Saturday, December 31, 2011

America Is Headed For Martial Law; and The Biblical Prophecies fully confirm this....

US Martial Law is coming soon....
While Millions Of Americans are now waking up to ' The Most Blatantly Obvious Realities Now Surrounding Us ', the overall majority still hasn't. Consequently, I have decided to provide some of The Numerously Available Resources - from upon The Internet - upon this site as well. For instance, the following: " Martial Law Video Compilation " - providing The Much-Needed Information, that should already be widespread public knowledge among everyone. If you yourself are already aware of these things, then just proceed to another one of my own articles. Not Everyone Has Seen This Coming, so please bear with me....

Meanwhile, however, if you think that Martial Law can't [ or won't ] happen within America very soon; then this Excellent 6 Minute Video, entitled: " Martial Law Is Coming To America " - by LibertyorDeath84 is definitely for you.

America In Prophecy

America Is Headed For Martial Law - by: LibertyorDeath84.

Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 shall be The Year Of The Watchman; and a very harsh Wake Up Call - for The True People Of Yahweh.

The Year Of The Watchman?
With all of The Religious Hype surrounding: The Pagan Calendar, and Its Ending Upon December 21st - the year of 2012 would have already been significant - but, thanks to The End Time Biblical Prophecies, it shall prove to be The Year Of The Watchman. Not so surprisingly, These Two Different Religions - being diametrically opposed both: Spiritually and Theologically - are [ actually ] in agreement upon one thing. The Year 2012 shall, indeed, be Historically Important! In fact, there's absolutely no way around it....

As The Watchman, I have been warning you for some time now of Our Upcoming Historical Events... and, for the most part, I've been: Ignored, Mocked and/or Scoffed At - with No Serious Consequences to anyone. After all, I've been telling you of things that honestly seemed: Far Into The Future, and Highly Improbable. I suppose, that's been The True Problem, ultimately encountered by All Of His Prophets, since the very beginning. It's hard to truly comprehend, how fast things can change, when such Historical Shifts eventually occur.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Praise Yahweh, the results of Our 2011 Earnings Analysis - at America In Prophecy - are now in.

Gospel Of Greed - went mainstream.
While Those Other Guys have been out enjoying ' The Fruits Of Your Own Labor ' - after having: Lied To You, Told You Smooth Things, and [ even ] Risked Your Own Spiritual Salvation - I have been steadily pushing forward in revealing Yahweh's Own Scriptures... and, while they've: Begged, Borrowed, Needled, Cajoled, Whined, and [ even ] Threatened - I have very patiently just written ' The Truth ',  as He Himself has so graciously provided it to me. After all, The Greatest Compensation Of All has always been Entirely Eternal.

Besides, I know something, that they don't... and, All The Money In The World won't help them - one single bit - from What's Now Coming Upon Those Evil Shepherds. Indeed, The Mighty One is extremely zealous for His: " Little Ones "... and, they [ these: Self-Centered Ones ] have not, previously, given them very much thought! However, this will begin changing - quite dramatically - in 2012.... In fact, I highly suspect, that many of them will soon stop utilizing Their Common Religious Designations of: Elder, Pastor, Reverend, Preacher, Priest, Clergyman, Evangelist, etc... at least: Openly and Publicly - within a very short period of time.

What Is Hip Hop Prophecy - according to our own personal definition?

Music - Evolutionary and Revolutionary.
In my Five Most Recent Postings, I have been writing upon some of the more popular Hip Hop Prophecies - that have invariably climbed to The Top Of The Musical Charts worldwide - over The Past 40+ Years. Bear in mind, that I have utilized the term: " Hip Hop " - very loosely... since, these Highly Popular Hit Songs don't have anything to do with The Actual Musical Genre of ' Hip Hop ' [ itself ]. But, they are merely modern day Popular Music; and no other particular combination of words sounds nearly as appropriate. Meanwhile, as this blog's author, I'm fully entitled to exercise my own ' Poetic License ' in the matter. ;@)

So Far, These Hip Hop Prophecies Have Included:

    The End Of The World As We Know It - is a self-fulfilling Hip Hop Prophecy....

    It's The End Of The World - REM.
    For the fifth in my Hip Hop Prophecies series, I thought that I would offer you something just a little different. The Popular Hit Song: " It's The End Of The World As We Know It " - was actually written, by the rock band REM, to intentionally mock: The Mighty One and His Prophetical Scriptures. And yet, The True Irony of this highly-obvious Musical Parody is that it honestly accomplishes The Exact Opposite Purpose - for The More Spiritually-Minded now living among us!

    Why not, just take a minute to listen to this 5 Minute Concert Video, entitled: " It's The End Of The World As We Know It ( And I Feel Fine ) " - by The Popular Group R.E.M....

    America In Prophecy

    It's The End Of The World - by: REM.

    Wednesday, December 28, 2011

    Land Of Confusion, by Genesis, is a modern day Hip Hop Prophecy....

    Land Of Confusion - album cover.
    The Musical Hit: " Land Of Confusion " - by the popular rock band Genesis - is just another, in a veritable forest of these ongoing Hip Hop Prophecies. Even the band's popular name of: " Genesis " - provides us a magnificent clue into its Highly-Mysterious Subject Matter. Where have we seen the word ' Genesis ' before? Isn't that, actually, A Book In The Bible? A book, that [ also ] reveals That First Land Of Confusion - known as: " The Kingdom Of Babylon "?

    Indeed, this particular Hip Hop Prophecy bears some important Spiritual Reflection... don't, you think? Just, take the few necessary minutes to enjoy this very short Genesis Video, entitled: " Land Of Confusion " - and then, let's [ very seriously ] examine those lyrics, by its lead singer Phil Collins....

    America In Prophecy

    Land Of Confusion - by: Genesis.

    Tuesday, December 27, 2011

    Bye Bye American Pie was the very first Hip Hop Prophecy, that I [ myself ] honestly recognized.

    Don Mclean - American Pie.
    Even as a child, living in 1972, I was always mesmerized by The Popular Hit Song: " Bye Bye American Pie " - that many of my older siblings would be frequently listening to! I had never heard anything like it.... It seemed to me: A Puzzle, A Riddle, or [ even] An Enigma. Exactly what was it, about this one: Extremely Dark, but Hauntingly-Beautiful Song - that had caught my own personal attention? I instinctively knew, that this one was somehow entirely different. In fact, it was my first experience in actually noticing A Hip Hop Prophecy. Later, I'd begin noticing many of them... but, this one was - indeed - my very first.

    You see, brothers and sisters, there have indeed been many of them. We have been thoroughly surrounded, in a relative ocean of Hip Hop Prophecies, as The Holy Spirit has been utilizing Yahweh's Own Enemies - to Spiritually Enlighten Us! If you don't believe me, then just take a moment to watch Don Mclean's Following Video: " Bye Bye American Pie " - and, then we'll look at those lyrics....

    America In Prophecy

    Bye Bye American Pie - by: Don Mclean.

    Monday, December 26, 2011

    Walk Like An Egyptian, by The Bangles, exposes the dirty little secrets of Illuminati Mental Programming.

    The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian.
    Although The Popular Hit Song: " Walk Like An Egyptian " - by The Bangles - cannot truly be called Hip Hop Prophecy, since it was [ obviously ] never intended to be properly understood by its thoroughly entertained masses. It is an excellent example of Modern Illuminati Brainwashing Techniques. In my second installment upon this musical series, I want to open your own mind to The Satanic Deceptions Of Our Own Pop Culture - with respect towards Human Mental Programming. In fact, you might be surprised by what you'll [ invariably ] learn. Because, absolutely everything within Our Corporate Media has also been: Carefully Scripted and Choreographed - by their own: Television, Radio, and [ yes ] even Literary Programmers!

    If you don't believe me, then just take a moment to watch The Following 3 Minute Music Video: " Walk Like An Egyptian " - and then, let's seriously examine those highly interesting song lyrics....

    America In Prophecy

    Walk Like An Egyptian - by: The Bangles.

    I Saw The Sign is actually a perfect example of Hip Hop Prophecy in our modern day and age.

    I Saw The Sign - musical cd cover.
    While I usually focus most of my own writings upon The Biblical Scriptures themselves, The Holy Spirit [ or, Ruache HaKodesh ] is actually utilizing every human resource available at Yahweh's Own Personal Disposal! Take for instance, The Popular Hip Hop Song: " I Saw The Sign " - by Ace Of Base from the early 1990's. Whether it was factually intended, or not, These Highly-Popular Musical Artists were doing Yahweh's Own Work.

    If you don't believe me, then just take a moment to watch Their Following 3 Minute Music Video: " I Saw The Sign " - and then, let's seriously examine those non-traditional lyrics....

    America In Prophecy

    I Saw The Sign - by: Ace Of Base.

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    The Modern Day Nation Of Israel is merely The House Of Judah - The Banner Set On A Hill.

    The Palestine Post - May 14th, 1948.
    While The Modern Day Nation Of Israel was officially formed upon May 14th 1948, virtually all of its 7 million inhabitants are factually: " Jews " - or, The Physical Descendants Of Judah. Nor, does it even include All Of The World's Jews; but rather, it is predominantly comprised of merely those from within: Eastern and Western Europe - the now combined nations of: " Babylon The Great ". In fact, within America alone, The World's Jewish Population numbers equally as many.

    While many would readily label This Physical Restoration as a modern fulfillment to The End Time Prophecies, the question then raised [ must be ]: " Which One Of Them? "... after all, there are ' Two Such Restorations ' - being prophesied from within The Biblical Scriptures. Meanwhile, The First Of Them is described as [ merely ]: " A Banner Having Been Set Upon A Hill [ The Token, to confirm His Covenant ] "... and, The Second is then described as: " The Whole Gathering Of Israel [ or, The Eternal Covenant Itself ] ". Therefore, which one of these ' Two Prophesied Gatherings ' does this: Extremely Limited and Only Partial Return - actually represent?

    The Prophetic Poem: " Granite Needle To The Sky " - by Violet Jones in 1933....

    The Washington  Monument.
    While I was wandering The Internet, in search of certain historical information, I stumbled across ' A Prophetic Poem ' - by Violet Jones - in 1933. Apparently, it was written under a picture of The Washington Monument. However, when I did a background search, I couldn't find anything else - anywhere - mentioned about her. Not even, a personal listing - as, A Violet Jones having ever been A Poet. Meanwhile, her own Prophetic Poem: " Granite Needle To The Sky " - seems to resonate deeply within me!

    If any of you highly studious readers, know anything at all about her, then please: Leave Me A Message, or Send Me An Email. In the meantime, the rest of you should just ponder this interesting ' Prophetical Poem ', by Violet Jones, circa 1933. While it isn't scripture, by any sense of the term, it is indeed A Prophetic Poem. In fact, it very closely resembles, much of what I've been Writing About all along; and which is, itself, based totally upon The Scriptures.

    Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    Many people have claimed to have had Visions; but, China Will Indeed Invade America!

    Chinese Stealth Fighters.
    While numerous people have claimed to have had Prophetical Visions, of ' The United States Being Invaded ' by its numerous enemies, many of them simply don't stand up to ' The Truth ' - as given from within The Prophetical Scriptures. Recently, however, I stumbled across this one particular video by BookU4, that indeed is attesting to The Truth - as I have both: Seen It For Myself, and [ also ] Verified It From The Scriptures! While her own Perceived Symbology was largely different from my own, each of Our Prophetical Visions were exactly the same in their overall substance. China Will Invade The United States Of America!

    A Modern Chinese Tank Column.
    Please watch her own short video upon The Chinese Invasion... it, definitely, bears hearing out. Please understand, however, that her own Prophetical Vision - if it actually is one - will be deeply disturbing to listen to. Follow The Link Below, since she currently has embedding disabled; and it will then open, in an entirely new tab.

    China's Invasion Of America - As Described By BookU4!

    { *** NOTE: Bear in mind, that I cannot vouch for any of her other: Personal Videos, Associated Materials, or [ even ] Doctrinal Beliefs. As always: Be Wary and Check Everything From Scripture - before placing your own trust in it! }

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    The Beginning Of Sorrows, found in Mathew Chapter 24, is [ now ] nearing Its Final Completion!

    911 - The Beginning Of The End?
    According to Mathew Chapter 24, there is A Specific Historical Time Period known as: " The Beginning Of Sorrows ". According to Yahshua, this historical time period will immediately precede The Time Of The End - that has also been referred to, as: " The Last Days ". Consequently, if we are already living within Earth's Very Last Days, then we should be able to pinpoint these ' Past Prophetical Events ' within Our Own World History! But, can we now [ factually ] do so? Or, are these still Future Events? Indeed, many of us would really like to know....

    The Scriptures Clearly State:
    " We also have The Prophetic Word [ The Writings Of Yahweh's True Prophets ] made more sure [ By Comparing And Cross Referencing All Of Them ], which you do well to heed [ Not Pulling Them Out Of True Context ] as A Light [ A Proper Prophetical Time Line ] that shines in A Dark Place [ The Churches Themselves Are Causing This Blindness ], until The Day Dawns [ When Everyone Can See Clearly ] and The Morning Star [ That Much Greater Light ] rises in your own hearts [ As The Holy Spirit Is Poured Out ];
    Knowing This First [ Even Your Own Common Sense Will Tell You ], that No Prophecy Of Scripture [ Indeed, Not Any Of It ] is of any Private Interpretation [ Every Human Being Shall Behold These Events ],
    For Prophecy [ The Clear Revelations Of Yahweh ] never came by The Will Of Man [ In Fact, His Enemies Would Have Completely Hidden Them, If They Could ] but Holy Men Of Yahweh [ His Own Hand-Picked Servants ] spoke as They [ These Spiritually-Minded Ones ] were moved by The Holy Spirit [ His Own Connection To Them ]. " - 2 Peter 1:19-21.

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    2011 has been A Year Of Severe Judgments against The United States of America.

    2011's massive Alabama Tornadoes.
    In 2011, we witnessed ' The Single Largest Outbreak Of Tornadoes In United States History '... with an alarming: 1836 Reported Tornadoes [ 1,560 Have Been Confirmed ], 23 Of Them EF4/5, and 552 Deaths. Meanwhile, The State Of Alabama - which, In Hebrew, means: " Ala [ Exalted ] Bama [ High Place ] " - was struck exceptionally hard during the course of these ongoing storms. Consequently, we can readily interpret these historical events as: " The Exalted High Place Of America's Bible Belt " - being struck a most terrible blow... and, indeed, 2011 has been A Year Of Severe Judgments against The United States of America.

    Alabama Storm Map - 4/27/11.
    To provide you with a useful frame of historical reference, An Average Year Consists Of: 1270 Reported Tornadoes [ Approx. 1000 Confirmed ], Around 5 Of Them Class EF4, and A Statistical 53 Deaths Will Inevitably Result. As of this date, Only 8 EF5 Tornadoes have ever occurred in our entire history, and 5 Of Them were actually in 2011! In fact, 80 Percent Of All Reported Tornadoes are normally Class EF1, or less.

    But, do The Scriptures actually mention Such Severe Judgments upon any particular Latter Day Nation; and if so, then ' Which One '? Let's, examine these prophecies; and see if we can [ actually ] find one....

    Those False Prophets were called: " Ravenous Wolves " - for a reason!

    False Prophet - wolf in sheep's clothing.
    Throughout our studies into The Biblical Scriptures, we find that there has always been a great number of False Prophets. Not those being sent by Yahweh Himself, attesting to ' The Scriptural Truth ' as they themselves have been [ personally ] given it; but people of: " A Lesser: Character, Nature, And Stature " - that: " Having Once Deluded Themselves " - would: " Openly Lie And Teach Falsehoods In The Name Of The Mighty One ". In fact, In Times Of Real Trouble, they seem to [ quite-honestly ] come out of the woodwork - just in time, to deceptively obfuscate Every True Messenger! And, so it is, even today....

    While, thanks to The Internet, I can freely proclaim ' The Truth ' to you, at virtually no cost to myself - which is, indeed, a good thing; since I possess very few resources to honestly work with - Alas, however, its wonderful equalizing effect will also ensure A Multitude Of Other Clamoring Voices... the majority of whom, who shall provide you [ as always ] with their own Cleverly Crafted Fabrications that somehow ' Seemingly Approximate The Truth ' - if one doesn't study The Scriptures. After all, as they say in that clever cell-phone commercial: " That's How They Getcha! " So, why not: Wake Up, Study The Scriptures, and Begin To Pay Attention? You might just learn something.

    According to The Scriptures themselves, these: " False Prophets " - have always shared certain Common Characteristics....

    Friday, December 16, 2011

    A short message from Jeshurun - regarding certain Compatibility Issues with Internet Explorer 8.

    The Internet Explorer 8 logo.
    Thanks to our America In Prophecy Comment Form, I have discovered that Our HTML Document may not be rendering properly in certain versions of Internet Explorer... and, since I am not the world's greatest programmer, this problem may actually persist for some time. Apparently, the image background bleeds through and obscures The Article's Text. At the moment, I can only offer my deepest sympathies; and the suggestion that you try another Internet Web Browser; until this problem can be properly corrected!

    The Google Chrome logo.
    Personally, I have found that both: Firefox and Google Chrome - are impeccable Internet Web Browsers. I have equally utilized both of them; but finally settled upon Firefox, for some of its highly advanced features. Among other things, Firefox updates their web browsers quite frequently... and, their own security measures are usually more up to date than the rest of them! Remember, Internet Web Browsers are entirely ' Free '... and you can actively have more than one of them - To Selectively Utilize - upon your own personal computer....

    { *** Note: This is not An Endorsement - paid or otherwise - for either of these products! Rather, it is Purely Informational. After all, True Adults can readily make their own decisions about such things. Remember, it was actually written that: " You shall one day judge among Angels "... and, quite-honestly, what's An Internet Web Browser - compared to all of that? }

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    Why are Christians being singled out as Potential Domestic Terrorists - by their own governments?

    True Spirit Of Love and Compassion.
    We've heard a lot lately in the mainstream news media about True Believing Christians being labeled by our own political leaders as: " Potential Domestic Terrorists ". And, why is that? What is it about The People Of The Book - whether: Self-Professed Christians, or Fundamental Jews - that constantly gets them into all of this hot water? Throughout our entire world history, they have been: Persecuted, Hunted Down, Imprisoned, and [ yes ] even Murdered - whenever they actually begin to Study The Bible For Themselves... but, whenever they follow: " Spiritual Babylon "  - like Ignorant and Helpless Little Sheep - no one ever seems to bother them....

    While this has only been A Recent Re-Occurrence within The Western Nations of: The United States of America, The British Isles, The Nations Of The Commonwealth, and The European Union [ which has a long history of such state sponsored persecution ] - it has been The Historical Norm for the entire rest of the planet, over hundreds of centuries. True Believers and Devout Christians have always been treated like: " Domestic Terrorists ". What is it about Believers In This Particular Book, that gets them into trouble elsewhere on our planet... and, why are things Now Changing Here, as well?

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    The Third Seal Of Revelation is already here; and The International Currency Collapse is now rapidly approaching!

    The Black Horse of The Apocalypse.
    While The Third Seal Of Revelation isn't a world war, like the first two occurring before it, The Final Result will be ' Just As Devastating ' for the majority of all human beings... and, contrary to what The World's Keynesian Economists have been largely telling us, ' The Worst Of It Isn't Even Over '. In fact, the next stage in This Current Economic Crisis will invariably result in the death of millions... while, setting the political stage for The Next World War!

    Since The Mortgage Crisis Of 2008 - when: The Black Horse Of The Apocalypse and Its Nameless Rider Sprang Forth - the entire world has been experiencing: An Unparalleled and Ever-Expanding Series of: Financial, Economic, Banking, and Governmental Failures - that threatens their Ongoing Political Survival. As the scriptures have, so truthfully, declared:
    " The Axe [ An Angered Humanity ] lies at the base of The Trees [ The Nations Of Earth ]; and The Woodsman [ The Angel Of Death ] shall come forth from His own habitation [ After A Very Long Absence ] ".
    { *** NOTE: For more upon that particular subject, then please read the article entitled: " Why do The Scriptures declare: ' The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees '? " }

    Saturday, December 10, 2011

    End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ] - our own prophetical review.

    Logo: End Times Bible
    While out exploring The Internet, I stumbled across ' End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ] '... another End Times Prophecy Site, that has positioned itself as a purported biblical information source upon America In Prophecy. While this End Time Prophecy site isn't as slickly designed as some of the others that I have recently reviewed, it actually lists A Whole Host Of Articles upon numerous important topics. Sadly, however, the majority of them are just parroting the rest of: " Spiritual Babylon " - without any added or personal insight into anything scriptural.

    Among other things, End Times Biblical Prophecy [ .com ] dangerously teaches The False Doctrine of: " The Pre-Tribulational Rapture " - even as: " Our Baptism By Fire " is now already almost upon us. They know absolutely nothing about: " The Ten Sleeping Brides ", " The Time Of Jacob's Trouble ", or " The Midnight Cry " - which has [ even now ] begun to awaken His Own Spiritual Children... and, undoubtedly, they shall awaken far too late: " To Obtain The Necessary Oil For Their Own Lamps ".

    However, in all honest fairness, let us once again utilize our own scriptural yardstick of America In Prophecy. Have they even figured out, yet, where to find it?

    Wednesday, December 7, 2011

    The Parables Of Yahshua - The kingdom is like A Wedding Feast.

    An Outdoor Wedding before Yahweh.
    Of all the parables given by Yahshua, The Parable Of The Wedding Feast is one of the most difficult for many of us to properly understand! Not, just because of the gathering itself; but rather, because of ' The Mysterious Wedding Garment ' that one certain guest didn't bother in wearing. What is that spiritually required: " Wedding Garment "; and why wasn't The Wedding Guest properly wearing it? Apparently, there's going to be some sort of: " Spiritual Confusion " - when Yahweh is regathering His Children... and, more importantly, some of His openly invited guests will be wearing The Wrong Wedding Garment!

    In our effort to straighten out some of this Ongoing Spiritual Confusion, let's examine these particular passages from Mathew Chapter 22 - concerning the parable of: " The Wedding Feast "... and, hopefully, we'll gain some highly-important spiritual understanding. After all, that improperly dressed guest was: " Cast Into Outer Darkness, where there was weeping and the gnashing of teeth "; and very few of us, actually, want to go there.

    The False Doctrine of A Pre-Tribulational Rapture is jeopardizing the salvation of many.

    Doctrine of: Pre-Tribulational Rapture?
    I never cease to be amazed by the gargantuan efforts being put forth by: " Spiritual Babylon " - to fatally corrupt The True Knowledge Of Scripture. Take, for instance, The False Doctrine of: " A Pre-Tribulation Rapture ". No other ' False Theological Doctrine ' has ever been so: Energetically Endorsed, Widely Promoted, and Loosely Cobbled Together - from the scriptures - by these persistent forces of Spiritual Darkness! In fact, entire books have been wholly dedicated to their extremely convoluted logic upon this one Verifiably False Doctrinal Subject.

    While we could expend weeks in invariably debunking every single Erroneous Theological Argument - that they have created in support of their ' Pre-Tribulation Rapture ' - it is far easier to simply attack this False Teaching directly. After all, no other teaching of Spiritual Babylon is more: Easily, Clearly, and Readily - refuted from The Scriptures!
    { *** NOTE: Your own personal salvation could depend upon The True Answer to this one particular spiritual question: Will there be ' A Pre-Trib Rapture ' before The Time Of The End? Please, check it out for yourself; and be completely sure of your own answer!}

    Sunday, December 4, 2011

    The Pagan Origins Of Christmas are already clearly established....

    The typical ' Christmas Tree '.
    While Yahweh's Own Feast Days are still going largely uncelebrated, billions of ' Sun-Worshiping Christians ' are preparing for: " Christ's Mass ", or: " Christmas "... and, The Majority Of Them firmly believe that they are faithfully doing Him service! Nor, does it even seem to dawn upon them, that every other: " Sun-Worshiping Religion " - that has ever been derived from The Ancient Empire Of Babylon - celebrates these very same Pagan Holidays, regardless of what they factually call them....

    In fact, the actual names: " Christmas ", " Yuletide ", " Saturnalia ", " Baal-Tamar ", " Baal-Berith ", " Asherah ", " Sol-Invictus ", and " Winter Solstice " - are all completely interchangeable... since, they're all celebrating The Very Same Sun-God... Utilizing The Very Same Terebinth [ or, Evergreen ] Trees... and, During The Very Same 12 Days Of December! They are all the products of: Ancient Babylon and Ba'al Worship....

    As King Solomon, Once Stated: 
    " That which has already been [ Prior To The Flood ] is what will eventually be [ At The Time Of The End ], That which has already been done [ By The Wisest Of The Ancients ] is what will again be done [ By Those In The Latter Days ], And There Is Nothing New Under The Sun [ Upon The Earth ].
    Is there anything of which it might be said [ Among Everything That You Currently See All Around You ], ' See, This Is New '? [ Of Course Not ] It has already been done In Ancient Times [ Prior To The Flood ] Before Us [ Who Are Now Living ].
    There is no remembrance of former things [ Because The Knowledge Has Been Carefully Removed By Others ], Nor will there be any remembrance of the things that are to come [ Since, It Doesn't Suit Their Own Purposes ] By those who will come after [ The Servants Of The Ba'alim - The Illuminated Ones ]. " -  Ecclesiastes 1:9-11.

    Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    Does Yahweh, The Mighty One, have a sense of Humor? Of course, He does....

    Many people often wonder, " Does Yahweh, The Mighty One, have a sense of humor? "... and, it's quite obvious that ' Hollywood ' honestly thinks so... but, does He really? Certainly, He does! Take for instance, the following photograph, that fully demonstrates The Awesome Military Power wielded by The United States of America.

    Original Defense Dept. Photo of: A Nuclear Demonstration.

    Be Sure and Examine It Very Closely - for what I am about to Spiritually Show You - regarding Yahweh's own Sense Of Humor... and then, proceed to the very next page.

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    America In Prophecy - A pictorial representation of The Prophecy Of Obadiah.

    The following posting is fairly self-explanatory. I only hope, that you'll see what it's truly telling you!
    - The Watchman.  
      The Prophecy Of Obadiah
    " Behold, I will make you...
    The Populated City Of New York - only one, among thousands.
    " small among the nations; "


    " You shall be greatly despised. "

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright - one of her numerous despisers.

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    What is The Abomination Of Desolation? Is it An End Time Sacrifice Of Pork, or Sunday / Baal Worship?

    A prohibition against Swine's Flesh?
    Throughout the centuries there have been many different theories about: " The Abomination Of Desolation " - spoken of by Daniel The Prophet... and, strangely enough, most of them revolve around ' The Sacrifice Of Swine's Flesh Upon The Altar Of Yahweh '. And, why do I say, " Strangely Enough "? Because, the very same Self-Proclaimed Christians who generally believe in this Half-Baked Theory - based upon the numerous scriptural injunctions against: " Eating Swine's Flesh " - don't even think twice about actually eating it themselves! But, of course, The Abomination Of Desolation has absolutely nothing to do with ' The Sacrifice Of Pork Upon Yahweh's Own Altar '.

    So, what is: " The Abomination Of Desolation "... what does it have to do, with: " The Daily Sacrifices [ To Yahweh ] "... and why does it, factually, continue for: " 1290 [ Prophetic ] Days " - before ending? After all, The Answers - to all of these spiritual questions - must be Highly Important To Yahweh; or His scriptures wouldn't have [ factually ] recorded them! And, if they're important to Yahweh, then it logically follows: " That They Should Be Important To Us, Also "....

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    We all must make A Conscious Choice - for either: Freedom, or Slavery!

    The abject image of Bondage.
    Although it might not seem Politically Correct to say it, there is absolutely No Fundamental Difference Between: Freedom and Bondage. In fact, our entire human history has never [ factually ] recorded ' One Single Instance Of True Freedom '. Everyone, since Adam and Eve were first created - within: " The Garden Of Eden " - has always had: " A Master "... and, any illusions to the contrary have been purely self-delusional! While some serve Righteousness [ The Mighty One's Sheep ]; others serve Wickedness [ Lucifer's Own Goats ]; but everyone serves somebody....

    Take, For Instance:
    • The Poor Man is servant to The Rich Man.
    • The Rich Man is servant to The Powerful Man.
    • The Powerful Man is servant to The One Who Controls The Source Of His Power.
    • The Renter is servant to The Landlord.
    • The Mortgage Holder is servant to The Banker.
    • The Property Owner is servant to The Government.
    • The Employee is servant to The Company Owner.
    • The Company Owner is servant to His Investors.
    • The Righteous Man is servant to The Mighty One.
    • And, The Wicked Man is servant to The Devil.

    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 2 ]

    Prophet John upon the isle of Patmos.
    In our previous posting, entitled, " What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 1 ] " - we discussed: The Dragon [ Satan ], The Woman [ Israel ], and Her Child [ Yahshua ]. Having thoroughly unlocked these other mysteries of Revelation Chapter 12, it's time to finally address the symbolism of: Her Flight From The Dragon, The Wilderness, The 1260 Day Period, and The Land Prepared For Her In Advance.

    After all, every single word of the prophecy - In Revelation Chapter 12 - was given to us for a reason. If Yahweh Himself never intended for us to understand these things, then His Servant John wouldn't have written them... and, of that, I'm absolutely certain! Bear in mind, however, that: Lucifer and His Other Angelic Enemies - could read these passages as well... consequently, therefore, certain necessary contexts had to be intentionally left out; and only to be revealed later - through our own unfolding world history... otherwise, The Woman would have nowhere to hide until ' The Time Of The End '.

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 1 ]

    Mysterious Book Of Revelation.
    Since The Prophet John first put pen to paper, and wrote The Book Of Revelation;  numerous: Biblical Scholars, Religious Theologians, and other, Students Of Prophecy - have attempted to unlock its mysterious and hidden secrets... and yet, very few of them have been [ even moderately ] successful. Meanwhile, The Mystery Of: The Woman, The Child, And The Dragon - found in Revelation Chapter 12 - is just such an example of this, seemingly difficult, ' Illustrative Prophetical Symbolism '.

    Upon the surface of it, it seems very simple... but, as you begin to conceptualize it, The Deep and Hidden Meanings grow increasingly complex... and, the imagery of Revelation Chapter 12 ultimately generates far more questions than answers - for many of us. Indeed, this one prophetical vision about: " The Woman, The Child, and The Dragon " - goes far beyond our own natural abilities toward human comprehension! But, is it incomprehensible... is Revelation Chapter 12 [ therefore ]: " A Closed Book " - as so many would have us to believe? Or, is it possible to unlock all of its Deeply Hidden Mysteries, after all?

    In this Two Part Series upon Revelation Chapter 12, I fully intend to explain all of its: Imagery, Symbolism, and [ even ] Hidden Secrets - for the benefit of my own rapidly growing readership. Because, I [ Jeshurun ] don't believe in: " Closed Books "... I have never taken: " The Easy Way Out "... and, I absolutely refuse to write down anything, that I cannot ' Irrefutably Prove ' from The Scriptures, alone! Why not, follow along with me, while we thoroughly explore these prophetical mysteries....

    { *** Question: What is it about Biblical Prophecy, that continues to baffle humanly led minds, while equally offering up: New Understanding and Heightened Insight - to those led by His Spirit? }

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Why do The Scriptures declare: " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees "?

    2011 Occupy Wall Street Protesters.
    With our: Financial Markets Tumbling, Banking Systems Insolvent, Currencies De-Valuated, Governments Unstable, and Societies Coming Unglued - many of us are [ finally ] asking ourselves, " What on earth, is now going on... and how can: so many different problems, in so many different countries, all be happening at once? ". After all, The Entire Western World seems to be completely crumbling, all at one single time; and how is that even possible - without: Significant Pre-Planning, Obvious International Coordination, and/or Blatant Political Collusion?

    Meanwhile, according to The Scriptures: " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees....  "

    The 2011 Tea Party Protesters.
    Consequently, " The Tea Partiers [ Of The Right ] ", and " The Occupy Wall Street Protesters" [ Of The Left ] - have begun to finally vocalize ' The Guardedly Unspoken Thoughts ' of millions of our politically frustrated citizens... and, each of them, has framed their own personal arguments based upon ' The Carefully Scripted Worldview ' subtly and subconsciously foisted upon them - by their own leaderships. Therefore, The Tea Partiers view everything as: " A Socialist Conspiracy "... and The Occupiers view everything as: " The Inevitable Results Of Unrestrained Capitalism "; and yet, neither of them is factually correct!

    Meanwhile, according to The Scriptures: " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees.... "

    So, what [ exactly ] is going on... and, precisely, where are All Of These Current Historical Events now headed? And, more importantly, what do The Sacred Scriptures have to tell us about it?

    Saturday, November 19, 2011

    Where In The Scriptures can we find: King Genseric Of The Vandals and The Sacking Of Rome?

    A map of: Genseric's Vandal Empire.
    Are King Genseric [ Ruler Of: The Alans And Vandals ] and The Sacking Of Rome [ That Occurred In 455 AD ] ever mentioned within The Sacred Scriptures? After all, if The Bible is ' Truly A Book Of Prophecy '... and if, it factually references The Major Historical Events... then, The Sacking Of Rome By The Vandals - by the people for whom " Vandalism " was actually coined - would have undoubtedly been recorded somewhere within its prophetical pages. Don't you think so? I sure do....

    So, Where In The Scriptures does it actually mention: Genseric The Vandal and The Sacking Of Rome?

    Where In The Scriptures can we find: Xerxes II Of Medo-Persia and The City-States Of Greece?

    Xerxes II - The Great - of Medo-Persia.
    Are Xerxes II Of Medo-Persia [ the fourth and most powerful of All The Persian Emperors ] and His War With The City-States Of Greece [ including those 300 Spartans At Thermopylae ] ever mentioned within The Scriptures? After all, if The Bible is ' Truly A Book Of Prophecy '... and if, it factually references The Major Historical Events... then, the attempted subjugation of The Greek City-States - the greatest merchants and sea traders of their time - should have clearly been recorded within its prophetical pages. Don't you think so? I sure do....

    So, Where In The Scriptures does it mention: Xerxes II Of Medo-Persia and The City-States Of Greece?

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    Where In The Scriptures can we find: Julius Caesar and Princess Cleopatra?

    A statue of Julius Caesar.
    Are Julius Caesar [ the very first emperor of Rome ] and Princess Cleopatra [ the daughter of Pharoah Ptolemy XII Auletes ] mentioned within The Sacred Scriptures? After all, if The Bible is ' Truly A Book Of Prophecy '... and if, it factually references The Major Historical Events... then, the attempted marital alliance between: Egypt and Rome - the two greatest kingdoms of their time - should have clearly been recorded  within its pages. Don't you think so? I sure do....

    So, Where In The Scriptures does it mention: Julius Caesar and Princess Cleopatra?

    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    A [ reasonably short ] 44 minute video providing The Scientific Proof For Divine Creation.

    Adam and Eve in The Garden Of Eden.
    Having found this amazing 44 Minute Video upon ' The Scientific Proof For Divine Creation ', I thought that I might upload it on America In Prophecy, for the apparent benefit of my own well-educated readership. The video clearly explains The Important Informational Argument that so clearly refutes The Evolutionary Theory being both so: Religiously and Dogmatically - pontificated upon by these hard-core Atheists. For a group of people that constantly claim that they aren't [ in any way ] religious, they sure do exhibit all of the classic: Philosophical and Theological Symptoms... very strange, isn't it?

    Anyway, here's The 44 Minute Video - ' Proving The Absolute Necessity Of Creation ' - that I was telling you about. Please, enjoy it!

    America In Prophecy

    The Scientific Proof For Divine Creation - based upon The Informational Argument.

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    What is The Truth about those: FEMA Deathcamps, Guillotines, and RFID Chips - that we've been hearing so much about?

    FEMA Prisons, or Deathcamps?
    While " The Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles " of Spiritual Babylon are saying: " Peace and Safety ", and preaching their own: " Gospels Of Greed ", and " Blatant Licentiousness "- I'm not anything like them. Why, you ask? Because, they are - flat out - lying to you! Take, for instance, those increasing rumors of: " FEMA Deathcamps ", " RFID Chips ", and " Governmental Guillotines " - that are now all over The Internet... and: " The Ongoing Preparations For Martial Law " - that most of us are now increasingly aware of - thanks, mainly, to CSPAN. Are these rumors, in fact, true... and, even more importantly, are they referenced somewhere within The Scriptures themselves?

    As much as it pains me to say it, " Yes, these rumors are True; and are, indeed, quite scriptural! " In fact, those: FEMA Deathcamps, RFID Chips, and Governmental Guillotines - are fully intended for those who would stand in the way of their One World Government Agenda... and, that includes: All True Believers [ Both: Israelite and Jew ], All Militia Members [ Veterans, Or Otherwise ], All Constitutionalists [ Law Abiding, Or Not ], and Anyone Else Who'll Stand In Their Way [ Those Untermensch And Social Undesirables ]. These aren't just ' Conspiracy Theories '... they are ' Conspiracy Facts '!