The Satanic Message that it is factually portraying. In fact, it is so deeply disturbing, that I don't even recommend that you honestly watch it... after all, reading the lyrics is bad enough in itself. But, I have truthfully included it, just in case you [ yourself ] cannot believe in The Factual Existence Of Pure Evil.

While The Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - isn't entirely considered mainstream music yet; The Ones Who Follow This Genre Of Satanic Music already number in the tens of millions; and their own messages are very clear for anyone listening. If you want to watch their own music video, it's included... if not, then These Highly-Disturbing Lyrics are thoroughly explained upon the very next page.

America In Prophecy

Enemy Of God - by: Kreator

Enemy Of God  
- Lyrics By: Kreator

Shocked Orwellian Races [ The Entire World Has Been Completely Deceived ],
gather united in grief [ And They Shall All Soon Suffer ]
Nothing is left [ All The World's Foundations Have Been Undermined ]
from the world they have known [ And Everything Is Now Changed ]
Grotesque indifferent belief [ Their Worship Is Formal And Worthless ]
Systems have failed [ The Churches And Synagogues Are All Fallen ]
rules can't control [ Their Laws Are Completely Dysfunctional ]
Corrupt dictators forever dethroned [ And The Governments Are Now Powerless ]
Lies of the priest [ Their Own Clergy Has Done This ],
trust of the blind [ And Their Blind Trust Has Truthfully Allowed It ]
Failure of structures [ Their Own Human Institutions ]
manipulate deviant crimes [ Are Behind The Trouble That Is Now Coming ]

All nations hail the end of peace [ The Entire Planet Is Now Preparing For War ]
New dawn [ As Lucifer's Own Power Has Grown ]
inception of disease [ He Intends To Exterminate All Of Humanity ]
Age of revenge has now been born [ It's Time, To Get Even With Yahweh ]
By the mother of all wars [ By Destroying The Whole Earth ]

Enemy of God [ O Lucifer, The Mighty Sun God ]
Purity and innocence is killed [ Your Own Kingdom Has Grown ]
Enemy of God [ O Satan, Who Fought Against Michael ]
Peace died long ago [ Even Then, Your Own Plans Were Finalized ]
when life stood still [ While The Nations Were Peacefully At Rest ]

Clash of demonic religions [ You Have Control Of The World's Powerful Religions ]
hatred the human divine [ And Pit Them Against One Another ]
Despotic aggressors [ You Have Control Of All Their Own Governments ]
in triumph they reign [ And The Armies That They Wield ]
Fanatics bring mayhem to life [ You Have Created The Spirits Of Hatred And Chaos ]
War of all wars [ The Fourth Seal Now Swiftly Approaches ],
foreseen before [ Just As The Scriptures Have Truthfully Told Us ]
Freedoms foundations [ The Underpinnings Of Brotherly Law ]
exist no more [ Have Been Cast Completely Aside ]
A genocide nightmare [ Everyone Has Been Set Against One Another ]
the darkest of days [ The Time Of Our Destruction Draws Near ]
Chaos devours all [ Total Confusion Now Reigns ]
as hope and pride fades [ And The Earth Grows Increasingly Desperate ]
Total carnage [ No Mercy Shall Be Exhibited ]
sudden death [ No Protections Shall Stand ]
Sent from a morbid mind possessed [ Your Own Anti-Christ Has Now Spoken ]
A godless mecca now awaits [ The World Is Filled Completely With Darkness ]
as hellish flames desecrates [ As Your Own Sacrifice Of Flesh Is Demanded ]

Enemy of God [ O Lucifer, Our Mighty Sun God ]
Purity and innocence is killed [ Your Own Kingdom Is Growing ]
Enemy of God [ O Satan, Who Fought Against Michael ]
Peace died long ago [ Your Own Plans Were Finalized ]
when life stood still [ While The Nations Were Peacefully At Rest ]

Now [ It Is The Appointed Time ]
the fury is unleashed [ Your Own Flood Is Finally Revealed ]
The hunter [ The United States Of America ]
has become prey for the beast [ Has Become Prey To Babylon The Great ]
Breathing savage disdain [ Displaying Contempt For The False Prophet ]
malevolence ingrained [ And The Hatred Due Its Own Fornication ]
No emotion for humanity [ Sparing None Of Its Human Inhabitants ]
tragically the palace falls [ They Shall Not Stand Against You ]
Burned are the imperators halls [ Their Own Strength Shall Soon Perish ]
For their decadent facades [ For The Lies That They Have Perpetrated ]
all their elitaire art [ The False Visions That They Have Produced ]
Exhibition of filth [ The Abominable Productions Of Hollywood ]
to watch for all [ Being Disseminated Throughout The Whole World ]

For those who died along the way [ Those True Believers In Yahweh ]
timeless glory awaits [ His Millennial Kingdom Shall Soon Arrive ]

Nothing can divide [ Your Own Kingdom Cannot Be Divided ],
terror is thy name [ For, The Second Death Is Not A Viable Option ]
Last legion alive [ Whichever Side Remains ],
set the world aflame [ Set Your Own Missiles In Motion ]
Enemy of God [ O Lucifer, Our Mighty Sun God ]
masters you have none [ You Shall Eventually Rule ]
Sweet the victory [ Even Over The Mighty One ],
when thy kingdom come [ Upon The Second Resurrection ]
Enemy of God [ O Satan, Who Fought Against Michael ],
cast deliverance [ Eliminate All Of Mankind's Spiritual Protections]
Fanatical divide [ By Dividing Them Thoroughly, One From Another ]
slaying innocence [ And Corrupting All That Is Good ]
Enemy of God [ O Master Architect Of Babylon ]
answer to no one [ Show Them No Mercy Whatsoever ]
Bringing war from heaven [ In Your Own Battle Against Yahweh ],
a thousand fires burn [ Overflow The Chambers With Your Own Armies ]

Like I said, brothers and sisters, The Popular Song: " Enemy Of God " - by Kreator - actually speaks for itself! What more needs to be said? Wake Up! In fact, it's almost too late to do so....

Revelation 18:4, Lovingly Says:
" Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues.... "
Why not listen to The True Spirit Of Yahweh? After all, Like Myself, He Factually Loves You... and those others, self-admittedly, don't! It's really, " A No Brainer "....

{ *** NOTE: Since you see to dwell upon: Thor and His Own Destructive Abilities - so much - Then Why Not Honestly Consider Which Side He Works For! In fact, the following video might just assist you....

America In Prophecy

THOR [ 2011 ] - by: Kenneth Branagh .

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!