Monday, November 14, 2011

The real historical events of: Hiroshima and Nagasaki - are clearly found within Revelation Chapter 13.

Nagasaki, Japan - August 9th, 1945.
One of the things that I am frequently asked is whether Real Historical Events - such as: " Hiroshima " and " Nagasaki " - can be actually found within The Biblical Scriptures.... After all, if The Bible is an accurate book of prophecy, then: Most Major and Worldwide Events - should be quite-easily found there... shouldn't they? And, more importantly, if Jeshurun [ himself ] is truly ' A Prophet ' then he ought to be able to show us these things... shouldn't he? Indeed, I must fully agree with both of these Two Very-Logical Premises!

For Instance, you might phrase this question: " Where can we find any mention of The Nuclear Detonations At 5000 Feet Above Hiroshima And Nagasaki Japan - during World War II "? Something of such great: Political and Historical Consequence - which led to: The Cold War and The Totally Insane Concept Of Mutually Assured Destruction - should undoubtedly be mentioned somewhere... and, indeed, it was! So, where can we find: Hiroshima and Nagasaki - mentioned within The Biblical Scriptures? Please turn with me now, to Revelation Chapter 13, and let's read it together....

Revelation Chapter 13, Clearly Says:
" He [ The Beast From The Earth ] performs great signs, so that he [ This Great And Powerful Nation ] even ' Makes Fire Come Down From Heaven [ The Explosion Was 5000 Feet Above These Cities ] Upon The Earth [ And, It Devours The Cities Below It ] In The Sight Of Men [ And, All Of The Other Nations Witness This Great Technological Miracle ]. ' " - Revelation 13:13.

The Bombing of Nagasaki, Japan.
And, isn't that [ precisely ] what The United States of America did to:  Hiroshima [ August 6th, 1945 ] and Nagasaki [ August 9th, 1945 ]  - within The Empire Of Japan? While many nations currently possess Nuclear Weaponry, The United States of America was actually: The First and [ indeed ] Only Nation - to explode any of them above ground; or, to fully utilize them, as some form of: " Miraculous Weapon Of Terror Against Others "... just, think about that!

And, while you're thinking along with that: Highly-Charged and Incendiary Concept - regarding Hiroshima and Nagasaki - let's read the rest of these Biblical Scriptures....

 Revelation Chapter 13, Then Continues:
" And he [ The Beast From The Earth ] deceives those who dwell upon the earth [ All Of Those Other Nations ] by those signs [ His Own Political Fornications ] - which he [ This End Time Nation ] was granted to do [ For The First Beast Controlled Him ] in the sight of The First Beast [ Babylon The Great, aka.. The European Union ], telling those who dwell upon the earth [ All Of The Other Nations ] to make an image [ Their Own Continental Unions ] to The First Beast [ Babylon, or The European Union ] who was wounded by the sword [ During, World War II ], and yet lived [ Thanks To, The Marshall Plan ].
He [ The False Prophet Nation ] was granted power [ Both: Politically And Militarily ] to give breath to The Image Of The Beast [ These Continental Unions ], that the image of the beast [ These New Globally Unified Nations ] should both speak [ For The Once Sovereign States, That They Now Fully Represent ] and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast [ Or, Politically Accept Them As Their Legitimate Governing Authorities ] to be killed [ Through: Open Warfare, Internment Camps, And Politically Justified Executions ].
And he [ Babylon's Political Harlot ] causes all [ Those Who Live Upon The Earth ], both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive A Mark [ The RFID Chip ] upon their right hand or upon their foreheads, and that no one might buy or sell - except one who has: The Mark [ The RFID Chip ], or The Name Of The Beast [ The Sun Worshipers Within Spiritual Babylon ], or The Number Of His Name  [ Or, Those Within Their Satanic Societies ]. " - Revelation 13:14-17.

The United States Capital Building.
And, who was That Nation - that: " Made fire come down from heaven [ at: Hiroshima and Nagasaki ] "? Indeed, it was: The United States of America.... The very same nation, that [ afterward ]: " Fornicated With All Of The Other Nations Upon The Face Of The Earth " - at the end of World War II, to politically establish:

  • The United Nations in New York City. 
  • The Breton-Woods Agreement to govern The World's Currencies. 
  • The Marshall Plan to rebuild and restore The Nations Of Europe. 
  • The Cold War to generate undue: World Panic and Uncontrollable Fear. 
  • NATO to control The Atlantic Ocean. 
  • SEATO to secure Southeast Asia. 
  • The Mastricht Treaty to create The Very First Continental Union; and Restore Babylon The Great. 
  • Aryan Corporate Globalism to dominate The World's Abundant Material Resources.
  • Free Trade to devastate The World's Interlocked Economies.
  • Continental Unions to create those: " Images To The First Beast " - known, today, as The European Union.

' Fornications ' with whom?
Meanwhile, all of these: Politically Inspired and Historical Actions - hinged upon, ' The Very Real Fear ' then being generated by The Historical Events of: Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Yes, dear brothers and sisters, these remarkable events were [ indeed ] very important to our own Collective World History... as was, the long-prophesied nation that so readily accomplished them! But, are these ongoing ' Political Fornications ' mentioned anywhere else within The Sacred Scriptures? Sure they are! Read about them, for yourself....

Isaiah Chapter 23, Says:
" Now it shall come to pass, In That Day [ The Time Of The End ], that Tyre will be forgotten for 70 [ Prophetic ] Years [ Or, 2520 Days ], according to the days of One King [ King Nebuchadnezzar - 573 BC ]. At The End Of 70 [ Prophetic ] Years [ 573 BC + 2520 ], it will happen to Tyre as in The Song Of The Harlot:
' Take a harp, go about the city [ Announce Your Own Physical Presence ], You Forgotten Harlot [ You Latter Day Descendants Of Tyre ]; Make sweet melody [ Fabricate Your Own Political Deceptions ], sing many songs [ And Make Them Very Numerous ], That You May Be Remembered [ Like Your Own Genetic Ancestors Did, So Long, Before You ]. '
And It Shall Be [ At The Time Of The End ], At The End Of Seventy [ Prophetic ] Years [ Or, 1945 AD ], that The Mighty One will again visit Tyre. She Will Return To Her Pay [ In Service To Babylon The Great ], and Commit Fornication [ Gross Political Adultery ] with All Of The Kingdoms Of The World upon the face of the Earth [ The United Nations, NATO, Marshall Plan, Breton-Woods, SEATO, etc.... ]. " - Isaiah 23:15-17.

Didn't, The United States of America factually arrive upon The World Stage in 1945 AD - by ultimately announcing its: Political, Economic, Industrial, Scientific, and Military Presence - at Hiroshima and Nagasaki? And didn't it, then [ afterwards ]: " Fornicate With All Of The Other Nations Of Earth " - just as it was so long ago prophesied that they would? You, tell me....
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Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!