Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Message From The Watchman.

America's Tombstone - 2016 AD.
I have noticed An Interesting Trend among my subscribers. When I write something, which many agree with, my Feedburner Subscriptions start to increase... but, when I write something, the least bit critical of anyone or anything, my Feedburner Subscriptions drop like a rock! Why is this? Name any: Watchman, or Prophet Of Yahweh - that spoke pleasant things to: " His Lackadaisical Flocks ", or " Their Ravenous Shepherds "... can you name, even one?

Should I lie to you, like those others? Or, offer you Yet Another Message of: " Peace And Safety "; while:  " Speaking Only Smooth Things "? Of what value is that, when ' The Truth ' isn't in it? If Yahweh Himself has decided: " To Strike and To Heal You " - who am I, to argue with Him? For that matter, Who Are You - that He, The Mighty One, should respect You? The Scriptures says, that: " Yahweh The Mighty One is no respecter of persons. " Neither: The Prophet, The Watchman, The Priest, The Shepherd, nor The Common Man - is exempt from His searching! If you only knew His True Nature, You too might understand.

Fortunately, however, I am not reliant upon You for my own personal sustenance - like those: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles Of Babylon "... Nor, am I dependent upon any of: " Those Harlot Churches " - that fully comprise her own spiritual body... But Rather, it is Yahweh The Mighty One who fully sustains me - as it should be!

If you were wise, the fact that I so frequently offend you, should be counted in my favor! After all, isn't that ' The True Sign ' of Yahweh's Own Chosen Watchman? You tell me.... All I've ever asked for is ' A Reasonably Thoughtful Comment '... but, apparently, that particular cost is still far too high - for you. Meanwhile, you continually support: " Those Lying Shepherds " - extremely lavishly! And what do they [ truly ] offer you? Somehow, I find it all quite fitting....

But, when the time comes, you'll truthfully be back. After all, they don't have The Correct Answers... and, I do. And why is that? Because, I only report what He [ alone ] tells me to! And right now, you're in ' Deep Spiritual Trouble ' - precisely, because you won't listen.... Ah, Catch-22.

{ *** NOTE:  Please understand, that I don't like being The Bearer Of Bad News anymore than the next guy... and, I too must go through ' This Period Of Spiritual Chastisement ' - known as: " The Baptism By Fire " - just like the rest of you! In fact, I've chosen to stay here with you - rather than traveling elsewhere - even though, I fully know what is coming. The difference is, that I'm Properly Preparing - as Yahweh Himself has warned me to. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!