Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Parables Of Yahshua - Who are The Wheat and The Tares?

Human DNA is Yahweh's Genetic and Spiritual Seed....
Do you ever wonder, why Yahweh and His Word [ Yahshua ] have consistently utilized the very same terms - such as: " Virgins ", " Harlots ", or " Whores " for earth's spiritual bodies or churches; and terms like: " Children ", " Prodigals ", or [ even ] " Genetic Seed " - when talking about us... and, why does Yahweh call Himself: " Our Father "? There are 287 Clear References to the term: " Seed " - alone in the scriptures. Have you ever wondered why? Yahweh does nothing by accident!

Considering The Parables spoken and taught by Yahshua, these highly-specific Biblical References and Terms are lent a far more profound Spiritual Significance. For instance, just consider: " The Parable Of The Wheat And The Tares ".

The Wheat And The Tares:
" The Kingdom Of Heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field [ He Scattered The Genetic And Spiritual Seeds Of Israel Upon The Earth ]; But while men slept [ But While The Seed Was Still Dormant ], his enemy came [ Lucifer Interfered ] and sowed tares [ By Planting Other Genetic And Spiritual Seeds Of His Own ] among the wheat [ In The Very Same Physical Locations ] and went his way [ Without Attracting Anyone's Attention ]
But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop [ When Yahweh's Good Seed Came Up ], then the tares also appeared [ So Did The: Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Babylonians - As Prophesied They Would ]
So the servants of the owner [ The Holy Angels ] came and said to Him, ' Sir, did you not sow good seed [ Genetic And Spiritual Israel ] in your field [ The Earth ]? How then does it have tares [ Where Did These Wicked Human Beings Come From ]? '
He said to them, ' An enemy [ The Destroyer And Corrupter Of Schemes ] has done this [ Has, Once Again, Interfered In My Plans ].' The servants [ His Holy Angels ] said to Him, ' Do you want us then to go and gather them up [ Should We Destroy These Wicked Families From Among Them ]? '
But He [ Yahweh ] said, ' No [ I Already Fully Expected This ], lest while you gather up the tares [ The Children Of Lucifer And Babylon ] you also uproot the wheat [ My Children And Israel ] with them [ For Their Roots Are Too Closely Intertwined ].' Let them both [ Babylonians and Israelites ] grow together [ Populate And Inhabit The Earth ] until the harvest [ Until The Day Of My Threshing ], and at the time of harvest [ And In My Day Of Threshing ] I will say to the reapers [ I Will Command My Servants ], ' First gather together the tares and bind them into bundles to burn them [ Pack The Wicked Ones Tightly Into Their Cities For Destruction ], but gather the wheat into My barn [ But, Bring The Children Of Israel Back To My Holy Mountain At Zion ]. ' " - Mathew 13:24-30.

The Earth is: " The Field ", and we are his crops.
When The Mighty One harvested: Israel [ The Black Cummin ] and Judah [ The White Cummin ] - the first time, for their spiritual adulteries, He [ like all farmers ] re-used their own Genetic and Spiritual Seeds to plant His next crop! He scattered Israel [ The Black Cummin ] amidst ' The More-Spiritual Remnant Of The Assyrians ' - whom He had spared from their own nation's destruction... and He scattered Judah [ The White Cummin ] amidst ' The More-Spiritual Remnant Of The Babylonians ' - whom He had spared from their own nation's destruction... in His effort to cultivate the better [ or, more-spiritual seeds ] within these: Four Distinct and Semitic Peoples. But, while their seeds were still dormant, The Remaining Chaldeans [ The Sun-Worshiping Romans ] were quietly being sown and sprang up among them.

Meanwhile, The Life And Teachings Of Yahshua were: " The Springtime Rain " - given with His own out-poured blessing, to germinate these spiritual crops... for, The Early Rain [ Or, Former Rain ] is highly-important to the true production of any crop... and Spiritual Crops aren't any different! And yet, Those Early Rains were channeled to ' The Tares ' - by the superhuman efforts of His Very Hardworking Adversary. Thus, two distinct crops were inevitably produced: " The Wheat and The Tares ", " The Sheep and The Goats ", or " The Sons Of Glory and The Sons Of Destruction. "

America's current Red State - Blue State composition.
In The United States of America, we know them as: " Believers and Non-Believers ", " Country Folk and City People ", or " Red States and Blue States ". But, no matter what you call them, they are diametrically opposed to one another... and, it cannot be otherwise! While: The More-Spiritually Minded move further into America's Rural Spaces [ in search of the freedom to worship as they please ], The Less-Spiritually Minded are moving deeper into America's Urban Areas [ seeking out the protection of other evil-minded individuals ]. For, that is Their Own Human Nature....

Sunset upon The New York City Skyline.
The problem, however, is that Those City Dwellers are totally dependent upon The Country Folk - for all of their material resources... and, unlike Those Country Folk, they've long ago realized this obvious dilemma. Therefore, they've decided to eradicate them once and for all - thus, ending the problem! And when The Forces Of Babylon: " Come Out Like A Flood " - will any of you know what's happening... and who Those FEMA Camps are actually for? You should, for The Prophetic Scriptures have already warned you!

{ *** NOTE: If you're Spiritually-Minded, then I'd get out of those cities! But, anyway, I've done my job and warned you. Do, whatever you want! After all, You Always Do. - The True Watchman. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!