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The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 - is scripturally verifiable proof of ' The End Times ' being already upon us! [ Part 2 ]

The Prophet Daniel - in the lion's den....
This is a continuation of The Previous Posting: " The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 [ Part 1 ] " - which recounts how Daniel The Prophet was actually shown 2500 Years Of Human History, before it ever actually happened. Due to the obvious length of this prophecy, and the exacting details so thoroughly involved, I couldn't [ actually ] fit it into one single posting. Moreover, such a startling revelation does, in fact, take some time for us to readily digest. So, I suppose that it was, indeed, a good thing to ultimately break it up.

{ *** NOTE: For the first part of Daniel's Prophetical Vision - The First 1000 Years of this: " 2500 Year Long Prophecy " - just click on the link that I have provided above. }

- We shall begin with ' The Last 1500 Years ' of Daniel's Prophetic Vision Of Chapter 11 upon the very next page....

The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11, Continued:
Caesar Domitian.
" And in his [ Caesar Titus's ] place shall arise A Vile Person [ Domitian - Titus's Brother ], to whom they will not give the honor of royalty [ For All Of His Unacceptable Actions ]; but he shall come in peaceably [ By The Praetorian Guard And Senate's Own Approval ], and shall seize the kingdom [ Of Rome ] by intrigue [ And Install Himself As A Dictator ].
With the force of a flood they [ The Participants In The Revolt Of Saturninus ] shall be swept away before him and be broken [ Within Only 24 Days ], and also The Prince Of The Covenant [ Yahshua's Own Followers Will Be Greatly Persecuted ].
And after The League [ The Edict Of Milan ] is made with him [ Emperor Constantine ] he shall act deceitfully [ Endorsing A Mixture Of Both: Paganism And Christianity ], for he shall come up and become strong with a small number of people [ At The Council Of Nicaea ].
Caesar Constantine.
He [ Constantine ] shall enter peaceably [ Utilizing Subterfuge ], even into the richest parts of the province [ Even Among The Arians ]; and he shall do what his fathers have not done, nor his forefathers [ Who Came Before Him ]: he shall disperse among them [ These Now State Endorsed Churches ] the plunder, spoil, and riches [ That Rome Had Previously Taken Away From Them ]; and he shall devise his plans against The Strongholds [ The Remaining Bastions Of True Worship ], but only for a time.
He [ Emperor Justinian ] shall stir up his power [ The Roman Legions ] and his courage [ General Belisarius ] against The King Of The South [ The Vandals Of Carthage ] with a great army [ 15,000 Men From The Western Kingdom Of Byzantium ]. And The King Of The South [ King Gelimer] shall be stirred up to battle with a very great and mighty army [ 11,000 Men Strong ]; but he [ Gelimer ] shall not stand, for they [ Goddas, The Governor Of Sardinia, And Emperor Justinian ] shall devise plans against him.
The Vandal Empire of King Gelimer.
Yes, those who eat of the portion of his delicacies shall destroy him [ By Dividing His Military Forces ]; his army shall be swept away [ At The Battle Of Tricamarum ], and many shall fall down slain [ Over 3,000 Men Were Killed In This Battle ].
Both of these kings [ Emperor Justinian and Gelimer Of The Vandals ] hearts shall be bent upon evil [ In Plotting Against Yahweh ], and they shall speak lies at the same table [ After Gelimer's Military Defeat ]; but it shall not prosper them [ In Conspiring Together ], for the end [ Of Babylon The Great ] will still be at the appointed time [ At The Time Of Yahweh's Own Judgment ].
While returning to his land with great riches [ After Restrengthening His Empire ], his heart shall be moved against The Holy Covenant; so he shall do damage [ By Appointing The Pope As The Overall Secular And Ecclesiastical Authority ] and return to his own land [ Constantinople ].
At the appointed time [ The Roman-Catholic Crusades ] he [ The Recently-Instated Roman Pontiff ] shall return and go toward the south [ Jerusalem And Egypt ]; but it shall not be like the former [ The Time Of The Caesars ] or the latter [ The End Time Flood Of The Fourth Seal Of Revelation ].
The Viking Invasion of Europe.
For ships from The West [ The Vikings ] shall come against him [ Throughout His Fortress Of Europe ]; therefore [ Because Of This Unexpected Invasion ] he [ The Pope] shall be grieved [ In Attempting To Conquer The King Of The South ], and return in rage against The Holy Covenant [ Through The Roman Inquisitions ], and do damage [ Murdering The Protestant Reformers ]. So he [ The Pope ] shall return [ To His Own Kingdom Of Europe ] and show regard for [ Elevate To Very High Position ] those who forsake the holy covenant [ Ignatius Loyola And His Brotherhood Of Jesuits ].
Murdering The Waldenses.
And forces [ These Internal Inquisitors Backed By Roman Edict ] shall be mustered by him [ Against The: Arians, Waldenses, Albigenses, and Cathars ], and they shall defile The Sanctuary Fortress [ Those Who Still Retain The True Worship Of Yahweh And Yahshua His Son ]; then they [ These Roman Inquisitors ] shall take away The Daily Sacrifices [ Yahweh's True Feast Days ], and place there [ Throughout All Of Europe ] The Abomination Of Desolation [ The Pagan Holy Days, That Are Based Upon Sun Worship ].
Those who do wickedly against The Covenant [ Made With Abraham And His Descendants ] he shall corrupt with flattery [ By Telling Them They Are Actually God's True People ]; but the people who know Their Mighty One [ From Studying His Own Scriptures ] shall be strong [ Resisting Even Unto Their Own Death ], and carry out great exploits [ Through Openly Resisting And Combating Them ].
Battle during The Protestant Reformation.
And those of the people [ Upon The Planet Earth ] who understand [ The Truths Of His Scriptures ] shall instruct many [ Both: Publicly, And In Secret ]; yet for many days [ A Great Number Of Years ] they shall fall by sword [ Being Killed In Battle ] and flame [ And Martyred Through Burning ], by captivity [ Imprisonment ] and plundering [ And Open Persecution ].
Now when they fall [ In That Time Of Great Spiritual Darkness ], they [ These Protestant Reformers ] shall be aided with a little help [ A Few Of The Princes And Kingdoms Within Europe Shall Also Assist Them ]; but many shall join with them [ Certain Specially Trained Jesuits ] by intrigue [ To Worm Their Way Into The Protestant Churches And To Corrupt Them ].
And some of those of understanding [ The Great Spiritual Reformers ] shall fall [ Will Die At This Time ], to: Refine Them, Purge Them, and Make Them White - Until The Time Of The End [ When The Reformation Shall Be Fully Completed ]; because it [ This Final Spiritual Completion ] is still for The Appointed Time [ Will Not Occur Until The Baptism By Fire ].  
Pope wearing The Triple Crown.
Then [ At That Time ] The King [ The Roman Pontiff ] shall do according to his own will [ And No One Shall Stop Him ]: he [ The Pope ] shall exalt and magnify himself above every god [ By Wearing His Own Triple Crown ], shall speak blasphemies against The Mighty One of mighty ones [ By Declaring Himself The Mighty One ], and shall prosper [ In All That He Does ] until The Wrath [ Yahweh's Judgment Upon All The Nations Of Earth ] has been accomplished [ In The Time Of The End ]; for what has been determined [ By All Of The Prophets ] shall be done [ Just As It Was So Clearly Recorded ].
He [ The Pope ] shall regard neither the gods of his fathers [ The Ba'alim, Or Sun Gods ], nor the desire of women [ He Shall Keep Himself Celibate ], nor regard any god [ Other Than Himself ]; for he [ The Pope ] shall magnify himself above them all [ Thinking Himself Greater Than Any God ].
Hitler and The Pope.
But in their place [ That Of The Pagan Deities ], he [ The Pope ] shall honor a god of fortresses [ Political Unions And Military Alliances ]; And a god which his fathers did not know [ That Pre-Flood Technology ], he shall honor with gold and silver [ For Its Electronic Circuitry ], with precious stones [ For Its Internal Workings ] and pleasant things [ And Other Such Materials For Its Craftsmanship ].
John Paul II and Evolution.
Thus [ In this Way ] he [ The Pontiff In Rome ] shall act against The Strongest Fortresses [ The Greatest Of The World's Nations ] with a foreign god [ His End Time Technology ], which he shall acknowledge [ By Even Standing Up Boldly For The Lie Of Evolution ], and advance its glory [ As If There Was No True Mighty One ]; and he [ The Pope ] shall cause them [ The European Union ] to rule over many [ Of The World's Other Great Nations ], and divide the land [ The Entire Earth ] up for gain [ To Whomever He So Chooses ]. " - Daniel 11:21-39.

While I would like to complete The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 in this [ now ] second posting, you will find that there is still a whole lot to be covered. Mainly, because ' The Time Of The End ' that immediately follows - This 2500 Year Prophecy - is itself an exceptionally complex prophecy that will need to be: Accurately and Painstakingly Verified - from All Of The Other End Time Prophets!

Good Prophetical Understanding is extremely important when dealing with: Current and Unfolding Historical Events; and The End Time Prophecies - within The Book Of Daniel Chapter 11 - are [ actually ] happening all around us! So, please be patient with me.... It is, indeed, the: " Time Of The End " - that The Prophet Daniel was [ so clearly ] speaking of!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!